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Sports Betting

Betting Management Software Providers: An Ultimate Guide

written by Nitin Garg | Dec 14, 2022
betting management software

Wouldn’t it be great if sports betting management software could help you grow your business? We will tell you something you should consider. 

You know what kinds of challenges you face as a bookie providing sports wagering services to discriminating clients. Customers have the option of finding an online outlet that accepts bets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if they so wish.

Moreover, they have a wide range of betting options available to them. Online bookie software offers a lot of conveniences, so if you are still doing business the “old-fashioned way,” you will have a hard time keeping up. It is often impossible to stop once you start.

What Kind of Bet Management Software Do Bookies Use?

Bookies use offshore companies that provide pay-per-head software. In addition to Bet Management Software for players, a call center, and accounting software for bookies, these per-head sites provide agents with a complete turnkey solution.

PAY-PER-HEAD Software for sports betting will also provide you with the following additional benefits:

  • In addition to saving manpower, the gambling software takes care of most of the tasks that previously had to be done by employees.
  • You can also save money. In addition, time is money, so if you’ve got more time for the things that expand the business – like gaining more customers – you’re going to win in other ways as well.
  • At a fraction of the cost of the sportsbooks in Vegas and around the world, you will have access to the same software
  • 24/7, 365 days a year, Player and Agent support.
  • All winnings are kept by bookies since they charge a low flat fee of $10 per head.
  • A virtual and live betting casino along with hundreds of betting options are included in one price.

The Pay Per Head concept is based on this principle. No matter how small or how large a shop may be, it is essential for its operation.

  • Aside from being state-of-the-art, it is also highly advanced
  • You will be using it to manage the “back end” of your business, so it should be simple enough for your customers to place bets through it.

Pay-per-Head Betting Management Software

So For sports betting software development to be considered a significant advantage, what features should it have?

  • As mentioned, your players will be placing their bets right through it, so it should be easy to navigate. You will lose business if it is tough to figure out, as they will want to leave the site or may miss something that should have been obvious to them.

Keeping in mind that if you run a betting business of substantial volume, the gambling software will not only handle the wagers themselves, but your customers might also be able to view the odds in real-time so they can refer to them when placing wagers by phone, through the call centre the PPH sportsbook provider can provide.

For all of this to be possible, there needs to be a great line of service that offers a strong menu of options, and that is integrated with the bookmaking software via a real-time feed. In this business, as in many others, the consumer is king, and you must be sensitive to their needs.

There is no doubt that you should provide players with as much choice as possible in terms of:

  • The sides and totals
  • The propositions
  • More on futures

Sports coverage for a wide range of interests; provided you’re willing to handle that level of variety.

However, if that’s not your thing, the best betting management software provider also allows you to reduce the number of options. 

Benefits Of Betting Management Software

  • Suppose you run a traditional “shop.” You receive calls at your “office.” One of your clerks has to go over your entire schedule with the customer.
  • Record keeping requires other people to do it, so there is always a chance you’ll make an error and lose money, customers, or both. 
  • This adds to the task of managing employees since you are now spending time managing employees instead of serving customers effectively. Isn’t it also possible to do without the paper trail?
  • Do any of these make sense when you can do it better and differently? That’s impossible, of course.
  • What if you could increase your productivity with the same equipment that pros use while minimizing exposure and mistakes?

Features of a Betting Management Software

Features of a Betting Management Software

1. Game Management

The sports betting software must incorporate various types of sports and not be limited to a particular one. Proper game management in one place will allow the bookmakers to properly observe and manage all the bets efficiently.

2. Odds Management

Odds are provided by third-party APIs like BetRadar. They can be updated manually by the admin. There are various factors that can affect the odds of a bet, like a major injury to a key player, weather conditions, etc. The app must allow the bookmakers to modify the odds at every step of the workflow, as well as a full manual control when creating the odds for a specific match. 

3. Risk Management

The betting software must be incorporated with a set of rules to handle risk management efficiently. Irregular client activity, improperly set odds, and unfair client advantages are some of the things to look out for. Risk thresholds can be set manually by the bookie to automatically identify and check bets for potential risks. After the authorization process, the bet can either be accepted or discarded. 

4. Payment Management

A safe and secure payment gateway is essential for every betting app. There should be a wide variety of options available that allow users to transfer funds from and to their e-wallet. Various payment options include PayPal, credit or debit cards, bank transfers, etc. Payment management allows the admin to monitor all the transactions performed via the betting software. The admin can either choose to accept or decline payment with the help of this feature. 

5. Client Management

Client Management functions allow users to create an account, wager and bet, receive their earnings, and withdraw the available funds. The player management system tracks user activity and makes sure the player adheres to responsible gaming standards. 

