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Real-World Implementation of Augmented Reality Apps

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Aug 07, 2018
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Real-World Implementation of Augmented Reality Apps

Augment reality becoming step by step to the top level in every industry and is making the reliable solution for these industries, healthcare, public safety, tourism, education and industrial companies. So we can say that is an emerging technology which raising day by day. Basically, it is the technology that extended the physical world in a device.

It appears undeviating view of an environment to include functionality like sound, videos, graphics etc. These types of technology available in today that increase the market and industries level.

  • Market-less AR

  • Projection Based AR

  • Market-based AR

  • Superimposition based AR

How Does It Works

It is a Live view interface of the physical and real-world environment because the work capability of this application is based on the images, animation, videos, audios, graphics in a certain range of data. With the help of this, the user can see the results or outputs in a natural and synthetic form. Also, the user can know the real world through a virtual computer or device visions.

Augmented Reality can be displayed by the several devices: screens, handheld gadget, smartphones, glasses. Also, the SLAM technologies, which is known as the Simultaneous Localization and mapping that do the depth showing views to provide the following components.

  • Camera and sensors

  • Reflections

  • Projection

  • Processing.

Augmented Reality Devices

We know that the time is so fast where many devices and platform compatible with augmented reality devices. But also we have mention famous device which is mostly used to operate Augmented Reality.

  • Special AR devices

  • Mobile Devices

  • Smart Glass (AR Glass) and Smart lenses

  • VRD (Virtual Reality Displays).

Application Platforms of Augmented Reality

These application platforms are really helpful for the Augmented Reality app uses, which improve the strategy of services area.

1. Travel and Tourism

The increasing demand for Augmented reality app development rapidly establishes an own empire in the numerous field. One of them is travel and tourism that navigate the direction, destination points sightseeing sources. With the help of this, you can use your AR camera and capture the location and palace view the AR provides all details like weather, history, review of the best thing and many more.

You can use this technology to palace visiting time, which is really helpful for traveling and tourism purpose. Also, you can hire our AR developers yo make this type of service for your business purpose.

2. Customer Services

It is an amazing service for the customer service purpose which can be enjoyed by customers in a big way. It means when the user goes to the shopping mall then he can use this service. With the help of AR interface, you can see the real view in the mobile with the direction of product categories and customer assistant. It means you can bring it with you and use in the shopping malls to easy to find the products according to your choice and also you can take assistant help to recognize the offer and price of products.

3. Retail or eCommerce Platform

As we mentioned above the customer service of Augmented reality App Development, but it is a little bit different. When you use it on the product it gives the brand and product values with AR interface. Also provide the retailer, coffee, eCommerce shop by AR facility camera application, then you can easily visit on it and take all the quality of product by AR application. Furthermore, its provide the virtual catalog on your mobile screen, that’s why it makes a way of business in the global market.

4. Education

Education is a way of future life that makes a bright career in future making. But without real practical, you cannot learn more. Don’t worry!! The Augmented Reality gives you the real interface of learning which is helpful to learn perfectly. It provides the language, reading and understanding, subject-based knowledge, technology and creativity based gadget, social knowledge and gaming console. Also, it gives the virtual view of learning which comes in 3D view that you can feel it real and gain knowledge according to real views.

5. Healthcare

We know that the patient and disease increase day by day where the patient cannot understand the disease, that’s why the Augmented Reality has brought the right solution for healthcare, where you can feel it and see it then every solution of your health. Also, you can determine the solution of your operation, treatment, x-ray and many more features with Augmented Reality application.

Wrapping Lines

The augmented reality service provides these services which we are defined above, you can follow the features of this service in AR Application development. The all types of services and devices are working on the AR platform, that’s why it is compatible with all types of devices. You can use this technology in your business purpose which gives you advance benefits to make your career at the top level.

So, if you are looking to develop this service in your business sector than you can hire Augmented Reality App Developers which give you the most impressive and performance-based solutions.

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