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Hospital Management Software Development Cost & Features

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Mar 25, 2024
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Hospital Management Software

Are you looking to develop a hospital management system for your medical institution? If yes, you are on the right page! Here you will learn various aspects of the hospital management system software including its features and advantages that will help you make wise decisions.

Today, hospitals and medical institutions are suffering from many challenges. Most of them are facing an operational crisis, underperforming bureaucracy, the omnipresence of hospitals, and outdated managerial practices. All these factors affect the working efficiency of institutions and lead to high running costs. To come up with all these issues, there is only one solution, reliable hospital management software. This efficient computer software system ensures a smooth operation of the medical institution helps reduce operational costs and refines workflow.

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Without wasting any further time, let’s dive into the blog to explore different aspects and know what a hospital management system is.

What is a Hospital Management System?

A hospital management system is a computer system software that ensures the smooth management of healthcare information and helps in the seamless operation of the hospital and medical institutions in order to improve workflow efficiency and reduce operational costs. Here is the following data which is managed by a reliable hospital management software system:

  • Clinical Management
  • Financial Management
  • Laboratory Management
  • Inpatient Management
  • Inventory Control
  • Nursing Management
  • Pharmaceutical Management
  • Radiology Management
  • Pathology lab
  • Outpatient Management
  • Operation theatre Management

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Features of a Hospital Management System Software

Features of Hospital Management Software
Features of Hospital Management Software

A hospital management system software brings various features that are beneficial for a hospital in many ways. Let’s look at the top-notch features of the HMS software:

1. Patient Registration

An HMS system ensures efficient patient registration through the portal which eliminates most of the paperwork and reduces the registration time.

2. Insurance Processing

The information of insurance particulars of the patients are stored in the portal and is used to process insurance claims.

3. Billing

With the HMS system, receptionists can easily generate bills with pre-feed data that reduces both the patient as well as managerial time.

4. Appointment Scheduling

One of the best features of this hospital management system is the scheduling of doctor appointments for effective consultations.

5. Patient System

Efficient management of patient records that consist of information like patient registration, medicine info, prescriptions, operation surgery history, previous visits, and more.

6. Laboratory Management

The HMS system helps in managing laboratory particulars for seamless laboratory operations and improves laboratory workflow. This includes handling various operations like patient sample collection information, sample tracking, test results management and QA.

7. Payment Processing

Ensuring a fuss-free payment processing and tracking system in management software for managing hospital business for a hassle-free experience for both the hospital and the patients.

8. EHR Access

The hospital software for management also helps in accessing electronic health records that contain various health records of patients making it easier for the institution and the doctors to retrieve patient data, notes and other various information that is helpful in analysis.

9. Financial Management

Handling the financial data of a hospital is a challenging task as there are many transactions processed. The HMS system software eases the process of managing financial information which can be accessed anytime within seconds.

10. Digital Medical Records

A reliable HMS system for hospitals creates a digital medical record for all the patients right from their registration in the hospital. This information builds up progressively and information about the patients is stored in the digital medical records section of the portal like previous medical history, surgery, operations, current illness, and more.

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11. Telemedicine

One of the most prominent features of the hospital management system is the telemedicine. It is useful for patients who cannot make it up to the hospital due to certain reasons or complications where a designated medical practitioner is assigned to the patient and the communication between both is established via teleconferencing and remote virtual meetings.

12. Facility Management

With this feature, the hospitals can control their resources, check the staff work, lower the equipment downtime, and optimize the supply chain system of the institution. Additionally, everything is digital in the hospital software for management instead of the traditional paperwork methods.

13. Data Analytics

The HMS software for hospitals for hospital allows for data analytics and tracking to determine any errors and reduce them for seamless business operations. It also allows healthcare service providers to better understand the procedures and detect performance and accurate analysis of financial statistics.

14. Staff Management

One of the top features of the HMS system software is that it provides a robust way to manage and control the hospital staff. The portal contains information related to the staff like their designation, department, assigned task, and other details associated with the staff. A concrete method to control the staff in a single place virtually.

15. Pharmacy Management

It is a feature highly useful for big hospitals that have multiple pharmacies. This hospital management system ensures effective control over multiple pharmacies and manages their inventories. Also, the HMS system software takes care of GST, billing, invoices, drug billing blockage, medicine batch tracking, and more.

16. Supply Management

Hospitals can easily monitor, track, and manage their inventory stocks, supplies of medical equipment, machinery, one-time-use equipment, biomedical pieces, and other various medical supplies in a single HMS system platform.

