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How Much Does It Cost to Develop Sports Betting App?

Sports Betting
Feb 08, 2024
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sports betting api cost

Betting is a traditional activity for those who have been doing it for many decades. In the 21st century, although it has been transformed completely by sports betting app developers, people’s craze has not changed a bit. It has been more advanced, or we can say sophisticated worldwide and people can place their bets with a few taps of buttons via smartphones.

As per the current statistics, there is a huge upsurge in the online market volume of betting predicted to reach $51.96 billion by the end of the year. Gambling or betting is the most famous in American and European continents as there are still some nations that have not legalized sports betting yet.

If you are also thinking to develop an app for sports betting, have a glance here to know more about its features and cost to develop a sports betting app based on several factors.

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Overview of Sports Betting Application

A betting application will permit you to bet on all sports or your favorite one if you are using the betting site in the web browser directly. Sports Betting Website Development Company has provided us with various renowned sports betting apps and provides numerous benefits to users. 

Users can bet on Football, Cricket, Kabaddi, Horse Racing, Golf, Tennis, Basketball, etc., via these applications. If you have access to the internet and a smart device, you can bet through real money wagers.

Sports Betting App Development Cost in 2024

If you are a young entrepreneur and want to know How much it costs to develop a sports betting app then quickly have a tour of it. 

To develop a sports betting app, you need the combined efforts of several experts and professionals. Here they are-

  • Project manager
  • Business analyst
  • 1-2 Android developers
  • 1-2 iOS developers
  • UI/UX designers
  • QA engineer
  • Back-end developers 

To create a mobile app, you must select an appropriate tech stack. Below are the technology requirements for creating a betting app-

  • Framework and Libraries- Paysafe, Fabric, FCM, Google Places
  • Programming Languages- Kotlin, Swift, JavaScript, Java
  • Testing- Crashlytics, Gitlab, Confluence, Jira
  • Database & Cloud Storage- HBase, MongoDB, AWS, Cassandra

Provide multi-language support in your sports betting website development for users who are in different regions. Moreover, there are other essential elements that can affect the sports betting app’s overall price.

So, we can say that the leading mobile app development companies estimated cost of building a sports betting app will range from $30,000 to $40,000.

The cost to develop sports betting app estimation is done by considering developers, app designers, and platforms that can differ as per the countries. 

  • India — $15 -$80 / Hour
  • Eastern Europe — $20 -$150 / Hour
  • North America — $50 -$250 / Hour
  • Western Europe — $30 -$175 / Hour
  • Australia — $50 -$150 / Hour

Development of a Sports Betting App

Take a look at some of the vital steps for sports betting app development. Consider these below-mentioned things to give the project a better start-

1. Enough Details About Betting

The app must include pertinent details about the betting and the cautions to take for the involved risks in the betting. It will be beneficial to the newbies who recently joined the app or who lose their money.

2. Adequate Game Policies

Responsible game policies are one of the essential factors to make a weekly or monthly deposit. The betting software providers must also include those underage and minor gamblers who should be banned from signing in to the betting app. 

3. Amazing UI/UX

Make your sports betting application with a stunning and easily navigable UI and UX interface. It will help users navigate the app easily, get info, and understand the game rules’ terms and conditions.

4. Custom Betting Platform

Management like custom sports betting platforms will provide info about the number of customization needed by app owners. It depicts the management of payouts and bets, and observing the real-time odd alterations, etc. 

5. No Compromise With the Security

Sports betting comprises so much money, and it is a security concern. Hence, you have to offer strong and fortified security to app users without any compromise. All the transactions should be properly safe, and users should choose to withdraw their cash without a problem.

Key Features of Sports Betting Applications

Firstly, take a look at these must-have advanced features in sports betting or a cricket betting application.

Key Features of Sports Betting Applications

1. Registration and Login

To interact with the app, users have to sign up via the app. They can do it by using their phone number or email address. After sign-up, they have to login into the app. Also, provide ‘logout’ and ‘forgot password’ features to make your app user-friendly. 

2. Make a Wager

It is good to add a proper search system to help navigate via the programs. Permit the users to decide the picks and bet amount.

