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HTML5 Game Development: Challenges, Features & Advantages

written by Nitin Garg | Nov 07, 2022
HTML5 Game Development:Challenges, Features, Advantages

HyperText Markup Language is also known as HTML. It is among the most popular languages for developing web applications. Developing stunning, high-quality games for the modern web has become easier than ever. HTML5 allows building cross-platform games with ease. Since the games are hosted on the web, there are no platform restrictions and they can cater to a large audience. HTML5 mobile game development has been the highlight of the game industry ever since its inception. It rivaled Flash ever since it came out, and swiftly sidelined it.  

The value of HTML5 games market was valued at $2.1 billion in 2022. However, if we combine it with other related services like virtual item trading and game analytics, the total global market is expected to be worth over $7 billion. 

As with desktop and native OS counterparts, the number of games that can be created is the same. The development of stunning, high-quality games for the Web is entirely possible with modern Web technologies and a modern browser. Moreover, we’re not talking about the simple card games or online multiplayer social games that used to be done using Flash in the olden days. RPGs, 3D action shooters, and more can be developed using HTML5 game development services. 

Development of HTML5 Games in the Future

Mobile devices are accessed more often than desktop computers, so video game developers need to consider HTML5 mobile game development. The fact that HTML5 games run in nearly any environment, the fact that players prefer online games, and their 70% share in mobile game development (which is consistently growing) make HTML5 games an increasingly preferred choice for game developers.

The web platform is more accessible and easier to develop than any other platform for someone who has always authored games from scratch. Flash, the plugin created by Adobe, was immediately challenged by HTML5. It became clear over time that HTML5 won, and the combination of HTML5-JavaScript-CSS became the most popular way to create interactive multimedia content on the web.

The Advantages of HTML5 Game Development

Mobile games have become increasingly popular as online connectivity has made them more accessible. Both desktop and mobile users spend a significant amount of time browsing the web. HTML5 game development services allow users to develop cross-platform, cross-browser mobile apps and games, in addition to powering most of the sites they visit. Due to the restrictions of Adobe Flash, HTML5 has become the preferred format. Games made with this language can run on various platforms and devices with ease. 

Developers of websites and game development companies alike prefer HTML5. The application has cutting-edge features, such as 2D and 3D graphics, audio APIs, and offline assets storage. It also supports the most popular web browsers. Using HTML5 and other supporting web technologies, we can create games that offer both advantages and benefits. Here we have listed the various benefits of HTML5 game development.

Cross-Platform Support

HTML5 games are hosted on the web which means that they can be accessed on any browser, regardless of the platform. One of the most appealing benefits of HTML5 games is the ability to build cross-platform applications without changing the code. This is one of the main reasons why developers are moving towards HTML5 mobile game development.


HTML5 games provide ease in the development process. These games are a boon for gamers and developers alike. They are easily accessible across various modern browsers. It also provides ease in the development process as creating HTML5 games is fairly easier than other platform applications. Unlike Flash, HTML5 doesn’t require any additional plugins to function. 

App Promotion

Since these games run on multiple platforms with ease, they cater to a wider audience. The promotion of these games is fairly easier as users from different platforms have unrestricted access to HTML5 games. HTML5 game developers can also share their games on various HTML5 game websites that users visit often to view and play online games. 

Easy to Update and Maintain

HTML5 games don’t require regular maintenance and regular updates. Since the games are browser-based and hosted on the web, they are remotely updated and users don’t have to go through the hassle of updating them manually. HTML5 browser games help users with over 50% of the development cost and the versatility of HTML5 provides users with a wide variety of game-building tools they can choose from. 

Technology Stacks

HTML5 games don’t require an elaborate technology stack. All you require is a framework and a game engine and you can start building HTML5 games. HTML5 uses technologies like WebGL and Canva for game development. There are various frameworks and game engines that support HTML5 game development. This is one of the main reasons why game developers prefer developing HTML5 games. 

There are various benefits of developing games using HTML5. Check out this blog “WHY HTML5 IS THE FUTURE OF THE ONLINE GAMING BUSINESS?”to know all about the benefits of HTML5 games. 

