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How to Make Better Your Wi-Fi with Multiple Access Point

written by admin | Oct 01, 2013
how to make your wifi faster

Homes with wide walls can use multiple access points and repeater to increase the signal throughout the home. Now you will get budget-friendly multimedia-streaming signals of your house for the following steps-

  • Firstly download a free analyzer application for your phone. The app confirms signal levels graphically. Walk around your home, making clarify of the existing Wi-Fi signal power in far spots.
  • Various wireless access points connect with cables to the hub. Think of the cable as the spoke and the access point as the node. One wireless repeater connects wirelessly to each wireless access point. The existing Wi-Fi enabled router can have its own wireless repeater too.
  • Areas with high power signals should be hard wired to the hub. Areas with poor and no signal strength should be covered by wireless repeaters.
  • Use any existing Wi-Fi routers.
  • Open the new router dashboard & look for configure as access point settings.
  • Connect the access point to the existing router’s LAN updates.
  • Follow the product configure instructions to configure every repeaters to repeat each access point.

Create configuration changes in the configuration dashboards.
Place hard-wired one access point to the existing router & then placed that access point in room. Then place one of the wireless repeaters, configured to repeat the room access point, in the previously no signal yard, thus offering signal outside.
After that you should place a second wireless repeater, configured to repeat the existing Wi-Fi-enabled router, in an upstairs room that had excellent signal coverage from the existing survey. This provided good repeated signal in a room down the upstairs hall that had very poor signal strength initially.
Finally you achieve a strong, streaming-friendly signal throughout the home & yard.


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