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How To Make An Augmented Reality(AR) Game & Its Cost?

written by Nitin Garg | Mar 05, 2022
How To Make An Augmented Reality(AR) Game & Its Cost?

Augmented reality is taking human experiences to the next level. AR gaming will reach an approx $284.9 billion market in the future. It is a technology that will link the physical world with the technological world through virtual reality. As a developer now, you would wonder how to make an augmented reality game or the cost of the augmented reality game. Since 2020, AR engagement has accelerated by almost 20%, with the conversion rate pushing up by 90% among users engaging with AR as opposed to those who do not. 

The ability of AR to transform the virtual world is changing the perspective of gamers towards AR. ARKIT, an augmented reality platform, just passed 13 Million downloads within the first six months of ARkit’s release. 

What is an Augmented Reality Game?

What is AR Games?

Augmented reality games are integrating the physical world with the virtual world using some hardwares like headphones, etc. It is the latest technology trending in the gaming world. Due to its experience which is changing the way we perceive reality. These games are making the characters like and making a game environment interactive. 

Augmented Reality is a technology that uses real-world simulations along with some hardware to provide the user with the experience of the virtual world. Augmented reality can be defined as the integration of three basic features, a combination of the real and virtual worlds, accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects, and real-time interaction.  AR gaming technology uses the existing environment and creates a playing field.

What Makes Augmented Reality Games the Next Big Thing in Video Games?

The ability of Augmented Reality games to provide interactive platforms to the user where they can experience the virtual world more effectively and interact with life characters. These games are connecting technology with the physical world. Gamera is inclined towards this technology due to its ability to transform their experience using just a few hardware tools. Augmented Reality and Virtual technology are changing our lives in every aspect. It is one of the areas which is exponentially growing in the gaming world. Impossible things are becoming possible with the use of this technology.

Now, you are experiencing the game’s virtual environment as a natural environment by just using some sound and visual effects. The unique features of this technology make augmented reality games so special. Gamers worldwide are inclined to this technology and have a keen interest in supporting this technology. It is the future of gaming as it enhances the user experience. 

Does Building an AR Game Application Cost a Lot?

Augmented reality is shaking the gaming world with its magical power of providing real-life experience to the user. You need first to pass the discovery and preparation stages of the game to know its precise budget. Some of the critical stages to reach this point are, finalizing your app idea, market research, target group, listing keys, etc.

It also depends on which software development kit you are using. It needs a lot of investment in starting to create AR games, but the return of investment in these projects is very high if we look at the gaming industry’s future. 

Here is a list of the approximate value of money that you need to spend to build an AR game. 

For Web Based AR

Type Development TimeApprox. Development Cost
Windows on World VR104-150 hours$2600-$3000
Fully Immersive VR280-340 hours$7000-$7500
Telepresence VR240-300 hours$6000-$6400
Web-Based Virtual Reality280-350 hours$7000-$6900

By the way, calculating exact augmented reality game app cost is a long process and requires calculations from the starting point of the game planning to the ending, where you can finally publish the game. 

Here are some of the approximate rates of Augmented reality developers of different locations to give you a fair idea about the cost. 

Locations Rate/hour 
USA and CanadaFrom $100 to $250
Western EuropeFrom $80 to $150
Eastern EuropeFrom $25 to $100
Asia (mostly India)From $55

How to Make an Augmented Reality Game? 

In the initial phase of your Augmented reality game building journey, you need a good amount of capital and a unique idea. Here are the stages involved in making Augmented reality games.

  1. Strategic Analysis of the Project: This is the first and foremost stage involved in developing an augmented reality game. This process usually takes eighty to one fifty hours. 
  2. Choosing SDK: For developing an augmented reality game you need a software development kit with proper tools to satisfy the requirements of the game. It ensures that the game should run on a wide range of devices. Some popular SDKs are ARToolKit, Vuforia, EasyAR, Kudan, Wikitude, Xzimg, etc. 
  3. Coding Process: This process takes almost 450-550 hours. No-market technologies are often used in mobile devices and are built with the special sensors: an accelerometer, a magnetometer, a gyroscope, a GPS receiver. The flow of the process is like processing of gyroscope data, GPS module and SLAM technology. 
  4. Design Solution: Design becomes top priority when it comes to augmented reality with its virtual 3D models. This process takes approx 400-600 hours. Usually the design stage includes: Building wireframe, UI and graphic design, 3D model, creation of animated images. 
  5. Extra Features: Functionality of your service is the most important aspect of an AR game. AR features alone cannot meet all the needs of your user. The time taken in this process varies from the following features.
All kinds of ratings25-35 hours
Different sound effects75-85 hours
Real-time gaming with multiplayer 200-300 hours 
Awards and achievements 50-70 hours
  1. Testing: Testing can take upto 100 hours and the qualified QA team carefully checks your service and makes sure it works flawlessly. 
  2. Post-service: It is also considered as an expense item, it reaches 20-50 % of the AR app development cost per year. 

How to Make Money with AR Games?

You can easily make money with AR games if you have a game that is user friendly and interacts with the user more effectively. With the increasing craze of AR games in the market, you can make good money if you have a specific strategy and an excellent team to develop and maintain the game. You can make money as an AR game development firm or make an AR game and monetize it to the local audience. 

You can set up gaming hubs where people can visit and enjoy different games with their families and friends. You can hire some talented individuals to reduce the cost of the hardware of the game. You can also motivate firms to create augmented reality games to combine to grow this industry and make profits. The end factor of an augmented reality game is that you need to invest a lot of money in marketing to stand ahead of your competitors. 

How to Create an Augmented Reality (AR) Game with BR Softech?

Augmented reality games will be the gaming industry’s future; as this technology is evolving, it is becoming more affordable and user-friendly. You can make a lot of money by developing an AR game. AR game development is the next big thing in the market. It is an advanced technology including software and hardware that provides opportunities to each augmented reality app development company. The augmented reality game cost can give you a shock, but the return on this investment for the long term is beneficial. 

BR Softech is working with some of the finest developers and tools to create some of the best AR games. We have a team of enthusiastic and talented gaming experts. The first thing we do is analyze the idea and calculate its outcome concerning the investment. Then we go for the app development process and the selection of tools.

Here are some of the qualities that make us unique. 

  • Different app development methods
  • Branding and marketing strategies
  • Mobile app development along with AR technology 
  • Professional gaming developers 
  • Multi-platform game development that includes android and iOS. 

Advanced AR games can create a real-time environment by perceiving the user’s natural environment. For example, the game can create characters surfing on a chocolate river. Environment creation is a tedious task and takes a lot of time; this process needs talented individuals. AR gaming expands the playing field, taking ideas from the diversity of the real-world environment to keep the game interesting. 

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