Frameworks for HTML5 games

HTML5 games are built using HTML5 game frameworks. These games use frameworks that are packed with built-in features to aid in the game development process. Check out these awesome Top 6 HTML5 Game Frameworks:

1. Phaser

Phaser is an open-source framework for creating WebGL and Canvas-powered browser games that are fast, free, and fun. You can build awesome games for web-based devices as well as for mobile devices with Phaser. 

2. Pixi.js

Pixi.js is a fast 2D game engine that can be used to create html5 games and mobile apps.

3. Kiwi.js

Open-source Kiwi.js is a fun and friendly html5 game engine. Learning Kiwi.js is very simple. When developing a new game, be sure to check it out. 

4. CreateJS

With Createjs, you can develop rich interactive web content using libraries and tools. Using create.js, you can also develop games for the web and mobile.

5. Quintus

Using Quintus, developers can create engaging and easy-to-use mobile and desktop games. In just 80 lines of code, you can create a simple platform game. 

6. CraftyJS

Javascript games can be built using Crafty JS mobile and HTML5 game frameworks. Crafty JS is compatible with most modern web browsers. 

Other Tools Required with HTML5 game development

Several tools are available to developers to develop interactive and eye-catching games based on HTML5.

Check out the list of the top tools that are widely used for HTML5 game development:

  • LimeJS

A native HTML5 game can be developed in no time with this system. A LimeJS-based game doesn’t require any extra software or plugin installation to run; all it requires is a modern web browser.

  • WebGL Inspector

In addition to digging deep into the WebGL calls, it also shows you what is happening in real-time. This tool has been designed to make the task of developing WebGL apps easier and more straightforward.

  • Mandreel

The code can be reused and used on different mobile podiums, which helps developers. The code you write will be used numerous times across the various podiums. It can even be published online. Using Mandreel, users can also play games online without having to install anything first.

  • GameMaker

For cross-platform and fast HTML5 mobile game development, this is one of the most popular and oldest tools. This is a preferred option for both experts and beginners who wish to develop social or commercial HTML5 web games within a limited time frame in an efficient manner.

  • ImpactJS

Game engines such as this are among the most popular tools for creating games that are both spellbinding and stunning. These engines offer unprecedented flexibility and help developers make their creative visions a reality. You can even publish HTML5 games on the App Store with them.

  • The Render Engine

Using this open-source engine, users can build a game based on HTML5 using all the necessary tools. To offer users an excellent gaming experience, the engine is unique and offers a wide API.

Features of HTML5 Game Development

Cross-platform SupportOne of the main benefits of HTML5 game development services is they can run on multiple platforms without changing the code. 
Easy Maintenance and UpdateSince these games are hosted on the web, they are updated remotely, so users don’t have to go through the hassle of updating the game manually. 
2D and 3D Game DevelopmentHTML5 supports both 2D and 3D game development. The efficient frameworks allow the creation of a 2D or 3D game with a single framework and engine. 
Offline GamesEven though these games are available on the web browser, the users have the ability to access and play these games offline whenever they want. 
No Plug-ins RequiredUnlike Flash, HTML5 doesn’t rely on plugins to function properly. Flash was heavily dependent on plugins but games developed with WebGL and Canvas don’t require any external plugins. 
Multiplayer HTML5 GamesHTML5 supports multiplayer gaming. Users can play online browser-based games built using HTML5 technology. These online games are faster, and lag-free provided you have a reliable internet connection. 
Multiple Engines and FrameworksThere are multiple game engines and HTML5 game frameworks that develop HTML5 games. The plethora of options allows you to choose the engine that is most suitable for you. 
Higher ROIHTML5 games are available on multiple platforms. Gamers from different platforms can access these games which allows for a higher return on investment than conventional native platform applications. 
Multiple Distribution OptionsThe games developed using HTML5 technology are hosted on the web which allows for multiple distribution channels. You can promote your game on various HTML5 websites where users view and play HTML5 games.

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HTML5 Game Developer Challenges

As an HTML5 Game Development solution you must deal with the following challenges from the very beginning of conceptualizing the idea to the very end of creating and monetizing the game:

Selecting the Right Audience

The web-based HTML5 games cater to every platform. These games are accessible to gamers from every platform. In this case, it becomes quite difficult for game developers to choose a specific target audience. Since these games have no platform restrictions, it is important to decide beforehand which type of audience you want to target to ensure maximum ROI. 

