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How Do you Start your Own Online Ludo Gaming App Business?

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 31, 2022
How Do you Start your Own Online Ludo Gaming App Business

Ludo is one of the most popular games that has been played for over a decade. The ludo first originated in India and got its name from England in 1896. Earlier, people used to play board games like ludo for fun with their friends and family members. The charm of ludo is still the same. During Covid-19, when people were forced to remain in their homes, online Ludo mobile game apps like Ludo King and Ludo SuperStar became the most popular source of entertainment for people who played it as a favourite pastime. 

With the increasing popularity of online Ludo game applications, the game also opened doors for gaming business entrepreneurs to invest in the online ludo gaming app businesses. Many entrepreneurs invested heavily to develop their own ludo mobile game apps to leverage the power of this popularity and generate great revenues. If you are fascinated by the ludo game app development and want to develop your own ludo gaming app, we have got you covered! 

In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know before starting your own online ludo gaming app business, including features, cost, facts, trends and much more. 

What is Online Ludo? 

Online Ludo is a platform that allows players from across the globe to come and compete with each other. The online ludo is the straightforward and easy-to-play game that provides a wide range of options to play. Through the platform, you can play with friends, strangers or computer-generated players. 

Ludo Game Facts That You Must Know 

  • The Ludo board game first originated in India, and the game is played by Mughal Emperors of India. 
  • At the time of its origination, the ludo game was known as Pachisi in India, where real people used to act as pieces of a ludo game to play in large open spaces. 
  • The ludo game is the most beloved board game across the world. It is widely accepted and appreciated by people worldwide. 
  • Onlin ludo game dice is based on an algorithm and it works randomly. 
  • The winning probability of an online ludo game depends on your strategy and not on luck. It is a strategy based game, where you need to put your mind to win. 

Future of Online Ludo Business

When it comes to the popularity of ludo, we can say that ludo is the most nostalgic game till now. We all have played ludo at least once in our lifetime. During the pandemic, when everything migrated to online platforms, online ludo game apps boomed in the market, and made it a highly profitable business among entrepreneurs. The future of online ludo business seems very bright. With a unique concept, outstanding features and visual realism, you can also make your online ludo business cut above the rest like Ludo King. 

  • Board games like Ludo and snakes & ladders are extremely famous among people worldwide. Ludo is the most relaxing and fun game, which makes it a favourable pastime for people. Digitalization made online ludo games trending in the gaming world. 
  • Online ludo games are easy-to-play games that can be played anywhere and at any point of time, making it a highly preferable game. 
  • With the emergence of board games apps like Ludo King, people played online ludo games to bring back old school vibes. This also made online ludo game applications a trend.

Steps to Start An Online Ludo Game Business in India

Just like any other business, if you want to start your own online ludo game business, you need to follow some of the crucial steps, including research, target set, budget plan, etc. Let’s discuss those steps in depth: 

Steps to Start An Online Ludo Game Business in India
Steps Description 
Research Before you start your own ludo game business, make sure to research well about the potential of the gaming market. Know about the competitors, opportunities and weaknesses well. 
Set your Target Audience It is very important to set your target audience when it comes to starting your online ludo game business. Decide what types of players you want to entice on your platform. Your target audience can be adults, kids, or elderly people. 
Set Budget Set a budget and allocate it across multiple segments required in online ludo game app development. Budget will help you limit your expenses. 
Select Software Select a suitable ludo game software that supports your ludo game application. Following this, create game content and choose features that attract players on the platform for longer duration.
Choose Software Provider There are a wide range of ludo game development companies available in the market. Make sure to select a highly proficient and experienced company that has years of knowledge in the field of mobile game development and knows how to build unique online ludo software. 
Legal Process To start an online ludo game business, one needs to go through the legal procedure including GST registration. Make sure to complete all the legal formalities before you launch your online ludo gaming platform. 
Promotion and Marketing To launch and create hype in the market, you need to run a lot of digital marketing campaigns and advertisements regarding your online ludo game business. This will help you attract a lot of customers worldwide. 
Customer Support Customers are the king of business. Make sure to provide customers with seamless and hassle-free gameplay by providing instant replies to queries or issues related to the game. Make sure to provide them with a safe and exciting gameplay experience. 

