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Most Popular Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets (Updated)

Mar 29, 2018
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Most Popular Types Of Cryptocurrency Wallets

What is Cryptocurrency Wallet

Now, the time has changed that people have started taking digital currency mostly in most transactions in every transaction due to cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is based on blockchain and smart contract development process. The cryptocurrencies are becoming popular quickly in the digital currency market to start trading and exchange bitcoin or cryptocoin easily but a major question come in our mind that where we store bitcoin or cryptocurrency??

Here we define that bitcoin is easily stored in bitcoin wallet services which are based on encrypted hash code programming based and fully secured by 2-factor security authentication. We can say that it is the best secure and decentralized wallet service which are allowed to bitcoin store online. Here we define the best wallet service.


It is best cryptocurrency wallet service in which you can store every digital currency which is part of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple etc. Exodus support all type of operating service to access wallet service online. As we know that, when we make the payment process then our banking service takes 3-4 minute on every transaction but exodus wallet service take it has 45-60 second on every transaction which is too much fast just because of storing wallet service. It’s give you full control of encrypted private key authentication if we needed that is provide 2-factor authentication on account login time and provide full transaction record.

Bitcoin Core

Bitcoin it seems like a golden coin. It is fully decentralized virtual currency and most popular trading currency at present time, that’s the reason people are choosing bitcoin digital currency. So here Bitcoin core wallet service, is provide to store this type of currency online in bitcoin core wallet. You can access Bitcoin core wallet anywhere and any platform. Furthermore, it is allow to blockchain version to establish a peer to peer connection, due to this blockchain connection it is put fully safe from all fraud user that might be interrupted.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S wallet service is known as a best secure bitcoin wallet service in the digital cryptocurrency wallet market. This bitcoin wallet looks like as a USB device. so we can say that it is this wallet service is fully different if we are a comparison to another wallet service. So, it is connected directly laptop, MacBook, desktop, and access with a private key which is accessible by the user. this device comes on screen with a button and specific identity which are accessible by the user and no one person else can’t access this wallet service without device and password.

Ledger Blue

it is the advanced version of Ledger Nano S that is come in bigger size comparison to Ledger Nano. if we describe this wallet service in which have a touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, USB compatibility features that make your bitcoin or cryptocurrency stored securely and then make a best expensive cryptocurrency hardware wallet. In this wallet service, you can calculate the cryptocurrency value for cryptocurrency purchases and simply store or add in Ledger Nano S wallet service. This wallet service is fully controlled by the user and with help of this device and no one can hack your bitcoin wallet service.


The wallet service is very important to store bitcoin in the wallet. Our BR Softech company has mastered in cryptocurrency development. You can hire cryptocurrency developer to use this type of service in cryptocurrency digital market.

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