Maintaining User Retention

User retention is another challenge faced by HTML5 game developers. These web browser games are played as a timepass and stress-busters. Player commitment is very low in HTML5 browser games when compared to native platform applications. Developers must seek out various features that will help catch the user’s attention and ensure that the gamer stays with the game for a long time. 

Preventing the Creep of new features

Game developers must avoid overloading their games with various features. An overly complex game will not be well-received by the users. The users will be discouraged and uninstall the game before even starting. One of the best ways to avoid this is to launch new features in further updates so that the users have time to get accustomed to the existing features and the gameplay. 

A mobile-friendly design

It is a herculean task to develop a cross-platform mobile game that is optimized for various screens and devices.While Android and iOS are dominating the mobile game market, some of the most popular mobile games have also adopted HTML5 technology as their preferred choice. The flexibility of the HTML5 platform allows optimizing games for various screens and devices easier. HTML5 has truly come a long way to make developers’ lives easier. 

User Experience at the center

User experience is the most essential element that drives the game’s success. Nowadays, mobile phones are packed with advanced sensors that open many possibilities. The game developers can use sensors, screens, and gestures to provide an outstanding user experience. You can implement features like shaking, tilting, and flipping the device to perform certain functions which will provide an engaging and interactive user experience. 

Different Kinds of Games we Can Develop with HTML5 

In recent years, JavaScript and browsers have become more powerful and feature-rich. Flash was once the only way to build any kind of game. Having said that, HTML5 and WebGL gaming are now ready to take off. Here are some of the popular HTML5 games that run on all modern HTML5 mobile games’ source code and are built only with web technologies.

HexGLArcade, Racing
CrossCodeAction, RPG
Treasure ArenaMultiplayer, RPG, Action
BejeweledAracde, Puzzle, Relaxing
Missile GameArcade
Gods will be watchingPuzzle
Free Rider HDArcade, Racing

Why Choose BR Softech for HTML5 Game Development?

BR Softech is an HTML5 game development company that specializes in providing engaging and interactive HTML5 game development solutions. We use HTML 5 to build interactive and feature-rich games for your project based on your project requirements. Game characters created by our expert designers are out of the box.

If you’re in need of an HTML5 game development service, we excel at providing clients with futuristic games. BR Softech Solutions is backed up by a team of experienced HTML5 game developers. With our expertise in HTML5 mobile game development, we offer the most appropriate solutions for your project. The goal is to create a memorable gaming experience for the user. By putting your idea into practice, we make your vision a reality.

Our team not only creates an amazing game using HTML5 but also develops an effective app marketing strategy to market it. With the help of our developers, we create characters that match the game requirements and think outside of the box. Using proper graphics, audio, animations, and multimedia elements, our developers create both 2D and 3D games. 

Final Thoughts

HTML5 game development services are in huge demand. It is a flexible platform that provides game development across multiple platforms. It is a fairly easy-to-use language that helps developers greatly. The advent of HTML5 was a boon for game developers worldwide. There is a huge potential market for HTML5 games in the future and mobile game development companies are planning to step into the HTML5 games market

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. Is HTML5 good for game development?

HTML5 offers greater flexibility to game developers. It is one of the most preferred choices for game developers as it is easy to use and its frameworks and engines come with pre-built assets that help in creating a cross-platform game without changing the code. 

Q. How much does it cost to develop an HTML5 game?

There are various factors that affect the cost of HTML5 game development. On average, the cost to develop an HTML5 game ranges from $25,000-$40,000. The price can shoot up if you incorporate advanced features in your game application.

Q. HTML5 games are written in which language?

Nowadays, most web browser-based games use HTML5 technology. HTML5 games are written in the markup languages like HTML and CSS. They are coupled with JavaScript codes.

Q. Is it profitable to create HTML5 games?

Yes, the HTML5 browser-based games market is booming. The HTML5 technology can develop cross-platform games that can run on multiple platforms. This opens a new potential market for these games across multiple platforms.

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