If you are looking to develop your own ludo mobile game apps, 

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What Makes a Mobile Game App Like Ludo King Profitable?

Whenever you invest a huge amount of money in a business, the first thing that comes to your mind must be ROI. Now you must be wondering about how apps like Ludo King make money? To give you a clear picture, we have listed some of the crucial factors that proves online ludo game business a highly profitable business: 

Model of Ad Management 

Many business owners use third party websites or platforms to maintain a constant flow of adverts to great amounts of revenue. Mobile Game Apps like Ludo King make huge profits through third-party adverts. 

Refer and Earn Model 

Refer and earModel of Ad Management n can generate a lot of traffic on your gaming platform. Ludo King app also uses this model to attract more people and generate a great amount of money through the platform. 

In-App Purchases Model

In-App purchases allow administrators to earn great profit from gaming applications. Players purchase points or credits to make their profile top-ranked, which ultimately contribute to additional in-app purchases, increasing revenue of the administrator. 

Features of Online Ludo Game Applications

Features of Online Ludo Game Applications

There are plentiful features of online ludo gaming websites and applications that help both admins and players to operate in a seamless manner. The features are broadly classified into two categories, i.e., Admin Panel Feature, and Player Panel Feature. 

Admin Panel Feature Description 
Dashboard Through this feature, admins can manage all operations from a single platform. 
Push Notifications Through this feature admin handles the push notifications that are made for users to increase their engagement and retention. 
User Management and Reports Admin manages user reports and their experiences. 
Payment Management This feature helps admins manage users transactions and their in-game currency. 
Rewards and Achievement Through this feature, admins manage users’ rewards, points and achievements. 
Manage sub admins Largely played games like Ludo require more admins. This feature allows managers to handle sub-admins. 
Revenue Management Through this feature, admins can manage overall performance while reviewing app earnings. 
Player Panel Feature Description 
Sign upUsing this feature, players need to register themselves on the platform using their contact number, Email ID or social media handle. 
Chat Feature Chat feature allows players to communicate and interact with each other. 
Multiple-mode FeatureThis feature allows players to play ludo games in different moses, including individual mode or group. 
Social media integration Through this feature, players can connect their social media handles to the gaming platform and hence earn great points through refer and earn. 
In-app wallet This feature allows players to make transactions through in-app wallet and currency. 
Rewards and Achievements Through this feature, players can manage their rewards, points and achievements in a library. 
Feedback In case of any queries or game-related issues, this feature allows players to give feedback to the managers about the app. 

Ludo game development depends on various factors, especially ludo game development cost. If you are worried about the same, 

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Ludo Game Development Cost 

There are a wide range of costs that are associated with ludo game app development. Ludo app development cost depends on various factors such as complexity of features, graphics, animations, sound effects and much more. On an average., ludo app development with basic level of features and graphics will cost you around INR 2,00,000. However, with advanced levels of features and graphics, the online ludo game app development will cost you around INR 5,00,ooo. 

Ludo Game Development Cost

The above-mentioned cost is not a final or fixed cost. There are different factors affecting this cost, including: 

  • Location of the developer
  • Level and type of game
  • Complexity of features 
  • Graphics 
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Sound and visual effects 
  • Type of interface 
  • Testing and Marketing 

Final Words 

Ludo is the most famous and favourable board game for players worldwide. It is quite clear from the above blog that the demand for ludo games are relatively much higher after the pandemic. We hope you might have got an in-depth knowledge about how to start your own online ludo gaming app business. If you want to make a difference in the ludo gaming market, contact us. As a leading mobile game app development company, BR Softech can hFinal Wordselp you start your own online ludo business with a top-notch online ludo game application. 


Which is the latest ludo game application in the market?

The latest ludo game application is Teen Patti ludo which incorporates the game content of both Teen Patti and Ludo. This is the most exciting game application for users as it provides the gameplay experience of two famous games.

Why is ludo booming in the current gaming world?

Online ludo games have become a trend after the pandemic. Most business owners invested heavily in online ludo game app development to make huge profits. With rising interest in online board games, the ludo game applications are ruling the current gaming world.

Do you develop ludo game apps like Ludo King?

Yes, we develop ludo game applications with an advanced tech stack and game engine. We make sure to incorporate outstanding features, high-visual graphics, and effective sound effects. 

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