3. List of Wagers

Users can filter the wager’s list as per their status, date, etc. It should also include a suggestion system to check the recommendation list as per the player’s previous activities.

4. Menu

The menu should add a ‘Rules’ screen for players to provide gambling policies. The sports betting app needs the capability to get in touch with managers if needed.

5. Wallet

Add an easy wallet feature to permit players to include their credit card details and top up the account. It is essential to offer a chance to eliminate the cards and include many. 

6. Notifications

Hire sports betting app developers to provide features to notify users about new wagers and other modifications. It also drives better user engagement and makes them use your app more.    

Advanced Features of Sports Betting Apps

Apart from these, there are various features as per the two different panels. They are as follows-

The User Panel

  • Sign-in or login the app
  • Choice of selecting player and sport
  • Watch live matches 
  • Details about every player
  • Better interaction with other users 
  • Complete guide about- How to bet? 
  • Selecting betting model
  • Different payment gateways
  • Final position and rank
  • Multi-lingual 
  • Information about match schedules
  • Different betting categories
  • Multi-languages support
  • Offline and online betting

The Admin Panel 

  • Sign-up Procedure
  • User Management 
  • Getting inputs from bookies
  • Payment management and reward with content 

Different Types of Sports Betting

As one of the most popular and biggest games globally, sports betting has different sorts of sports betting in the market for its users. Have a look at them-

Different Types of Sports Betting

1. Crypto eSports Betting

Various top-notch sports betting script providers and bookmakers are available in the market that offers a broad range of amazing features for crypto eSports betting. These features are known as trading wells with proper authorization.    

Also Read: Crypto Sports Betting Software Development Cost & Features

2. Blockchain Sports Betting

Sports betting software providers include this as a proper solution for sports lovers. It permits players to put money against the other players and provide numerous custodial services.

3. Money-line Betting

It is the most general sports betting type and is referred to as the win bet. It comprises a quick and easy pick of matches and game-winning that makes this game preferable.   

4. Straight Bets

Several sports fans have played this type of sports betting. People make it a priority when they play basketball or football. It is the most famous bet made by sports lovers.

5. Bitcoin Sports Betting

It is now getting the best possible market with people adopting cryptocurrencies. It provides better welcome bonuses to its new visitors.

Revenue Model of Sports Betting Apps

It is a time when sharp gamblers and sophisticated bookmakers are ruling the gaming market. As a betting strategy to make money, betting sites modify the odds betting API to provide betting opinions to the public.

Still, their priority always remains to stop the sharp bettors from performing well.

If the odds are launched, the sharp gamblers will bet big amounts to form and move the odds. Adjusting the odds in the best possible way to get a 50% contribution in betting action can be suitable for sports betting software providers– it is not true at all.

The sharp bettors bet more money in comparison to general users. A bookmaker can’t describe moving a line if the public is striking one side, but sharps are all around. It is called reverse line movement. 

Sports betting apps don’t want sports bettors to win because their purpose is to bind the amount sharps can win off of them via generating exact lines. The squares bet on the odds and also lose like always.

It is their way to make money via best sports betting apps except providing in-app purchases to users.

Final Words

From the last few years, sports betting apps provide us with new opportunities for both the app user and owner in different possible ways. It provides lots of money to users, but it is also helping in generating good revenues for the business.

The cost of sports betting app development can give you a headache due to technological advancement and continuous increases in the on-demand for sports betting apps. But still, If you also want a prominent White label Sportsbook Software Provider, then look no further than BR Softech.

We will provide you with feature-rich apps at a pocket-friendly price. Our professional team will guide you at every step of sports app development. Get in touch with our company for more details. 

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Is sports betting a profitable business?

Ans. If we look at the market statistics, sports betting is one of the most profitable industries in the world. However, to launch a profitable business, an operator must create efficient monetization strategies to penetrate the industry. 

Q.2 Which is the most popular sport to bet on?

Ans. Different regions bet on different sports. If we are talking about the USA, the NFL is the sport that receives the most bets.

Q.3 Do you provide customized sports betting app development solutions?

Ans. Yes, we provide highly personalized sports betting app development solutions that are bespoke and tailored to the client’s requirements.

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