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All You Need To Know About Online Casino Tournament

written by Admin | Oct 20, 2021

Online casino tournaments are emerging as one of the most effective marketing trends in the online gambling business sector.

Various gambling websites organize RTG casino tournaments regularly. According to research, the global online gambling market will elevate to $480 million with a CAGR of 13.2% by 2026.

If you’re also looking to jump on the bandwagon of organizing casino tournaments online then you’ve come to the right place.

This article will tackle all your queries and doubts regarding an online casino tournament

What is an Online Casino Tournament?

Although, a casino tournament online is a self-explanatory term. It allows various casinos to host casino games at one place in the form of a tournament. 

Naturally, as with all other competitions out there, they offer amazing prizes to the runner-ups and best players. Here, players make a purchase, say, $ 100 and receive $ 25,000 in poker chips.

However, those poker chips are only used for playing an online casino poker tournament. At the end of the tournament, the last remaining player or a few of them receive a portion of the total prize money according to the rules set by the tournament.

Likewise, online casinos also organize video slot tournaments. The player who ends up being the most successful at a given time gets extra prize money or free spins to spend on their favorite video slots.

There are many casino tournaments out there, and the details of each tournament vary from casino to casino, so be sure to ask the casino staff for details before deciding to participate.

Following are the most played online casino games in every tournament:

Factors Accelerating the Growth of Online Casino Tournament


In this section, we’ll learn about the factors that contributed to the growth of online casino slot tournaments:

1. Big Rewards for Small Bets

One of the main reasons that are attracting people to play online tournaments is that players can get rewards for small investments. For example, you can start playing some casino tournaments for a few dollars and get whooping money awards if you win.

Various casino tournaments provide tables for small wagers which are a great advantage for beginners or people looking to get a grasp of casino gaming. Playing on smaller bets attracts more people because it feels satisfactory to win big money on smaller investments.

2. Live Gaming

This is another reason which makes RTG casino tournaments a ‘hot potato’ among online gamblers. Being a live platform, players look towards such tournaments as an astonishing opportunity to showcase their skills and talent. 

Casino tournaments help potential holders or sponsors to catch the insights of winning and talented players. They invite such players to live tournaments, these tournaments are powered by various high-profile sponsors or you can also consider them as millionaires. Therefore, players are highly paid in online casino slot tournaments.

3. Highly Flexible

Irrespective of geographical limitations, online casino tournaments allow players to win a larger amount of money with the flexibility of playing from anywhere and even from the comfort of their homes.

For example, if you’re living in India then you have to visit Las Vegas or other casino sites to play the tournaments. Hence, indulging in an online tournament saves time, efficiency, and money. Moreover, as compared to land-based casinos, women consider online casino tournaments because they involve fewer crowds with minimum bets.

4. Small Registration Fee

All of the gambling platforms charge a certain registration fee with some percentage. While playing poker in a casino, you’ll have to submit some fees while placing a bet or withdrawing the winning amount. 

However, in the case of casino tournaments, you’ll have to pay to the casino while buying some chips for a table. Although, some bigger-scale tournaments charge higher amounts to cover up expenditures like publicity fees, etc.

Still, if you plunge into playing an online casino tournament with a registration fee of 1000$, they won’t charge you more than 50$. It is common for most online casinos to charge you a certain percentage whenever you deposit or withdraw a prize. 

If you choose to play poker in a gambling game, the casino will charge you a small amount of money whenever you place your bet or win a hand.

5. Easy Money

With the penetration of smartphones and an increase in access to the internet, online gambling games are available to many newbies and gambling professionals. These tournaments offer a great chance to win big rewards over different games without applying much effort. 

Even if you play games on smaller bets, you can still generate monthly income by winning small or medium tournaments. Most beginners are not aware of some of the key techniques used by experts, which means you can easily overcome them as an expert.

Types of Casino Tournaments Online

Types of casino Tournaments

In this subsection, we’ll learn about the types of casino tournaments that anyone can play. 

1. Free Roll Tournaments

Freeroll tournaments are the most common format of casino competitions, where players don’t need to pay any amount for the entry fees and they still have the opportunity to win real rewards.

A variety of online gambling websites offer these tournaments. In freeroll tournaments, poker and slots are highly competitive games and they are free to join as well. Hence, these tournaments garner a larger number of players looking to try their luck.

2. Guaranteed Tournaments

A guaranteed tournament offers a promised prize amount independently irrespective of the total number of players who have joined it. Logically, the lesser the number of players, the bigger are the chances of winning a prize.

3. Sit-and-Go

The Sit and go online casino tournaments start when certain conditions get fulfilled such as the minimum number of players required to play the game have signed into the tournaments. 

These tournaments don’t have any specific time or date for this, but when the table is full, the competition will start. The waiting time is also short, just as given to a player in the Microgaming network.

4. Scheduled

The scheduled tournaments are organized at a specific time and given date. It is important to pre-register to play these games and any player on the Microgaming network can also sign up for these games.

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How Does a Casino Tournament Work?

Now you might be thinking about how an online casino tournament works.

Let’s proceed further to understand their work process.

Once a user registers with an entry fee, the casino organizers will provide you with a certain number of chips to start playing the game. After getting the chips, players gamble using those chips against their competitors.

Mostly, casino tournaments lay their emphasis on a single game, either you can plunge into blackjack or a slots tournament, but you cannot switch from game to game till the end of the tournament. Furthermore, while playing slot tournaments, a player cannot switch to another slot machine. 

Why Do Casino Tournaments and Gamification Go Hand in Hand?


The online casino tournament is considered one of the successful examples of gamification. However, online casino game development companies in USA have been experimenting with new techniques for a decade to enhance the game content and hook more players to it. 

In 2012, a casino game named Casumo Casino became a best-seller because of the gamification which gave a compelling feel to the players with new concepts like the story, and different goals for each character. 

Since then, various casino tournaments have adopted the technique of gamification. Usually, a casino game includes different life characters to meet the gamification standards. Despite game elements, the online casinos follow an interesting storyline that players explore while completing certain missions and goals in the tournament.

Gamification empowers the overall aura of the casino tournament and ensures that the player has a comprehensive mission to follow the game story and once completed, the player gets ample satisfaction for the efforts he/she has made to complete that mission. 

How BR Softech Can Help You Develop Online Casino Game Tournaments?

Now that you have a full understanding of what an online casino game tournament is and how it can benefit you to boost your online casino game business. It is not an easy task to develop an online casino game tournament as it requires custom coding. 

BR Softech tends to offer top-notch casino game tournament services to its users with unparalleled features and caters to specific client requirements. Connect with us today to get the delivery of industry-leading online casino game tournaments.  


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