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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase?

Mar 08, 2022
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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase

Blockchain and Bitcoin are trending topics in the financial and everyday world. Due to the beauty of this technology to provide decentralization to its users. There is hardly any human being that hasn’t heard about bitcoin in their lifetime. According to statistics, there were around 81.33 Million bitcoin wallet users worldwide. Due to its popularity and interest in cryptocurrency, many companies are focusing on developing crypto wallet apps

Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase takes time and a team of young and talented developers. The Cost to develop a bitcoin wallet app depends on the quality of service you want to offer to the customers. If you are looking to rule the market in the long term, you need to spend a good amount of money in the initial days. 

What is a Bitcoin Wallet App?

In simple terms, a wallet holds your funds in the simplest possible way so that you can use them wherever you need them. A bitcoin wallet app keeps your bitcoin safe and secure at a location, from where you can trade, use or transact it to other wallets. Bitcoin wallet is a digital wallet used to send and receive bitcoin from different platforms. 

Your bitcoin wallet app should have many specific features like security, high processing speed, transactions from different platforms around the web, easily accessible, etc. The Cost of developing a bitcoin wallet app depends on these features, and if you provide services with low features and loopholes, people tend to avoid your application. 

Many bitcoin apps have marked their remarkable presence to all over the world like, Electrum, Airbitz, Bread, Copay, BitPay, Ledger, or Paper wallet, which allow people to purchase and sell bitcoins in a secure manner. Among bitcoin wallet apps coinbase is the best and most popular wallet app, it enables users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency.

Whereas you have surely noticed that the demand in the app store optimization as well as a play store also there is a high demand for this app. It is a great sign of bitcoin fever across the world. Recently this app has announced new announcements.

What is Coinbase?

Coinbase is an American-based cryptocurrency operating platform. It is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. It is an application that allows users to buy, sell, trade, or store their cryptocurrency safely in one place. Coinbase provides excellent services in terms of accessibility, security, and performance. Developing a crypto wallet app like Binance takes a lot of hard work, testing, and a sweating process. 

Coinbase is a known name among cryptocurrency traders around the world. It is one of the largest and most popular cryptocurrency exchanges on the web, with millions of users. Companies are looking for good developers and firms to help them develop an excellent cryptocurrency wallet app like coin base

Is Coinbase Safe?

Coinbase is the most popular crypto investing platform with millions of trusted users worldwide. Coinbase is using multilayer security measures to ensure that your bank account and cryptocurrency funds remain safe and secure. It has offered bitcoin trading since 2012, adding altcoin to its list in 2016. 

Coinbase is safe, but sometimes it has some issues with transactions, for which the development team of the company is continuously working. The Cost to develop a bitcoin wallet app as a coinbase depends on multiple factors like how well you handle the developer’s team and your development process.

Coinbase doesn’t act for the crypto but it also works for the best digital currency exchanges through which users can exchange digital currencies. Alternate apps like coinbase are the demand of society so If you are looking to develop this app some features are essential.

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Common Features which are Essential for the App Like Coinbase

app like Coinbase

Allow People to Buy and Sell Cryptocurrency Easily:

The first and foremost step is that you provide the service to buy and sell the bitcoin. People should not be a hassle to deal with it and without any fear, they should link their credit and debit card with the app to make it that much more secure.

Updation on the price of Bitcoin & Ether:

Another important functionality that you have to include in your app is to update your viewers with the prices of Bitcoin and Ether. So, at the time of selling and purchasing the bitcoin viewers can once check the price. So make sure you should give them the real prices.

Flawlessly Exchange of Cryptocurrency:

Allow your viewers to deal in various cryptocurrencies, no matter what cryptocurrencies they support and in which they want to deal it could be convertible.

Record of transactions:

Your viewers can easily check the records and transactions so they don’t have to remember the records and history should not be from the beginning it should be they can easily find the transaction in which they are in need of.

Notifications and Alerts:

This is an essential feature, so your customers should not miss an opportunity for your best offers and if your customers are trading at the crypto or prices so provide them with that also in the notification form.

