Mobile Game Development Trends of 2018 : How it will Shape the future of the gaming industry

Mobile Game Development Trends of 2018 Shaping the future of the gaming industry

The mobile game development industry has fully fledged to all over the world, many IT companies are focusing only on providing the game development services as demand of the mobile game development company has increased at high level. Every second IT Industrialist is switching towards app development. The craze has increased at a high level and platforms like Facebook, instagram and twitter have also started to generate the mobile games, as they are forced with the demand to introduce the game for the purpose of entertainment.

The competition is too high in the global market, and entities are bringing new tools and technologies to offer a unique and advanced platform to their customers. It has been a new challenge for game developers to develop the unique and modern solution. Each year a new technology, feature, tool or trend has introduced in the market. The main objective of every game app development company is to bring an advanced platform which can fully fulfill the requirements of the customer’s and turn it as an interactive platform, so user can’t get bored over there.

The main attribute to develop the efficient game is with the combination of the best functionality and designing. The functionality should be invincible and designing should have an ability to attract the viewers and make them feel like they are playing at the venue. Along with this, there are more features that have become the essential and helps to turn the solution advanced and impressive and to continue the interaction of the players on the platform, the new features and trend are introducing to marking its presence.

So in this blog, we bought game development trends in 2018 which will be the future of the gaming industry. In future without these features the games will be incomplete these features are going to be a demand of the gaming market and it will bring success.

Mobile Game Development Trends of 2018 – Formula for Success

1) VR And AR: This technology has become the superpower of the game. It will enable users to have a real experience. The AR and VR technology has grown widely in the world. People have shown the wide interest in the modern and latest technology. AR and VR technology helps users to experience the real world virtually and it is a most demanding technology and it give a feel of modernity. The additional of this technology bring the quality of elegancy to the gaming platform. AR developers have to smartly execute this latest technology to the platform so user can experience the real world into Virtuality.

2) Integrate With Social Media Platform: Nowadays people are crazy behind social media, a large group of people found their only. So people prefer to play the game the game with their friends and family, so they look for a platform where they can invite them. So, linking with social media platform is really essential and it attracts a large number of groups. Enabled people to invite, engage and share with other gaming friends. Players feel intense fascination on the social media platform. It will help customers to increase its usability. They can play the favorite game with their friends at any corner of the world.

3) Multiplayer Feature: Players prefer to play with their known ones, multiplayer feature is a demand of the gaming industry, it is a most essential part of the game. It enabled users to play with their friends or family and allow them to enjoy the experience. To add this feature is a Lil bit difficult task for the game developers as they have to develop while keeping the functionality of multiplayers in their mind for the game. This will also helpful for the social media platform as it will help players to engage with the community and open them an opportunity to enjoy the interested mobile interactive sessions.

4) Offer Cloud Game: Cloud game is a new trend and demand of the gaming industry. Yes, now people prefer to play cloud games as in this user don’t have to think about the storage space and they don’t have to bother of downloading the game, they can play the live games. It is a best way to redefine the games and to opt the technology. To use this technology, people should only have smart phones and a suitable internet connection. It would be not wrong to say that coming year 2019 or in further year’s cloud game will be the king of the gaming industry. It is an online game. Basically, cloud games are dependent on two main types and they are video streaming and file streaming.

5) Mobile Games: Now people have reduced their interest to play the games on PC, now they prefer to play the game on mobile devices. As in this hustle bustle life, for them it is not possible that they can stuck to the PC all time and play the game. They are forced to switch on mobile games as in free time also they can easily access to mobile game as they can play the game anytime and from anywhere. Mobile is often the first choice for the players to play the game. In the market the demand of the mobile developers has also increased as compared to PC developers. Customers are looking to hire mobile app developer in the global market.

6) Target Every Generation: Those days are gone when games were only for the children, now games should be targeting everyone girls, boys, sensible ladies, working employees etc. The game should cover a wider group of people and not age targeting should not be limited. Everyone can able to play it even elderly people can also enable to play and pass their time on it.

7) Offline Games: It is counted among an essential characteristic and others use to look for this feature, so they can enabled to play the offline games. This feature is beneficial when people use to travel or they don’t have the internet connectivity. In that case, Offline game feature doesn’t lead to disappointment. It will increase the preference of the players to opt your game as nowadays, mobile games have no value if they are not connected to the internet. Basically, offline game allows players to continue their gaming session if they are not connected to the internet. Even now google has added a novel category of offline gaming application to its play store.

8) Add Live Activities: Android app developers and iPhone app developers both have to add some feature to attract the players as games are not enough to impress the players. Now time has changed and app developers have to add some feature to attract the audience and people are keen to know about the live events and updates in the society or what’s going near them. Through live activity game developers can add live elements and it adds interest, rennation and trust factor towards the platform.

9) Location Based Games: Now people can play the game on the location based it is a new preference of the gaming industry. These types of mobile games are based on the GPS enabled. Android game development offer the huge opportunity for the user. This type is a new demand to the world.

10) Live Interaction: This will be the additional feature to the app as people attracted towards social media and they like to chit chat at social level. So via live interaction people can entertain themselves along with playing the game. It will add an entertainment feature towards the gaming platform and offer an opportunity to interact with other players.


Above points, will be the demand of the game app development, these features will be the most demanding features and in coming years, without these characteristics the game will be counted as an incomplete. With time, challenges for mobile game development companies have also increased as they have to develop an advanced and enrich feature application with all the modern features. Mobile application developers should be skillful and experienced to develop a modern app with the suitable market demands. With these features mobile app development company should offer the features like creative graphics, technology-enabled improvements and user-friendly themes at affordable and on a project to the clients to satisfy the clients.

These features will change the shape of the future gaming industry and advanced gaming platform will be the combination of these exciting and amazing game features and may the list can be expanded according to the time and demand of the market and players as growth doesn’t come to an end. It would be very interesting to see the changes in the coming years.'
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