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How to Buy Mafia Game Script for Web Apps?

Game Development
Feb 02, 2021
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Mafia game script

People who love and enjoy playing casino games online admire cards against humanity and many games like this. But, aren’t you bored by playing these games for years? Get rid of the boredom and have some excitement by trying a new game Mafia that is newly launched in the market. 

Mafia video game script is based upon an old-time party game circling the area among a friend’s group and differentiated by only degree or two. It would be greater if you get an open group to play this game. You need at least ten players to enjoy the Mafia game.

Now, if seeing the craze of this game, you are thinking of buying the Mafia game script for web apps, then you have to pay attention to various significant things that are below-mentioned.

Definitive Editions of Mafia Game Trilogy 

An energetic and fun series of games permit you to live your life as a gangster in three separate environments disposed of crime in America. Mafia game story is popular among people as a narrative crime drama series that has sold more than 18M copies across the globe. 

This action and adventure game was announced by 2K games in 2020. The Mafia game version 2020 has been launched by the Hangar 13 development studio and recreated it based on the original action-adventure Mafia video game 2002.

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This re-created version of the game comprises extra cutscenes, an updated script, a re-recorded orchestral score, all-new gameplay sequences, and other additional features. These three Mafia game sequences in the trilogy are shown below-

  • The definitive edition of Mafia Game script- Created from the ground-up remake of the popular classic.
  • The definitive edition of Mafia 2 game clone script- The next level of HD remasters of the fan-favourite.
  • The definitive edition of Mafia 3 game script- Re-creation of an amazing narrative masterpiece. 

All these re-formed include additional content and updated script, and these have been remastered entirely and remade from the ground up. Although, this Mafia trilogy is not as straightforward as the rest launches.

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These three Mafia games are having varying degrees of attention on their updates. All these three games that have been released have different and exclusive items via pre-ordering Mafia or purchasing the Mafia Trilogy earlier. Here we are providing you with more details to look out for while purchasing the Mafia game script. 

Launch of Trilogy

  • Mafia 2 game script and Mafia 3 definitive editions are accessible now for users digitally. You can play them on Xbox One, PS4, PC.
  • If you go for bundled Mafia game trilogy digitally, you can play Mafia II and Mafia III and access the Mafia. 
  • When Mafia Launched, there were available all three games in a physical version.  

How to Play the Mafia Game?

Mafia Game Script

To purchase a Mafia card game script, you must know how to play it better by following all the rules and roles.

Step 1: Game Setup

  • In the Mafia game, you must have a minimum of four people or have eight or over that to play. You must have a person apart from four players who will act as a mayor and direct the game by controlling the group.
  • In every group of four players, there will be a Mafia. For instance, there will be 2 Mafia for eight people in two groups.
  • Doctors and sheriffs will be in a round that will be discussed later as per situations. For now, there will be one for each. 
  • There will be a game of 2 groups, eight people, 2 Mafia, one sheriff, one doctor (4 will act as civilians).

First Setup-

  • A deck of cards, where Aces=Mafia, Queens=Doctors, Kings=Sheriffs, and other cards (2 thru J) will be civilians. 
  • Get the Two aces, one king, one queen, four other cards ready apart from that.
  • The Mayor will distribute a card face down to every player, which will not be disclosed during the game.  

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Second Setup-

  • Mafia game clone script can also be developed to play without cards. Despite that, there can be used taps; then it will be up to the Mayor to count how many players he chose, and their role was.?
  • Each person will shut the eyes, and the Mayor then assigns the role by walking around.   
  • If the Mayor taps you once, then you are Mafia, twice=you are doctor, three times=you are sheriff, and if he doesn’t tap you, you are a civilian.

Types of Mafia Games

Mafia games are played in various ways, we had mainly two types of mafia games.  

  1. Video Mafia Games
  2. Card Mafia Games

Video Mafia Games 

Video mafia games are those games in which players play the role of mafia and kill people for their business or threat purpose. These are the games that we call Mafia party games online that can be played individually and multiplayer over Xbox, PC, Mobile, PS3, PS4 & PS5.

Card Mafia Games 

The card mafia game is played in a group of 8-10 people. The main aim of this game is to become a don and announce the opponent as a traitor. 

Mafia Game Rules And Roles

Basic & Advance Cards

Mafia party game rules are that can be played in two ways, the first one is with basic cards and the second is with advanced cards. 

The basic cards are called mafia cards and citizen cards (villagers). If you are new to mafia gaming then need to play with basic cards. 

Advance cards are the second way to play mafia games, these cards come in numerous forms. These characters are like Doctor, Detective, Villain, Don, Godfather, etc. these cards make it more interesting and add elements to the entire game. 

Aim Of The Card Mafia Game 

One of the major mafia game rules is citizens want to reveal the identity of the mafia at the same time the mafia wants to hide his identity. The players will win if they outnumber the citizens. 

Setting Up For Card Mafia Game 

The mafia card game rule is you need at least 7 players apart from one moderator, moderators can be two or more and they will help to conduct the whole game without any cheating. If you want to enjoy this game too much, you need to understand the importance of the number of players.

Divide these remaining players into two pairs: civilian & villain. 

Make sure all the cards are face down. The player can look out their cards and start planning. 