Customer Support:

You should provide a feature of customer support, so your customers can contact you anytime and clear their issues with you. It is essential.

Advanced Features to Include in Crypto Wallet Apps:

crypto wallet apps
  • It has to be secure: 

When it comes to crypto transactions, it needs high security so that customers are able to perform monetary transactions through it. This newfangled technology is fully safe to choose from by different business owners and industrial owners. Our blockchain development services help business owners to make payments easily to any part of the world. For enhanced safety of crypto software, it requires adding just a little information before proceeding with the transactions. Unlike bank transfers, it requires details. 

  • Rate of conversion also matters:

We create feature-rich bitcoin wallet apps which can be easily converted in any type of foreign currency. Cryptocurrency technology is used by businessmen around the globe. Therefore, it should have plain-sailing methods of currency conversion to make the task of businessmen easier. You must choose the cryptocurrency development company that develops bitcoin exchange software as per your requirement. This particular feature offers ease of transferring money from one country to another in the blink of an eye. 

  • Transaction process must be simpler:

The functioning of digital transactions must be like a cakewalk so that it saves people’s time. Moreover, the main purpose of crypto exchange software is to enable industrial owners to carry out online transactions without any hassle.

This is the reason why this cutting-edge technology is taking the world by storm. Transacting money through a crypto wallet must be carried out smoothly. The icing on the cake is that crypto transactions do not involve hacking. The entrepreneurs prefer this mode of transaction because it is done at the speed of light. 

Working Process of Registration and authorization must be simple in App like coinbase: 

It is the most important factor to include in a bitcoin wallet app. In this part of the application, the users add required details with which they are then able to start using the crypto exchange. You must select the cryptocurrency development who develop the application with high security in this particular part of authorizing and registration.

The top-notch method is to register an application by using a Google account so that it takes very little time. By adding two-step verification in your application, it will lead to making secure and safe payments without any hassle.

Different notifications that can be checked through just a few clicks: 

Another essential factor to include in the crypto application is the quick notification so that a user can know about the status of their activities in just a few simple procedures or steps. A user will be able to know about the money received or paid through the notification in the crypto application.

This feature will also enable the user to know about the transaction status in simple steps. We create bitcoin MLM software that helps business owners to transfer payments from one country to another. 

6 Scanning of Paper Bitcoin:

Another essential feature to include in bitcoin wallet apps like coinbase is to include the ease of scanning paper bitcoin for money transfer from one place to another. Once the user is done with the scanning of prescribed code then a particular key must be inserted in the wallet which in turn helps to carry out the transaction conveniently.

The best part about cryptocurrency is that it requires the addition of very less details of the user. This saves much of the user’s time for using the crypto in making monetary transactions of paying or receiving the money from one country to another. This eventually makes the crypto market highly admired by business owners worldwide.

Advantages of Developing an app like Coinbase

Coinbase is one of the finest cryptocurrency trading platforms. It has some unique features which make it popular among cryptocurrency traders. Coinbase, along with providing a trading platform, also provides an educational program to students called ‘Coinbase Earn.’ There are many advantages of bitcoin wallet app development from the business point of view. 

Some of the advantages of coinbase application are:

  • Supporting all the local money transfer applications: The reason for coinbase being the most popular platform is the advantages that the application provides. One of its most important features is that it supports all the local bank transfers, PayPal, and credit cards as payment methods. 
  • Operational with multiple cryptocurrencies: It supports multiple cryptocurrencies despite focusing on a single cryptocurrency trading. It supports multiple cryptocurrencies along with many altcoins.
  • Easy user onboard and intuitive UI: The signing up process is straightforward, so you will not have difficulty joining the coinbase website. It has an interactive UI to entertain the users and keep them engaged with the app.

  • A range of services: Coinbase provides services like deposits, instant transfer between the users, and a smooth trading experience to the users. It makes it very easy for the customer to interact with the game’s environment. 

How to Develop an App like Coinbase?

How to develop an app like coinbase?

To develop an app like coinbase, you need to follow specific steps with a dedicated and consistent process. 

Here are some steps you can follow to develop a bitcoin wallet app like coinbase. 