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Advantages of Hospital Management Software

Advantages of the Hospital Management Software
Advantages of the Hospital Management Software

Hospital management software system brings various benefits along with it. We have created a list of the top 10 advantages of hospital management system software that is beneficial for hospital institutions.

1. Improved Workflow

An HMS system for management smoothens the business working and ensures seamless operation of the medical institution by reducing operational time and enhancing patient experience by digitizing the workflow.

2. Reduced operational costs and workload

When unnecessary tasks are removed from the process of any business, the workload is reduced and the overall efficiency of the business improves. The same applies to hospitals. Hospitals with robust HMS software see reduced operational costs and improved productivity.

3. Better Patient Experience

The HMS software for hospitals improves consistency, and scalability, and overall improves the patient experience and ensures smooth healthcare operations. Patients can view their medical diagnosis data, and track their treatment process without the need of going to check it physically. Apart from this, the HMS system software prevents operation delays and removes redundancy.

4. Improved Patient Care

Reliable software for managing a hospital provides improved patient care through various things like report tracking, view diagnosis, doctor prescriptions, total cost of operation and surgery, and several other information that deliver convenience to the patients and their caretakers.

5. Efficient Revenue Management

With everything in a single place, you can manage the hospital revenue generated calendar-wise like day, weekly, monthly and custom dates.

6. Data Protection

With various advantages, the HMS system managing software also brings you complete data protection methods. The software protects the user and institution data including sensitive information related to financial data, personal information of the patients and staff, and more by keeping them as encrypted medical records. These data are protected by multi-layered security protocols.

7. Streamlined Operations

The hospital management system software streamlines the hospital operation by eliminating unnecessary and repetitive activities in a process to make things run more efficiently and effectively. The main objective is to enhance business efficiency and improve productivity.

8. Reduction in Errors

When the workflow is automated, manual tasks are reduced and so are the errors. The software for hospital management ensures minimal flaws there is the least manual work involved.

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What is the Cost of Hospital Management Software?

Why choose brsoftech for hospital management software
Why choose brsoftech for hospital management software

Cost is one of the deciding factors when looking to develop hospital management software. As there are various steps involved in the hospital management software development process, the cost of developing the same is also on the higher side. But this isn’t a hundred per cent true. There are various factors on which the HMS system development cost depends. To give you a rough idea, the average cost to build a hospital management software ranges between $15000 and $25000. Share the details with an HMS software company to know the exact cost estimation for your project.

The development cost of HMS system software depends on the following factors:

  • Skills and experience level of the developers
  • Location of the developers
  • Programming language and Tech stack
  • Features and functionality of the software
  • Complexity level of the project
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Why Choose BR Softech to Develop a Hospital Management Software?

BR Softech is a renowned Hospital management software development company that has long-standing experience in the industry. We have skilled professionals who are well versed in working with the latest tools and technologies and have in-depth knowledge of HMS software and its working that help them deliver top-level HMS software solutions that are integrated with class-leading functionality and features.

If you are someone interested in developing a reliable and credible hospital management system software to enhance your institution’s workflow and reduce operational costs, contact us now to take your hospital business to the next level. Hire our developers and get the best benefits:

  • Round-the-clock client support
  • Latest technology stack
  • Highly skilled developers
  • Innovative HMS software for hospitals at economical rates
  • Highly customized development solutions
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Help Section (FAQs)

Q. What is a hospital management system?

Ans. It is a computer system software that helps the hospital and medical professionals to manage clinical documents, diagnostic data, patient records, and other healthcare data in a single place reducing time, effort, and money to ensure a smooth business operation and workflow.

Q. How much time does it take to create a hospital management system?

Ans. It takes around two to three months to build an HMS software with optimum functionality.

Q. What are the components of HMS?

Ans. The 5 major key components of HMS software are:

  • Patient management
  • Staff management
  • Appointment schedulings
  • Invoice and Insurance processing
  • Inventory management

Q. What is the importance of HMS?

Ans. A reliable HMS system software builds healthy communication between patients and medical institutions to reduce operational time and enhance patient experience.

Q. How to develop a hospital management website?

Ans. Here is the process for developing a hospital management system website:

  • Analyse the demand in the target market.
  • Examine the challenges.
  • Select the best type of HMS system.
  • Choose an optimum range of features for your HMS software system.
  • Conceptualise the Design and UI/UX interface.
  • Develop the website and make it live.

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