Let’s play, Night Cycle

When the teams are finalized, the moderator announces Night. All the players close their eyes and act like they are sleeping. 

At night Moderator allows Mafia players to see each other and kill civilians. After killing people, mafia players explain to the moderator that they are done. 

Moderator announces the end of the night. 

Let’s Play, Day Cycle

The Moderator announces the day, all the players wake up and start reacting to what happened in the night.

The civilians can accuse anyone if they feel doubt but they are not allowed to showcase their cards. The accused player can defend themselves. Moderator announces voting and if the person is found guilty that has to leave the game. 

In The End, Best Wins The Game 

If civilians eliminate all the mafia players they won the game or if mafia players outnumbered civilians then mafia players won the game. 

Korean Mafia Game Rules

Korean mafia games are also played like traditional mafia games but the Korean mafia game rule is if you find a killer then you need to look into the eyes of the suspect and eliminate the suspect.

Mafia Game Roles 

Here are all the Mafia games roles explained 

  • The Mayor– This role is more of a narrator than a player as he has full control to assign the power to players. He also tells the roles when to sleep, wake up, make a story, and assign votes. It is the role of the Mayor to keep the game set and players appropriately.
  • Mafia: He will kill the players and then convince people for the Mafia without unleashing himself.
  • Sheriff– He points at other players, and the Mayor has to shake or nod his head whether the specific person is Mafia or not. He can also use the power to change public opinion.
  • Doctor– Doctor can save other players, and if he saves the right person, he can bring back to the game.
  • Civilian– It is the core role of voting and finding out the Mafias to vote them off. They talk it out, see, and assume who is acting weird or suspicious to find out the Mafia.

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Nobody wants to unleash their role as they have an important one, and they try to convince others that they are a civilian. 

Game Rules

Mayor owns all the powers to start the game again or shut the group up. Mafia can have one target at a time in each round. Also, revealing your cards to others or opening eyes without permission will come under cheating. 

Mafia Game Objective

The game’s main objective is to kill the civilians by the Mafia or kill off the whole Mafia by the civilians. When one situation happens, the game will be over. For instance, 13 people in a room comprise three mafias, one doctor, one detective, one narrator, and eight civilians after assigning their roles. Make sure they will not do any cheating and won’t tell their identity. 

The game will be separated into two parts: day and night. In the night, each person keeps her or his eyes shut until awakened by the narrator. He will start it with the Mafia, then the doctor, and then the detective. 

Know About Pros and Cons of Mafia Game to Purchase Mafia Game Clone Script

Mafia Game Script

You will find exciting missions, adventures, and original roles with various shooting and actions; Despite that, these are some of the pros and cons of Mafia game clone script, take a look-


  • Good tone and amazing acting of characters 
  • Rich dialogues in a well-arranged story
  • A wonderful look at night
  • A good world-building tool
  • Complexities that seem real
  • Smarter oppositions


  • Required more work on family focus and the protagonist of the story
  • Less smooth role movement 
  • Need improvement in 4K textures

Details About Mafia Game Script

Build your own Mafia game script PHP by purchasing a clone script but consider these things mentioned above.

Optimization, easy download, secure environment are some of the features and reasons to love this game. Have rich features comprising PHP script with different styles and themes to create your own wonderful game. 

You can develop a web-based multiplayer game online. The purchased full game source will include more than 150 other game options along with city maps, stunning graphics, professional and attractive layouts that will help you begin your game in a few minutes. 

 Cost Involved in Purchasing Mafia Games

  • Purchasing all three games simultaneously in the package of Mafia Trilogy will cost you up to $60. Despite that, Mafia II and Mafia III will be around $30 each but Mafia: Definitive Edition will be $40. 
  • To have permission for Mafia II: Definitive Edition automatically and freely, get Mafia II on steam.  
  • If you have Mafia III on Xbox, PS4, or Steam, automatically you will get upgraded Mafia III: Definitive Edition freely.
  • And, if you already have a union of Mafia Titles, you can own a particular upgrade offer to utter your trilogy with discount. 

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Wrapping Up

If you plan to buy a newly launched Mafia game script for web apps, then look at these above guides to get all the information regarding this game. If you go for a Mafia game script, it will act as a multiplayer online RPG game engine that gives the owner access to create a fully-functional game website and complete control over it.    

hire game development company

If you want to purchase a Mafia game clone script, you can come to BR Softech to assist it. We have a professional and skilled development team that will offer you a customized or readymade game script as per your concern. We will also provide you with enough tools to edit the achievable items, business casinos, etc.

Our team will help you to get a game program full of functionalities and features. Come to us and get all your queries solved!       


Q. 1 Is the Mafia Game a Card Game?

Mafia is a classic party game and used cards that are now played online also.

Q.2 How to Make a Mafia Game App?

You can find a perfect mafia game app development company and assign them to your mafia game app idea. 

Q. 3 How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mafia Game App?

Mafia game app cost depends on the functionality and work done by the company for a better gaming experience. On average, it will cost about $30,000. 

Q. 4 How to Find the Best Mafia Game Development Company?

You can search over google for the best mafia game development companies and review their profile, portfolio and find a perfect partner for your convenience.

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