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How to Develop A Fantasy Cricket App? – A Step-by-Step Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 11, 2022
how to develop fantasy sports app

How does fantasy cricket app development work? Is there a reason for its popularity? What are the steps to create a fantasy cricket app? This blog provides an in-depth analysis of the growth of cricket fantasy sports apps, including industry dynamics, features, benefits, and the team required to develop one.

What are Fantasy Cricket Apps?

The sound of fantasy sports app development makes them sound like they do. Of course, not everyone is familiar with cricket fantasy sports apps. Users over 18 can build a virtual (simulated) cricket team based on cricket star players in real-time with the cricket fantasy app. Fantasy cricket apps use player scores from real matches to enable participants to win prizes. A cricket fantasy app allows users to build a virtual team of players who will compete in a specific competition, with additional users receiving points based on the actual match players they draft.

​​Fantasy Sports App: How Does it Work?

The fan assembles a fantasy team using real players selected online via a draft process. 

To determine whose fantasy team has performed the best, we compile the players’ real-game statistics.

​​Fantasy Sports App: How Does it Work?

A variety of websites and mobile applications allow players to track the performance of their respective fantasy teams. Many of the players compete with people they know in leagues where they join together with their acquaintances. Other people participate in the public leagues hosted by the websites and compete against strangers.

Fantasy Sports Apps are on the Rise: Statistics 

Fantasy sports software development is going through a boom, due in part to the popularity of the sector and partly because of its user base. 

The following statistics support our point: 

After establishing the target market for your fantasy sports app, let’s look at the features that would ensure the success of your project. 

Is it Profitable to Invest Money in Fantasy Cricket Apps?

These are the top reasons you should invest in white-label fantasy sports software. Take a look at it.

  • Fantasy cricket development is becoming more and more common these days, but they are still a relatively new concept.
  • It is precisely for this reason that this industry is not competitive.
  • This is an excellent time for someone like you to reach the market, as the market is not that rigid, and not everyone cares about developing a cricket fantasy app.
  • Early and aggressive launches would ensure strong followings and a significant share of the market
  • It is possible to get far more than you ever anticipated by developing a detailed plan with the showcased app.
  • You should emphasize that you’ll be aware of and even respect the decisions of your audience in order to gain more audience.
  • In order to create these kinds of fantasy apps, all platforms should be considered (Android, iOS, web). The average user of fantasy cricket plays the game once a month.

Tools and Tech Stack Needed to Develop a Fantasy Cricket App

Below is a quick overview of the top tech stack used to develop Cricket Fantasy.

  • Java, Kotlin, NodeJS, ROR, Laravel are all available for Android.
  •  Swift, NodeJS, ROR, Laravel, and fabric IOS frameworks are available for iOS.
  •  There are three types of databases: MySQL, MongoDB, and Redis.
  •  The cloud – Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.
  •  There are several payment gateways available such as PayPal, Stripe, Braintree, and Mangopay.
  •  MAP, Amazon SNS, Twilio push notifications.
  •  Google Analytics, Gleam 10, Spark.
  •  Other stacks include Sketch, Xcode, GeoFence, SASS, ZOHO, and Stripe.

For the development of a Top-Notch Cricket Fantasy App, the following team is required:

A team of professionals is required to make your Cricket Fantasy App a reality. To develop an app, the following individuals were needed:

  • Firstly, the business analyst.
  • The second. Developer with experience in both front-end and back-end development.
  • The third. Designer of UI/UX.
  • The fourth one. Testers for quality assurance.
  • The fifth. Manager of a project.
  • The sixth. Developer for Android and iOS.

Cost to Develop A Fantasy Cricket  App

In cricket, there are so many apps that run, and Cricket Fantasy App is one of them. Although having a fully functional Cricket fantasy app isn’t considered a business loss. It is possible for a business organization to quickly establish a loyal customer base that is committed to the integrity of its fantasy cricket app.

