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15 Web App Development Ideas You’ll Want to Steal in 2022

App Development
Feb 05, 2022
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15 web app Ideas in 2022

Aspire to be an entrepreneur? Your biggest challenge as an entrepreneur will be finding a web app development idea that can blossom into a successful startup.

Coming up with web app business ideas requires a lot of brainstorming.

As per Internet Live Stats, there are almost 2 billion web apps in the world out of which 200 million web apps are marked as inactive. Every second 3 websites knock on the door of the world wide web.

So, finding a unique web app idea for beginners is almost like finding a diamond in a deep ocean.

Fortunately, we are here to help you.

We have spent almost 3 months researching,, and several other sources to find some interesting web app ideas that can help you build a million billion dollars worth of web application.

Today, we are going to present you with the 15 web app ideas you can steal in 2022 to build your successful empire.

Therefore, let’s start.

Table of Content:-

What is a Web App?

What is a Web App?

As opposed to mobile applications that run on phone operating systems or computer software that requires special operating system resources to run, web apps run on a web browser, using the internet as its medium.

Web applications are stored on a remote server and delivered to the user over the internet.

Web apps are built with a blend of server-side scripting languages (PHP & ASP) and client-side scripts languages (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap & JavaScript).

The purpose of server-side scripting languages in web applications is to store and retrieve information from the web server.

While client-side script languages are used to present the retrieved data to the user in an understandable format.

As examples of web apps, here are a few.

  • Gmail
  • Twitter
  • Wikipedia
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • Amazon

What are the Different Types of Web Apps?

What are the Different Types of Web Apps?

Now that you know what web apps are. Now it’s time to learn about the types of web apps available on the market.

  1. Static Web App

    Web apps of this type are among the simplest. At the user’s end, the user can only read the information; no other interaction with the web app is possible.

    Such web apps are usually created using HTML and CSS. In addition to this, the web apps can also handle animated content such as GIFs and video graphics.

    Altering the content of static web apps is a complex process, as it can be done by downloading the HTML code, modifying the changes, and uploading it back to the server.

  2. Dynamic Web App

    In dynamic web applications, data is fetched in real-time in response to a user’s request. This is where dynamic web apps are proved to be more technically advanced in terms of static web apps.

    Whenever a user makes a request, the web app communicates with the web server, fetches the relevant information, and displays it to the user.

    Dynamic web apps require a server-side database in which content can be updated anytime depending on the user’s choice.

    Content management systems like WordPress are the best example of dynamic web apps, where admins can update the content.

    Ruby, Python, NodeJS, jQuery, HTML, CSS, PHP, Ajax and so many other programming languages are utilized to develop dynamic web apps.

  3. Portal Web Apps

    Portal web apps are those apps that allow the user access to a number of categories and sections through the homepage of the web app. It could be anything like forums, chats, emails, and so on.

  4. E-commerce Web Apps

    Have you ever bought anything online? If yes, then you might be aware of eCommerce web apps.

    E-commerce web apps are simple apps that allow businesses to sell their product or services online.

    The development of an eCommerce web app is a complex process as it requires the ability to handle transactions and the integration of different payment methods such as debit/credit card, PayPal, and so on.

    Flipkart, Amazon, Alibaba, and Jumia are some of the great examples of eCommerce web apps.

Growing Market of Web App Development

How the Market for Web App Development is Growing?

A mobile e-commerce application, as the name implies, is a digital product designed to make shopping on mobile devices even easier. The USA smartphone users will be making 187 million mobile purchases by 2024.

Despite the majority preferring desktops to mobile apps, the number of people using mobile apps for e-commerce is still huge and increasing. In addition, since smartphones make it so convenient to check available deals no matter where one closes a deal, the majority of consumers will check offers first.

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a large retailer without a mobile app because of increasing smartphone penetration and quality mobile internet services. Everything will fit, from food to clothes to medicine to books to household appliances. In response to technology advancements, most offline stores have either gone completely virtual or have a strong presence there. As part of their e-commerce strategies, small businesses can also benefit from mobile apps.

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15 Best Web App Development Ideas to Check-in 2022 

Here goes our list of some new and innovative ideas for mobile apps.

