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Microsoft Ends Windows XP Support

written by Admin | Apr 09, 2014
microsoft ends windows xp support

As this is known that Microsoft was launched their windows XP in year 2001 and provides continuous updates. But now they are going to end their support for windows XP. It’s a big problem for those who want use this OS from now. Most of the organizations running their approximately 10% of systems with windows XP. So for further maintenance here are some points to maintain its security:

1.  Restricts connectivity: Avoid using internet connection or communication with other systems over internet. Or if want to use the internet connection it is recommended that use firewall or communication within a nearby network.
2. Restrict apps: It is recommended that users must lock their systems so the arbitrary code through some kind of hacker’s activity not exploits the system security. Not to use any malicious app. Users have to take care of memory devices by their Data Execution protection system, additional protection through Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit (EMET) has also there.
3. Remove admin rights: Administrative controls are those from where the system security changes can be made. So to remove these privileges from the system we can secure our system from malware because by avoiding this, our system can be affected at the log-in time.
4. Bar browsing and email: Security issues can be occurs when we using web or email service. Instead of that we can use up-to-date server-based systems, remote service or virtual server.
5. Update software: Windows XP is out of support so their cores files cannot be able to update further but other vendors software which are installed on the system are not. So it is recommended for use to update these software’s like anti-virus, firewall, java, adobe, office.
6. Disable ports and drives: By disabling USB, CD/DVD ports we can block another route of arbitrary code. This can be done by installing third-party software.
7.  Shield XP: Host-based intrusion-protection system or remote system from network must be there to protect the XP which regularly check for vulnerabilities and attacks and provide filters for the similar.
8. Monitor XP, Microsoft and threats: Microsoft does not provide support for those customers who have not paid for costumer support service. But some other vendors may provide technical feed support for security.
9. Regular backup: Users of XP systems should have to take regularly back-up. So they can restore system to secure state in case of attack.
10. Study cost: According to cost-benefit analysis the reason to involved XP may end up overtaking a fast migration.


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