A fantasy cricket app involves geography, complexity, features, functionalities, platform (Android, IOS, Web), wireframes, colors, and application design. Let’s consider what it would cost to create an Android, iOS, and Web Cricket Fantasy App. It will cost people on the move anywhere from USD 10K to USD 17K for a basic fantasy app, and USD 20K to USD 30K for a more feature-rich one.

Read More: Key Factors that Impact the Cost of Fantasy Cricket App Development

There is nothing short of worship for cricket in the world, and everyone loves to play it. The cricket fantasy apps industry paradigm is thriving. As a result of several fantasy sports applications, the industry has reached a new level.

The global market revenue is expected to reach 2,174 Million Dollars by 2023, with a CAR of 18.6%.

  • A mobile app is used by over 65% of fantasy sports players in the US.
  • Fantasy sports are played on mobile devices by over 67% of cricket fans.
  • Cricket fantasy apps were used on average for 42 minutes by each user.
  • The number of fantasy sports app users in India exceeds four crore.

What are the Must-Have Features of a Fantasy Sports App?

Having established your fantasy sports app’s market, let us now discuss the key features of creating a fantasy sports app.

Features of User Panel

1.  The registration process for users

User registration is one thing that almost all applications have in common. The most important thing is to only ask for information that is absolutely necessary in this stage. The details include personal information such as an email address, a unique username, and a personal number. 

2.  The landing page

Users land on this part of the app after logging in. Sports are played here, and the users can see them. Users can filter search elements according to their preferences here. Among those filters are sport, date, match type, and tournament. 

3.  The contest 

The sports fantasy app allows users to view details about their participation. Filtering is possible according to a variety of criteria, such as winner amounts, entry fee ranges, winner counts, contest types, winning ranges, and contest sizes. 

4.  Become a contestant

Users can participate in contests through our fantasy app development. They must pay an entry fee in order to play the fantasy sports game. 

5.  Profile settings

This feature is included in the fantasy sports app.  Customization is possible with this functionality. Additionally, users can update their profiles with information such as accounts, reward points, transaction histories, bonuses, and referrals. 

Features for Admin Panel

1.  The dashboard

The dashboard is where admin can access different statistical figures around the number of played matches and information related to total number of players, etc. It also shows the total amount of earnings made by the users in the app.

2.  Manager of User Accounts 

Users can manage their entire accounts with this functionality. Accounts can be edited, initiated, deleted or deactivated using the feature.

3.  Management of contests 

Using the functionality, contests can be managed and coordinated. Contest categories can easily be managed, additions can be made, editions can be deleted, and contests can even be deactivated if necessary. 

4.  Earnings View 

An individual’s favorite aspect of a fantasy sports app is the earnings and rewards they receive. The admins have access to the complete earnings of individuals through this functionality. 

5.  Management of reports

Administrators can access all types of reports, including player ranking reports and earnings reports. 

When creating a fantasy cricket sports app or any other fantasy sports app, it helps to understand the design system that must be followed by your partnering fantasy sports app development company.

Leagues and Tournaments Our Fantasy Cricket App Offer

Leagues and Tournaments Our Fantasy Cricket App Offer

As a game of pure skill, fantasy cricket requires a thorough understanding of the sport and careful analysis. Following are the leagues nd tournaments we offer:-

  • The World T-20.
  • The Big Bash League.
  • The ICC World Cup.
  • The Global T20 Canada tournament.
  • The T10 league.
  • The Hong Kong T20 Blitz.
  • T10 league in Qatar.
  • Smashing success.
  • The Mzansi Super League.

How to Design an Effective Fantasy Sports App?

How to Design an Effective Fantasy Sports App?

Fantasy sports apps benefit most from the most complex aspect of their design – the app interface. A sports app’s design is what distinguishes it from other app categories. Based on the feature list that we just read, there are multiple elements that users interact with within the fantasy sports app.

Let us, in this section, concentrate on the guidelines – those that should define the UI and UX elements of the fantasy sports app. We have discussed the elements that need to be considered when designing a fantasy sports app.

