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IPL Live Streaming App Development

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Jan 06, 2024
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IPL Live Streaming- A Complete Guide

Do you want to create an IPL Live Streaming App? If yes, this would be a lucrative business idea for you! 

The demand for IPL live streaming in India is quite high these days and offers cricket fans a chance to browse through all the biggest T20 leagues globally. You can check live cricket stats, matches and performances of the teams and individuals just by clicking a few tabs on the cricket live streaming app for IPL. IPL 2024 is just around the corner, and it is the best time to launch your own app for IPL live streaming on Android and iOS platforms to tap a huge massive fan base of cricket. 

In this blog, we will see how to create a Live streaming app for IPL cricket, its features and its cost.

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What is IPL Live Streaming App? 

IPL live streaming apps broadcast an IPL match to people in real-time. It acts as an eye to show you the real-time scenario of the match from the comfort of your home. If you are an IPL cricket fan, you can look at the different applications to watch a match in the easiest way possible.

Suppose you are looking forward to developing a live-streaming platform to make some money this season. In that case, you can take the help of live video streaming app development company that can help you to develop an application that can hold viewers’ attention for hours. 

It deals with everything you can see while watching a live cricket match on your mobile phone or television. IPL live streaming 2024 can be seen on many applications like Hotstar, etc. If you wish to develop a live cricket streaming app, you must contact a fantasy sports app development company like us for detailed development services.

IPL Live Streaming App Features

IPL Live Streaming App Features

A live streaming IPL online app for Android & iOS should have top features to keep the viewers interacting with the platform and enjoying the game of cricket. A great app has multiple features and provides services at an affordable price. 

Some of the features of an IPL T20 live video streaming App are:

  • Signup Options: An excellent live streaming application should have a signup option that you can use to make your signup process easy and allow you to use the application more effectively. 
  • Personal profile: You also get the experience of having your profile where all the previous data will be there for your future reference. This feature keeps the user’s record and allows them to be more interactive. 
  • Smooth streaming: In providing smooth streaming to the users, the app should also focus on the quality of audio and video resolutions. A great Live cricket streaming IPL app for iOS should have the ability to provide the best performance to the user.
  • Donation system: Donation systems are the primary source of income for live-streaming platforms. With donations, they can make a lot of money and live chat options and buy different plans.
  • Chat: By having a chat with the other users, viewers can enjoy a gaming experience that is more interactive and informative. IPL live streaming app 2024 should be more interactive and supportive to the users. 

The IPL live streaming in India will be by the apps trending on the app stores due to their unmatched features and providing a great experience to the users. Let’s quickly look at the app development cost for IPL T20 live video streaming apps.

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IPL Live Streaming App Development Process 

As the best live cricket streaming app development company, we follow these steps to launch a streaming app for IPL: 

Market research 

The first and foremost thing we do is market research, which includes analysis of market trends, and competitors. This will enable you to get knowledge of the best market opportunities and threats that are emerging in the industry. This phase is prominent to stay ahead of the curve, enabling entrepreneurs to launch their businesses efficiently and strategically. 

UI/UX Design 

Cricket fans are very particular about the design of the live-streaming application interface. It should be catchy and navigable enough to keep users engaged on the platform. The design should not be compromised as it is the most important thing that can hamper the cricket live streaming experience of cricket enthusiasts and fans. 


After the successful design, we ensure to develop a live streaming app for IPL with the latest tech stack, tools and technologies. In this section, our expert team of developers maintain a huge amount of professionalism to create error-free and glitch-free applications for cricket leagues. Herein, we develop a live-streaming platform for cricket matches with best-in-class methodologies and tactics. 

Testing & QA 

Once we are done with the development part, we ensure to test the application with top testing and QA tactics like integration testing, functional testing, operational testing etc. Herein, we make sure to remove all the bugs, glitches, and errors of the app in the most specialized manner. 

Launch & Maintenance 

After the full-fledged testing and QA, we are meant to your cricket live streaming app using the best marketing tactics like digital marketing campaigns. We ensure to provide after-development services which include regular updates, upgrades and rectifying technical glitches if there are any.

The Best IPL live Streaming Apps in 2024

IPL Live Streaming Applications

Suppose you are excited about the IPL 2024 and looking for some of the significant applications that will help you have a great experience of watching IPL live streaming. If you don’t have access to TV or you can fight with your sister for the TV remote, then try IPL live to stream, ask for a better view, and enjoy the festival of T20 cricket. 

Here are some of the best IPL live-streaming apps

  • Disney+Hotstar: It is the best IPL Live streaming online app for android that you can use to have the best and most interactive experience of watching IPL 2020 live. You can use the VIP plan of the app to get more features and be more interactive with the application console to get the best live cricket streaming IPL 2024 experience.
  • Airtel Prepaid: By buying the Airtel IPL offer 2023, Airtel users can easily access the live cricket streaming IPL. BR Softech provides live streaming app development services to companies using which they can attract more customers to their site. 
  • Jio TV: Reliance Jio is the official partner of IPL and Hotstar to make it easy for people to watch IPL Live. Jio offers an exciting plan where you can get many features and discounts to watch IPL live stream. 

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IPL Live streaming Apps Development Cost

To develop a game for live broadcasting, you need to have a great team and experienced developers to produce a platform that can handle large numbers of audiences visiting their platforms. This season IPL is happening in India, and having a live streaming platform will make it easy for you to earn a good amount of money. To develop a cricket 365 live streaming IPL app, you need to have enough initial investment. 

To develop a good live cricket streaming IPL app, you need to have approximately $50,000 to $70,000 as your initial investment to start your journey huddle free. 

The live streaming app development cost can vary depending upon the features you include in the application to give the best live streaming experience to the users. 

Now you have a fair idea about the live streaming of IPL and the features that a good application should have to be at the top of your competitors. Now, let’s quickly look at the conclusion to end this discussion. 


You can watch IPL live streaming 2024 using a great application that has enough features to engage users and allow them to chat with other users and their friends on the application platform. Get a great IPL live streaming online app that supports most internet bandwidth and provides smooth broadcasting of the cricket match. 

Suppose you are interested in developing an app where people can easily interact with the app’s environment and feel a natural life experience in the stadium. In that case, you can contact BR Softech. We have developers and gaming enthusiasts that can help you achieve your financial goals and convert your idea into reality. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 How long does it take to develop a IPL live-streaming software? 

It takes around 2 to 3 months to develop an IPL live streaming software.

Why invest in IPL live-streaming software? 

It is very lucrative and promising to invest in IPL live streaming software as you can reach a global audience while generating high ROI.

Do you develop Customised IPL Software?

Yes, we develop customized IPL software with high-end features and graphics.

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