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Mobile Sports Betting- Everything You Need to Know

Sports Betting
Apr 25, 2023
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Everything You Need to Know- Mobile Sports Betting

The concept of sports betting has become popular with the advent of technology, rising online betting platforms and rising demands for mobile sports betting. With the penetration of smartphones and low-cost data connectivity, everyone can access mobile sports betting applications, offering them a convenient platform that they can use from anywhere and at any point in time. Most people today try their luck and showcase their betting skills and knowledge in such betting apps and earn real-world rewards. 

As per market research, the global sports betting market was valued at USD 83.65 billion in 2022, which is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.3% from 2023 to 2030. The craze for mobile sports betting is increasing in a manner like none other. They can not only bet on such applications but also earn real cash rewards and community support. These platforms are built on the concept of RNG system and anti-fraud frameworks which allows no room for fraud, or data breaches. 

In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of mobile sports betting, including types, benefits, best applications and so on. 

What is Mobile Sports Betting?

Mobile sports betting is putting a bet using your mobile online. Over the past few years, due to the improvement in mobile phone performance, mobile betting is becoming a craze. Due to online sportsbooks, the craze of mobile sports betting has gone to the next level. Moreover, online sportsbooks have taken it to the next step by making their websites mobile-friendly. These platforms are the one-stop solutions that can make betting affordable, accessible and extremely flexible. This means, people don’t need to head out to brick-and-mortar betting setups to place their bets, as it has become a few-clicks process. 

Different Types Of Mobile Sports Betting

Due to the increase in the craze of online sports betting apps in the industry, the variations of it have increased. There are multiple types of sports betting apps available in the market, some of them are: 

Types of Sports Betting
  • Single: It is a most common sports betting type where you get a straightforward win bet, and you can only place it on a single event. 
  • Double: It is a more advanced form of sports betting where a single bet has two outcomes in different events. But both the selections must win to guarantee a return. 
  • Treble: You can place a single bet on three different outcomes in different events. Moreover, here all three selections must win to guarantee a return. 
  • Accumulator: You can have four or more selections in a single bet in an accumulator. Here all the selections must win to guarantee a good return. 
  • Trixie: Here, a bet consists of selecting four bets with three doubles and a treble. A minimum of two selections must win a guaranteed return. 

These are some types of sports betting that you can enjoy every day. You can choose the types of betting depending on the performance of an application. A sports betting software development company helps you develop an efficiently working application. Let’s now look at the different betting sites and standard betting sites. 

Difference Between Mobile Betting Sites And Standard Betting Sites

Most people often ask about the differences between a mobile betting site and a sports betting site. Each site version has its own share of challenges and advantages. A mobile betting site is much more flexible, accessible and convenient for users. The differences between mobile and standard betting sites exist based on the following points. 

  • User Interface
  • Button Size
  • Overall Functionality 
  • Special Features

The Reasons Behind The Popularity of Mobile Sports Betting

Sports betting is one of the most popular trends around the globe. It is an integral part of the global gambling industry and plays a vital role in growing it. Mobile sports betting is becoming mainstream today due to ‘N’ a number of reasons. In fact, the mobile betting industry is trying to take over the global gambling market. It is currently the fastest-growing sector around the world. Here are some of the reasons for the popularity of sports betting games

  • It’s Safe: These betting websites are safe and secure. You can quickly put your money on these websites. 
  • Exciting Rewards: These websites provide you with exciting rewards that can attract your attention quickly. 
  • Multiple Banking Options: With the multiple banking options, you can quickly transfer your funds to the game and earn good rewards. 
  • Anti-fraud platform: Mobile sports betting doesn’t promote fraud and data breaches and keeps the user’s financial and personal information confidential. 
  • Affordable and Accessible: These betting platforms are extremely economic as well as accessible and anyone can afford to have this to place their bets anytime they want.

Why is Mobile Sports Betting Famous in Different US States?

Things are changing quickly in the United States regarding legal online sports betting. The United States Supreme Court recently overturned the federal ban on sports betting, allowing each state to manage its own sports gambling markets and legislation. Since most sports betting sites are now mobile-friendly, an increasing number of bettors are taking advantage of the convenience of betting on sports from their Android or iOS devices.

As of January 2022, mobile sports betting in New York is permitted. Bettors may now download their preferred sportsbook through the app store or Google Play. All major sports may be wagered on because mobile sports betting app ideas are packaged versions of web services. Sports betting applications in New York allow you to wager on football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. 