Coinbase business model:

At the company’s start, coinbase was a wallet to store some of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Now in today’s time, it is a leading cryptocurrency trading platform worldwide. It has a beautiful business model that supports its transactions and keeps the app running like butter. 

  • The website’s functions and elements:

    The website uses some of the unique elements and functions that make it stand out from the competition. Providing the best cryptocurrency transaction, comparing the cryptocurrency rates, making calls to access order books, transaction executing and balance calculations, etc., are some of the features of a great website.  

  • Crypto Platform Monetization:

    The primary source for the income of the coinbase is converting cryptocurrency, buying and selling crypto in a wallet, trading transactions on Coinbase, etc. 

  • Marketing Strategy:

    Coinbase uses unique marketing strategies to support the structure of the trading platform.  

  • Development Approach:

    Coinbase has a unique development approach that helps users reach their targets and buy cryptocurrencies at the best price. 

Features That Impact the Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase

Coinbase has its cryptocurrency along with providing a cryptocurrency trading platform. The features of the coinbase make it more popular and the best choice for cryptocurrency lovers around the world. To develop a bitcoin wallet app like coinbase, you need proper strategies and a reasonable budget. As a company, you can look at the following features that impact building a bitcoin wallet app like coinbase.

  • Manage Account: As a user, you can receive and sell bitcoin quickly when you log in to the registered account. Details are under some basic information like available bitcoin and amount.
  • User Registration: Using this module, users can create their accounts or log in with the social media network or your email credentials. 
  • Sell Bitcoin: This feature allows users to sell bitcoins and even contains basic information like BTC amount, rate, and payment. 
  • Buy Bitcoin: Here, the users can buy bitcoin and display the transactions on the screen. 
  • Filter search: Using the filter option, you can choose the price range in which you want to buy or sell your bitcoin. 
  • Push Notification: Notifications related to money transfer, new requests, and receiving along with the user’s transactions over time. 

How Much Does it cost to Develop an App like Coinbase?

As a company, if you are looking to develop both applications and websites for your bitcoin exchange platform, you need to spend somewhere between $32000 and $45000. Businesses and companies are looking actively for opportunities to develop a cryptocurrency application like coinbase due to its massive potential of changing the trading market. 

The Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase also depends on the users’ features, advantages, disadvantages, and usage of the application. BR Softech is a leading company in the field of bitcoin wallet apps

When you think about cryptocurrency app development, we are creating a bitcoin app for iOS and Android. The Cost of developing a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase depends on the app’s environment. Everything depends on the features and advantages you want to incorporate into your cryptocurrency trading app.

Here are some of the features of the app that affect the cost of developing a Bitcoin Wallet App.

  • User Registration:

    Users can register with the application using their email credentials and login into the online community. 

  • Manage Account:

    After joining their cryptocurrency wallet, you can trade cryptocurrency among different platforms on the web. 

  • Purchase and sell Bitcoin:

    You can easily buy and sell bitcoin using one platform. Users must not be confused while using the application and trading bitcoin. 

  • Secured Payment:

    A good bitcoin wallet app provides you the leverage of secure payment, and you get multilayer security on your wallet. People should feel informative regarding the vendor and the details and amount paid, and you seek a deal for purchasing bitcoin and information like the number of transactions. 

  • Regular Updates:

    As a bitcoin wallet app, we provide regular updates about the market and keep you updated. Users who are genuinely in trading need all the updates regarding the market and need to access the real-time value of the cryptocurrency. 

  • Transaction and balances History:

    The app allows recording all the transaction and balance history. The app provides customers with features and information about their previous balances and transactions. In the current scenario, cryptocurrency is trending worldwide, and the tech giants support this fantastic technology. Cost to Develop a Bitcoin Wallet App like Coinbase.

The overall costing also solely depends on the platform and programming language used for developing such kinds of apps for different clients worldwide. You need to carry out thorough research before you single out the blockchain development company for your wallet app. 


These features are really essential for your app if you are looking at the clone of the coin case app, so contact BR Softech, the best web and app development company in the world. A cryptocurrency startup that lets users earn crypto-currencies for answering emails & completing their tasks.

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