  1. Virtual Reality-Based Travel Web App

    Virtual Reality-Based Travel Web App

    Traveling around the world is one of those pleasure activities that has been severely hit by the rise of Covid-19 cases. Now, several countries completely shut down their travel to stop the spread of covid-19 and people also went on the restriction mode towards travel and tourism. These restrictions on physical tourism bring the concept of virtual reality-based travel web application development ideas. Mobile app developers are making use of highly advanced technologies such as virtual reality (VR) to create a web app that allows people to travel across the world virtually.

  2. A Virtual Assistant That Works Online
  3. Virtual Assistant That Works Online

    As the name implies, a virtual assistant or artificial intelligence assistant is a digital program that is able to speak and execute commands. As reported by, there was a market value of $5.82 billion for virtual assistance in 2019. During the forecast period of 2021-2028, this market value is expected to grow at a CAGR of 28.5%. So, the demand for new web app ideas like virtual assistance development is going to create a trend. Siri, Google Now, Microsoft’s Cortana, and Amazon’s Alexa are some of the great examples of virtual assistants that work online.

  4. Machine Learning-Based Astrology App
    Machine Learning Based Astrology App

    Humans are always eager to know what awaits them in the future. Every day, you can find many people reading their horoscopes in the newspaper. With the help of highly advanced technologies like machine learning, the charm of astrology can be carried forward to mobile or computers. The machine learning-based astrology app is one of the most innovative ideas for web apps projects. If you have a keen interest in astrology, then this is the best web app idea to be explored in the year 2021.

  5. Blockchain Medical Support System

    Blockchain Medical Support System

    Are you willing to mark your footprints in the medical industry? Blockchain is the new household technology that can help you do so. Though healthcare technology is completely revolutionized, storing and disseminating patient data across several medical channels is still a real challenge. Fortunately, blockchain technology could help in that regard. Blockchain has a wide range of uses in the medical store. This technology can be used to ensure encrypted storage and transfer of medical records. You can also invest in a blockchain-based medical support system web app project ideas to facilitate better coordination between the patient and doctor.

  6. Crime Alert Web App

    Crime Alert Web App

    Crime alert is one of the great web app ideas you should seriously consider in the year 2022 not only for the social cause but also for the passive income opportunities it holds. While the US is known for its military and police force, the crime rate is still relatively high there. The crime rate in the USA is about 47.70 per 100,000 citizens. You can create a crime alert web app that works as social media, but in contrast to social updates, people will post about the crimes happening around them. The posting of such crimes will help the community know about the crimes and take preventative measures to assure their safety.

    You will not only save the lives of millions of people by launching the crime alert web app, but you will be able to generate revenue as well by choosing effective monetization strategies.

  7. AI-Based Picture Translation Web App

    AI-Based Picture Translation Web App

    Have you ever used the Google Lens web app? You can take a picture using the smartphone camera, and it will translate the text into your native language. You can also develop a similar Google lens like an AI-based picture translation app to capture a huge audience who often struggle to understand the languages written over the image. AI-based picture translation development is one of the best web app ideas for beginners as it can be developed at reasonable prices and there is a huge user base for such web applications.

  8. An App to Tell What’s Trending

    An App to Tell What’s Trending

    Today, with so much change happening at such a rapid pace, it is difficult for many individuals to keep up with the latest trends. Therefore, having the ease of a web app that keeps tabs on the latest trends will help people. Launching a web app to keep people aware of what’s trending will help you build your loyal fan base, which will help you generate revenue in the long run.

  9. Employee Orientation and Training Web Application

    Employee Orientation and Training Web Application

    The most important asset of any company is its employees, thus companies need to make every single effort to build a long-term relationship with their employees. In that series, web app development ideas like employee orientation and training can help your employees to get adjusted to your company’s work environment. Developing an employee orientation and training web application will help the employee upload the documents online and the web app will get the documents approved instantly. Also, the documents stored on the web app can be accessed anytime online.

  10. Find a Cofounder Web App

    Find a Cofounder Web App

    Working in a competitive market and developing a business from the ground level seems impossible without having a business partner. Business partners can make or break your business in the blink of an eye. To assist people in finding their ideal business partners, you can invest in finding a cofounder like new innovative ideas for mobile applications. For that purpose, you need to hire a skilled team of web app developers that can make your idea into a feasible product. 

  11. AR Based App For Interior Designing

    AR Based App For Interior Designing

    Is there anyone out there who doesn’t love decorating their home or office independently? There is a huge percentage of people who often struggle to decorate their homes or offices. Hence, developing an AR-based app for interior design is among the brilliant web app startup ideas.

