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A Comprehensive Guide of Ethereum Wallets: Mobile, Web, Desktop, Hardware

Oct 22, 2020
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Ethereum Wallets

A place where you can collect Ethereum before trading is called a wallet. In the crypto world, it is only a piece of software that permits you to collect all your funds and conduct transactions easily. Also, you can check the balance anytime you want to.

It is a myth that Ethereum wallets are just like standard physical wallets; in reality, Ether is not collected in the wallet or any other place. Like any other cryptocurrency, it also isn’t available in any tangible form or shape. All these exist are also recorded on the Blockchain. And, your chosen wallet will communicate with the Blockchain to ensure the transactions. 

Whether it is an Ethereum Wallet or any other wallet, these store public addresses that are created with the strings of numbers and case-sensitive letters randomly. And, if any person wants to send you Ether, they can send it on that public address that is known as ‘public key’. It can also be called significant transfer of the possession of the coins. But do you know everything about Ethereum wallets like its types that include web, desktop, mobile, and hardware? If not, then keep reading this guideline we have provided to give you the knowledge about these all.

A Complete Guide to Know Everything About Ethereum Wallets

Everything About Ethereum Wallets

Are you looking to have an Ethereum Wallet? But before buying it, you have to know some important things about it like how to choose the best Ethereum wallet? Also, exactly know why you require a Smart Contract Ethereum wallet?

Working of Ethereum Wallets

An Ethereum wallet can be called as a part of the software that can handle one or more profiles on the Ethereum app for smart contact. These Ethereum profiles are blockchain entities through which transactions can be done and have balance. In this, every account is depicted by an address. It is the same as having a bank account number in the old world. It can be used to ask people to transfer your funds or also, withdraw it from an interchange to the Ethereum wallet. 

After downloading an Ethereum Wallet among the ones listed above, they will automatically create an account for you. It is also permitted to have more than one account within that similar wallet app. Ethereum wallets provide seed phrases for you as well. It contains all the data required to regain your funds on the Blockchain

That is why it is necessary to keep it secure if it falls in any malicious hands; they can transfer your funds to themselves by inputting it into a wallet app. The seed phrase permits you to switch easily from one to another wallet by keeping a similar Ethereum account. The thing that transforms is the user interface to send funds and know the balance. 

Different Types of Ethereum Wallets

There are different forms of Ethereum wallets. To know about those most popular types, look at the following-

Ethereum Mobile Wallets

commonly, these are shown to the light client as they don’t need to install the whole Blockchain to run. Despite it, they depend on the nodes or miners to transfer them exact data regarding the present condition of the network. These are amazing to use on-the-go and significantly makes you able to access Ether anywhere anytime as long as you have a mobile connection. But as these are light, so easy to hack as well. 

  • Coinomi

It is a well-known and most used Ethereum-compatible mobile wallet to keep the keys on your device. It also permits you to gather 214 tokens and 18 unique coins. Above that, it permits for instant cryptocurrency conversion. Recently, it is available for Android users with a client set for iOS to be launched shortly.

  • Jaxx

It developed Ethereum wallet is used during the time of writing, and it is accessible for desktop on macOS, Windows, and Linux and also for smartphones, no matter if they have Android or iOS systems. The most significant feature of the wallet is that all the private keys never vacant the device. So, there is no requirement of registering or giving any personal data. 

Ethereum Web Wallet

Call it anything, online wallets or web wallets, use the cloud storage always that can be run anytime anywhere. These are often very fast than other Ethereum wallets. But as all your keys are gathered online or sometimes not, on a third-party server, it makes it amazingly susceptible to malicious software, cyber-attacks, hackers, and phishing scams.   

  • Lumi Wallet

It is a wonderful instance of an extended web interface used for a mobile wallet. However, it has similar functionalities such as exchanging, transferring, and purchasing all the cryptocurrencies presented in the app. It is a secure web wallet as the private keys rely on the user’s side. 

  • MyEtherWallet

This Ethereum wallet blockchain is a web wallet significantly. It is more secure than other web wallets as it collects the keys on the devices and decentralized downright.

Ethereum Desktop Wallet

These wallets run on a laptop or a computer and either you can install an entire full-client with the whole Ethereum Blockchain or can use a light client. The available latter option is also easier, so the former gives extra security as it doesn’t require nodes or miners to send them exact data. They validate all the deals by themselves as well.      

  • MetaMask

It is a Google Chrome extension, but it secures all the keys on the machine that significantly makes it an Ethereum desktop wallet. In this, you can collect, transfer, and receive the Ether, and it is also easy to use. Above that, it permits you to use other apps within it that are decentralized.

  • Exodus

This multi-currency wallet includes a user-friendly interface, and it is easy to use as well that secures your keys on the machine. It has attached ShapeShift so that you can exchange the cryptocurrencies instantly without any issue. Although, it is not fully open-source that refers to the fact that some of the code portions can’t be checked and reviewed by the whole community. 

Ethereum Hardware Wallet

These Ethereum wallets are the eventual cold storage for cryptocurrency. These are very much similar to those portable and standard hard disks that are particularly designed to use with the cryptocurrencies. These can also be integrated with your chosen computer and make a deal. These also develop keys offline, and so on. 

These  are multiple types of hardware wallets are not at all connected with the internet, so it prevents the risk and makes the funds immune entirely from any hacking and cyber-attack. Many of them include backup options to make sure to secure your Ether and provide two-factor authentication and also PIN or password. Some of the latest hardware wallets contain a screen to sign up for making transactions on the device. 

These wallets come with a definite price but are careful with the software wallet you want to spend your money on as it must be worth the price. And it is more necessary if you are collecting a huge amount of Ether. Despite it, these devices are developed with a particular purpose in mind, that is why these are not launched in a large quantity and might be hard to get one. 

Things to Look Out for Having the Best Ethereum Wallet

The Best Ethereum Wallet

Selecting an appropriate Ethereum wallet is necessary for terms of developing ERC20 tokens that are designed on the Ethereum platform solely. Also, they use a list of standards that can be distributed, and exchanged for some other tokens or can be sent to a crypto-wallet. So, here are some things to select the best wallet-

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  • Create One or Go to the Third-party Wallet

It is one of the easiest methods to collect your Ether in a third-party wallet or a wallet given by an exchange. Through it, you will have easy access to the funds and to boost the trading procedure; you can keep the tokens on the interchange. This Ethereum platform permits you to develop a personal wallet for you, and you can select one of them.


  • Full node 

Having a full node makes you able to have access directly to the Ethereum wallet blockchain. If you don’t have any of them, you will require to contact another node to get all the required data and also verify your deals. A full node wallet changes the computer into a node or an entity that provides support to the full network by blockchain update through having an agreement on the transaction’s legitimacy with other nodes.


In this blog, we have provided you with a complete guide of Ethereum wallet that includes different types of it, such as desktop, mobile, web, and hardware. To store your Ethereum on a cryptocurrency interchange, you can select any one of the above by considering some essential things mentioned above. For ERC token development, connect with BR Softech. As a leading development company, we are providing premium-quality services by experienced and dedicated software developers. Contact us and secure your Ethereum and cryptocurrencies.

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