6. Marketing Management

It is important that your betting app attracts and retains a large user base. A proper marketing strategy management system that is customized to attract players through marketing campaigns across various media on the internet. Player retention can be obtained by additional achievement rewards, and referral rewards, which encourage users to invest time in the betting app. 

Our High-End Panels of Sports Betting Management Software

1. The Panel of the Player

Designed with easy navigation in mind, the sports betting player panel is easy to use. Users can create an account or profile, check live feeds and scores, receive notifications about results, get betting tips, make in-store purchases, and use virtual currency to make purchases.

  • Managing accounts
  • Feeds in real-time
  • Tips for betting
  • Rewards & Bonuses
  • Notifications via push
  • Navigation is easy

2. Panel of Bookies

Bookmaker accounts, user management systems, calendars and schedules, and odds from major bookies are included in the sports betting app and software.

  • Dashboard dedicated to each client
  • Odds in real-time
  • Management of accounts
  • Support for customers
  • Calendars & Schedules
  • Notifications via push

3. Panel for Administrators

Using the Admin panel, you can monitor the game, risk, payment, player accounts, marketing, and finance for your sports betting platform.

  • Management of finances
  • Dashboard for admins
  • In addition, marketing is important
  • Bet management
  • Support for customers
  • Managing risks

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How to Choose the Best Bookie Management Software?

If you are a bookmaker, you will have to pick the best betting management software for the smooth functioning of your betting business. The bookie management software is essential for managing various aspects of the business like odds, payments, clients, marketing, etc. Here are some most common factors that will help you choose the betting software most suitable for you-

Best Bookie Management Software?

1. Features

While choosing a bet management software, make sure to look for features that help you facilitate a safe betting environment. The features of the software are essential for the smooth functioning of your sportsbook. Moreover, useful features like odds management, bet management, and risk management are essential for the sports betting business. 

2. Variety of Sports

Make sure the management software covers all the major sports that are available in your sportsbook. It is essential that your software grants the ability to modify and tweak all the sports and matches so the bookie can properly manage and monitor the bets on each game. Moreover, you can also include casino games in your software to increase your user base significantly. 

3. Security

A bookie management software consists of the financial information of all the customers. It is essential that you acquire the software from a reliable software provider that ensures security and high-risk management. Make sure that the management software is safe and secure so all the financial information of your users is safe and sound. It can be detrimental to your business if the user’s personal information is leaked due to a security breach. 

4. Reviews from other Bookmakers

Before purchasing anything, you read the user reviews of the product to ensure you are buying the right thing. Similarly, you should read reviews from other bookmakers to get a general idea about the software and the betting management software service provider. Try to study the reviews and learn as much as you can about the software like pricing, features, benefits, and more. You can easily search for a reliable service provider and software by reading the user as well as bookie reviews. 

5. Integrated Software

While choosing a bookie management software, you should always go for an option that integrates everything beforehand so you don’t have to do it manually. Make sure to choose a reliable Pay-per-head Software that allows various benefits like setting odds, solving user queries, offering games, etc. PPH software providers also offer several plans for clients with different goals and budgets. You can choose the plan most suitable for you if you are tight on the budget. 

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Development Cost of Betting Management Software  

The cost of developing betting software depends on the number of features that you include in the software. If you focus on building software that has high-end performance and acts as the leading software in the market, you have to invest a good amount of capital. Let’s look at the development cost of betting management software development

Cost of Betting Management Software

Field Cost ($)
Designers60 – 240
Engineers50 – 130
Developers60 – 240
Documentation cost800 – 4000
User interface1200 – 6000
MVP Testing1600 – 8000
Bug fixing and polishing800 – 4000
Total Cost5000 – 10000

These are some significant costs included in the sports betting software development process. Moreover, the cost may vary if you include more features and benefits inside the software. Let’s have a look at the final thoughts. 

A bookmaking operation may already exist in your company. Another possibility is that you haven’t yet entered the industry. Regardless of the situation, pay-per-head software has a lot of advantages.

Final Thoughts 

People are crazed about betting, which has prompted the development of white-label management software. Businesses and individuals can make money through retail sports betting software developed by BR Softech. It is possible to establish a successful betting business with the help of retail betting management software development.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. What is the development cost of a Betting Management Software?

The development cost of creating a betting management software is dependent on various factors. On average, betting management software with basic functionalities can cost up to $5000 to $10,000. 

Q. How to pick the best betting management software?

There are certain features that every betting management software must have. Some features to look out for are game management, odds management, CRM, risk management, etc.

Q. What are the benefits of a betting management software?

There are various benefits of a betting management software like- it helps is keeping records of user activity on your betting platform, it provides security, and has a user-friendly interface.

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