    With the aid of augmented reality web apps, people can visually rearrange their home furniture or other decorative stuff to enhance the appeal of their accommodation.

  12. AR Based Car App

    AR Based Car App

    If you are running either a new or second-hand car business then an AR-based car app is great web application ideas you can consider. A car augmented reality web app allows buyers to view the car in a setting they prefer before going to the showroom in person. By exploring the car from every angle, the buyer can decide what the car will look like. With the development of AR technology, the buyer can even inspect the interior of the car in detail. Here you can describe the best features of the car to inspire the buyer to purchase your car.

  13. Small-Scale High-Frequency Algo Trading App for Retailers

    Small-Scale High-Frequency Algo Trading App for Retailers

    If you are an investor who is willing to take advantage of the latest technologies to improve return on every single purchase you make. A small-scale high-frequency algo trading app for retailers is one of the most profitable web app ideas for you.  With the help of algo trading, the web app can help you purchase the assets at the bid price and let you sell those assets at the asked prices.

  14. AR Based Real Estate App

    AR-Based Real Estate App

    Augmented reality will allow people to picture their dreams of owning a property before even setting foot on it. In the real estate industry, investing in AR-based real estate web app development ideas was a unique yet effective way to build a physical connection with their customers before they stepped into the property.

    In this digitally driven era, take your real estate to a whole new level with the AR-based augmented reality app.

  15. AI and Machine Learning-Based Portfolio Management App

    AI and Machine Learning Based Portfolio Management App

    The value of accurate information is viable in every sector, especially in the financial sector to make quick and informative decisions. Now, with the help of AI and machine learning, financial institutions can modernize the area of portfolio management, risk management, and trading more efficiently and deeply. An AI and machine learning-based portfolio management app can generate summaries and suggest potential actionable steps that can be used while making investment decisions.

  16. Message Aggregator App — All-in-One App

    Message Aggregator App

    Since multiple messaging apps are available, it becomes very difficult for a lot of people to know who is messaging them from where. The message aggregator app is the solution to all of these problems. 

    These web app startup ideas will appeal to those people who often look for solutions to organize all these messaging apps in one place. 

    This is one of the highly profitable web app ideas to make money. You can display advertisements to make revenue from message aggregator web apps.

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How to Launch a Startup with Advanced Web App Ideas?

Are you aware that the Progressive Web Application market size will reach USD 7600 million by 2026, growing at a rate of 34% over the next five years? Web apps are clearly a hot topic at the moment. 

You have a wide variety of options for your startup. It is important, however, that you learn more about its demand on the market and work out other details before selecting it. Our software company can help you in this regard.

These are the advanced best ideas for web apps. Have a look –

  • Planning your trip with an app

At this point, all travel plans have been halted following the outbreak of the deadly covid-19. Traveling will resume once things return to normal. The application can provide information about the availability of flight tickets, hotel bookings, places to visit, etc.

  • App for healthcare

Now is a great time to launch a healthcare app. Various options are available, including delivery of medicine, doctor appointments, tracking of diagnostic reports, etc. Any of these options can be used to develop a user-friendly app.

  • Interactions App for Families

The importance of spending time with family should not be overlooked despite extremely busy schedules. Having different places to live can pose a problem, however. You can maintain your bonds with family members by using an integrated app that facilitates easy communication. The app lets you make calls, send images, and more. 

  • An app for memes and gifs

Memes and gifs have become part of today’s culture. A gif or meme app could benefit from the hype surrounding them. Users can find a variety of gifs and memes here. The content must also be shared on social media. 

  • App that uses augmented reality for interior design

It can be difficult to know whether a particular decor item will look good in the room where you want it. To solve this problem, you can use augmented reality apps. Using this technology, you can visualize rooms in 3D and place furniture within them. 

  • Radio on YouTube

Launch an excellent YouTube Radio app to take advantage of YouTube’s huge popularity. Through this platform, users can discover the latest trending content. Aside from that, you don’t have to do any searching. The radio app does all the searching for you.

  • An astrology app that uses machine learning

Worldwide, there are many people who believe in astrology and horoscopes. There are no ways to predict patterns of an individual based on machine learning. Based on the data you feed the app, they will be able to predict the future. A good algorithm is necessary to deliver this result.