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Benefits of Mobile Sports Betting 

Mobile sports betting allows users to gamble on their favorite sports. Sports betting offers plentiful benefits to both entrepreneurs and users. Here is the list of benefits you can get from our mobile sports betting platforms: 

Benefits of Mobile Sports Betting

1. Convenience

You may bet on any sport using a sports betting app. Users can place bets anywhere and at any point in time without any hindrance. In a nutshell, these applications are highly convenient for users. 

2. Simple Deposits & Withdrawals 

Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy because you only have to submit a few facts, such as the amount and desired payment method. There are no security concerns because all of your data is kept private. 

3. Wager Monitoring 

You can access your account via the mobile sports betting app even if you are not in front of your computer. You can check how much money you have in your account and keep track of all the best you’ve made. 

4. Security 

Security Professional sports betting app provides users with top-notch security protocols and standards so that they can easily monitor their accounts for any suspicious activity.

5. Push Notifications 

The mobile sports betting application provides users with upgraded and latest match updates in the form of push notifications, increasing overall engagement and interaction on the platform.

Best 5 Online Mobile Sports Betting Websites 2023

There are different types of iOS and Android-compatible online sports betting websites available out there in the market. However, only a few of them are ruling the market. And the reason is their unique features, security standards, exciting graphics, etc. Here is the list of the five best mobile sports betting sites in 2023: 

1. Caesars Sportsbook 

With a platform created expressly for ease of use, this app may be the most excellent option for individuals new to online betting, which is part of mobile sports betting in Louisiana. The most popular and vital activity is right on the homepage for users using the Caesars app, making it impossible to miss.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook 

FanDuel is one of the top mobile sports betting applications in the United States, with an easy-to-use, clean, and classy interface that meets all of your betting demands. Their game parlay option was the first to launch in the United States, making their live streaming feature even more valuable.

3. BetMGM

As one of the biggest names in online sports betting, BetMGM’s app is of the highest quality and embodies its classy brand. The most excellent app for betting on various sports, with competitive odds and a variety of markets and props.

4. Points bet

A sleek user experience that encapsulates everything the desktop site has to offer. After launching in Australia, PointsBet has upgraded its software for the US market, and it now offers a fantastic experience.

5. Bet Rivers

The BetRivers app is one of the best sports betting applications available, with live streaming, excellent odds, and great in-play betting markets. The main difference is that BetRivers has a separate app for each state it operates, so you can only get the app for your state.

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Cost to Develop Mobile Sports Betting Applications

Sports betting, sometimes known as gambling, is not a new concept in today’s world. People begin gambling or betting at a young age. The majority of gambling is done by sports fans who enjoy sports such as rugby, basketball, tennis, baseball, cricket, football, and various other games. Sports Betting Apps are also growing or increasing their demands over an increasing period. The cost of a betting app or any other type of mobile app is heavily dependent on several criteria; some of them are: 

Cost to develop mobile Sports betting
  • Designing a mobile app (UI/UX design)
  • The difficulty of designing for mobile devices.
  • The app’s more advanced features.
  • Experience as a mobile developer.
  • Advanced tech stack 
  • A platform for mobile technology (Android, IOS, or both)

The cost of establishing a sports betting app development ranges from $25,000 to $30,000. However, the cost we have mentioned earlier is not definite and may shoot up to $35k and even more, depending on various factors, including the complexity and seriousness of your project. 

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Final Words 

There is a scope for mobile sports betting in the market of gambling as it is constantly thriving in the most efficient manner. A mobile sports betting app helps you grow your sports betting business and take it to the next level. It will not only help you tap the untapped places of the market but also reach a global audience and generate a high level of income. If you are fascinated by the concept of mobile sports betting, we can help you leverage the same with end-to-end mobile sports betting software development solutions. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Long Does It Take To Develop A Sports Betting App?

It takes around two to three months to develop a feature-packed mobile sports betting application. However, the duration may go up depending on the type and complexity of the project. 

Q2. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Sports Betting Application?

It costs around $25k to $30k to develop a mobile betting app. However, the cost may shoot up depending on the below-mentioned factors: 
1. The complexity of the project 
2. Tech stack 
3. App size and type 
4. Location of the developers 

Q3. Do you Provide Customized Mobile Betting App Development Services?

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