Onboarding Made Easy 

A fantasy sports app’s onboarding should be the first and foremost design element to take into consideration. Even big names in the industry pay very little attention to app onboarding, which is one complaint gamers have about them. Additionally, the application should have a guiding element that takes the user across different parts of the program, in addition to following the several onboarding best practices. 

A Minimal Amount of Text is Used 

An application with a lot of text would not be useful to the user when they are experiencing a high adrenaline feeling. Our designers recommend that you avoid using textual content in your application unless it is absolutely necessary – at least on the screens the users will be interacting with during the game. 

You just read the feature list of your fantasy app development company, but it is of utmost importance to know how you can monetize your efforts. 

How to Develop Fantasy Cricket App?

Unlike other games, the question, How to develop a fantasy cricket app does not have eye-catching graphics and colors. To answer how to make a fantasy cricket app or how to set up a business model like Dream11, you must consider some inherent factors.

1. It’s All About the Data

The development of fantasy sports apps cannot be compared to the development of other sports apps. In this case, the game revolves around the handling of data. As opposed to video games, it doesn’t involve pressing a key faster. Rather, it is a skillful and calculative process. The users are driven by league and competition data – player data, their form, their overall performance, their performance under certain conditions, etc.

2. The 5-Second Rule Should be Followed

You should have a set of design principles in mind before you start designing an app like Dream11. In this section and the following one, we’ll discuss a few. Designers need to gain a bird’s eye view of the app’s purpose in order to frame them flawlessly. 

One of the most effective design aids is the 5-second rule. Based on the user response studies, it was developed. According to this theory, a designer must capture the user’s attention within five seconds in order to persuade him to explore further. 

3. Use the “Newsroom” as a Model

If you handle an app that processes gigabytes of data every day, you could find yourself in a pickle. What is the best way to classify them?

Using the “Newsroom” analogy, some designers at UXplanet came up with a super-efficient way to solve this problem. How the hell do they select the most-wanted and preferred news stories to appear on the audience’s platter when you listen to the news? The “inverted pyramid” is used to accomplish this. 

4. Keep it Simple

It is normal to expect millions of users to log into a mobile app such as Dream11. Design-wise, it means that each app screen should be engaging from a user’s perspective. According to psychological studies, the human brain can handle seven (+or -2) visual elements at a time. We are talking about the maximum here. Therefore, you should make sure that your eerie screen contains seven or fewer visual elements. If the app creates visual clutter, users will abandon it quickly. Therefore, minimalism is essential for fantasy sports apps that process and visualize a great deal of data.

Why Develop Your Fantasy Cricket App With BR Softech?

Following the initiation of the sports season, IPL 2022, investing in a fantasy sports app development is encouraged following the positive response that the users are showcasing.

BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. excels in providing cost-effective fantasy cricket android app development. Established in August 2010 with over 12+ years of rich experience. An Apex-rated fantasy cricket software development company around the world. Our team of innovative and creative designers deals in cricket fantasy platform development, mobile/ software development, and other dream11 fantasy clone app services intending to deliver outstanding digital outcomes.


After reading this article, you must now be aware of the concept of fantasy sports, its history, and their current market worth. With almost all businesses operating at their lowest capability, investing in online fantasy sports software can be a lucrative decision. 

Even during the unlock phase, maintaining social distancing and avoiding stepping out of the private premises is recommended. This leaves the users with not many options rather than spending most of their time with technical gadgets like smartphones. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it profitable to create a fantasy cricket sports app?

Yes, the current market scenario suggests that fantasy cricket apps are very popular with audiences. Market statistics show that the fantasy cricket industry is booming and now is the right time to launch your own app. If you want to develop your own fantasy cricket app. Contact us. Read more Why is 2022-23 the Right Time to Launch Your Fantasy Cricket Application?

Q. What is the development cost of building a fantasy cricket sports app?

There are several factors to consider before estimating the cost to develop a fantasy cricket app. On average, the development cost of an app with basic functionalities will cost around $15,000 to $20,000.

Q. What are the essential features in a fantasy cricket app?

The essential features every fantasy cricket app must have are user onboarding, safe and secure payment gateways, chat feature, tournaments, profile management, etc.

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