  • Security Access App

People are increasingly thinking about installing top-notch security devices because of the high crime rate. Those who are able to easily control security systems through a web app will become instant hits. 

  • An app for crime alerts

Although it is unfortunate, crimes won’t disappear overnight despite best efforts. Crime alerts may provide some relief. This page allows you to upload or report any current crimes taking place in your area. Assistance is also available by calling helpline numbers.

  • Review App for Books

It is likely that you look at book reviews before buying a book, if you are a book lover. An app that allows readers to leave honest feedback about a book can be extremely profitable in that case. The app also allows readers to build a database of books.

  • App for dating

Online dating apps are highly popular in this age of digital technology. Select a profile from the many available and you’ll be able to connect. This app matches users based on characteristics, interests, etc. 

  • Training App for Employees

Offices often conduct training sessions to improve the skill set of their employees. You can keep track of documents in the employee training app, and list the courses you need to take. However, Hiring a backend developer is crucial.

  • A foreigner’s navigation app

Foreigners often feel that language barriers are one of the most challenging aspects of living abroad. This unique app offers a solution to this problem. In order to translate the foreigner’s voice into the local language, the app must be able to translate the other way around. By doing so, foreigners will find it easier to travel around.

  • Discounts and Coupons App

The majority of eCommerce stores provide coupons, offers, and discounts to attract more buyers. A web app that allows users to find coupons and discounts for other e-commerce platforms would be highly appreciated by consumers. The interface must be user-friendly here. 

  • Grocery app on-demand

In the last few years, on-demand apps have become increasingly popular. Shop on the go using this grocery app. In addition, you won’t have to go out since they’ll deliver to you. Nevertheless, you need to hire backend developers in order to gain more customers.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web Application?

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web Application?

There is no definitive way to determine the cost of executing any web application development idea except contacting the web app development company and asking for quotes.

You can calculate the rough estimate of the web app development by yourself based on the following mentioned factors.

Define Your Team Structure

First, you need to carefully evaluate the required team structure you require to make your web app project ideas a reality.

If you decide to execute the interesting web app ideas from the ground level, you will likely have the following team structure.

  • Business analyst: $30-140/hour
  • Web app designer: $35-150/hour
  • Web app developer: $35-210/hour
  • Quality analyst: $25-155/hour
  • Marketing manager: $20-150/hour
  • Content writer/Copywriter: $20-120/hour
  • Project manager: $30-210/hour

Desired Features and Functionality

There is no doubt that the scope of the work is the most significant factor in determining the cost of developing a web app. Scope of work is defined by the web app developers who analyze the required features and functionality clients willing to include in their web application.

Complexity of the UX/UI Design

If you opt for custom UX/UI design, then you might need to spend more on the designing of the web application in comparison to the pre-made solutions. On average, the UX/UI design phase consumes around 16-20 hours, hence the rough estimate of the web app UX/UI design will be around $800 to $1000.

Web App Developer’s Location

The location of the web app developers can also affect the cost of web app development. Typically, the cost of hiring app developers for countries like Australia, the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom will range from $80-250 per hour.

Alternatively, if you hire web app developers from Asian countries, such as India or Bangladesh, then you will pay $50-120 in the hourly rate.

By considering the above-mentioned factors the rough estimate of the web app development will be somewhere between $8,000 to $40,000. 

How Can I Develop a Web Application?

The process of web app idea development is very much similar to the mobile app development or software development life cycle. No matter whether you want to develop a web application or mobile application, it is important to work with a great web design company that follows a well-defined process.

BR Softech is one of such companies that has held more than a decade of experience in the software, mobile, and web app development vertical. With state-of-the-art technologies and deep domain knowledge, we can transform any of the aforementioned full-stack web app ideas into a feasible product.


Question 1: How do web apps make money?

Answer: Web apps make money in the following ways.

  • Ad revenue
  • Displaying sponsored content
  • Affiliate marketing
  • In-app purchase/ subscription model

Question 2: What is the difference between the website and web apps?

Answer: The answer is that a website consists of multiple web pages, including text, images, animated GIFs, and so on. Alternatively, a web application is software or application that can be accessed through a browser.

Question 3: What are the key features of a web app?

Answer: The web app consists of several features such as the following. 

  • End-user simplicity
  • Fast loading time
  • Better security
  • Push notification
  • Improved search options

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