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Rummikub Online Game- Everything to Know About

Game Development
Sep 06, 2023
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Nowadays, there are a wide variety of online board games available to players. The Rummikub online game is like a hidden gem in the board game market. It is not as popular as some other board games like Monopoly and Ludo, however, it is still an amazing option for families and friends looking for a new board game. 

With the advent of Rummy Game Development, the Rummikub card game is now available to play on online platforms. If you are looking for a game app that offers unprecedented gameplay and real money games, Rummikub is the perfect choice for you. 

In this blog, we will go over the process of developing a Rummikub app, the rules of Rummikub and various tips and strategies required to master the game. So, let’s dive into more details. 

What is Rummikub?

Rummikub is a tile-based game designed by Ephraim Hertanzo in 1940. It quickly became the most popular game in its county of origin, Israel. In the 1970s, the game made its way to the United States and became a household game. 

At first glance, the game resembles Scrabble as it uses tiles instead of cards. However, unlike Scrabble, the tiles are slightly larger and have numbers instead of letters. The game can be played by 2 to 4 players and the objective is to finish your tiles by melding them into runs and groups. While the gameplay might differ, the gameplay of Rummikub is quite similar to Rummy card games. 

Rummikub Online Game Development Process: Step-by-Step Guide

rummikub game development process
rummikub game development process

Rummikub game development is not an easy task and requires the collective effort of a full team of designers, developers, and programmers. It is advisable to outsource your game project to a Rummy game development company that will take care of the entire process for you. 

Market Analysis

When developing an app or board game like rummy, the first step is to conduct thorough market research to know the latest trends in the market and the preferences of the audience. It is also important to conduct a competitor analysis to know the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Here are the prime factors that need to be considered-

  • What are the latest trends in the market?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the preferences of the audience?
  • What services do you provide that others don’t?

These are some of the questions that need to be answered during market analysis. 

Build a Wireframe

When you have completed the market analysis, the next step is to create a wireframe. The wireframe will give you a general idea about the look and feel of the Rummikub online game app. Various other aspects like art design, backgrounds, and other elements should also be considered when creating a wireframe for your project. A wireframe is generally used to get a general idea of the product and can be improved upon later in the process. 

Create a Prototype

After you have created a wireframe, the next step is to create a prototype for your game like Rummikub. While a wireframe provides information about the look and feel of the product, a prototype is an initial working model with all the features and functionalities in place. You can test the features of your game app and iron out the loose ends of the prototype. 

Rummikub Game Development

Once you have completed working on the prototype, the next step is to start the development process of the Rummikub game app. This is the most important step in the process as developers code and program the game. Moreover, all the features and functionalities are integrated into your card game app like Rummikub. The app is remodelled from head to toe and all the loose ends are ironed out in this step. 

Quality Assurance and Testing

When you have completed the development process of the Rummikub app, the next step is to conduct thorough testing to fix all the bugs and glitches of the product. It is necessary to polish and refine your app before the launch. A polished game without any bugs and glitches engages the audience and attracts more traffic. Testing comes in different types- 

  • Unit Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

Deployment and Support

After the testing phase is over, your Rummikub online game is ready to launch. However, before launching, make sure you are familiar with the guidelines and regulations of the platform you are targeting. Moreover, it is also necessary to provide post-deployment support as every application requires a dedicated customer support team and timely updates. Make sure to offer regular updates to fix any potential issues and include new and latest features in your rummy board game app.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Game Like Rummikub?

Are you wondering about the cost to develop a game app like Rummikub? The cost to develop a Rummikub online game is dependent on various factors. These are some of the major factors that directly influence the overall cost- 

  • Location of the Developers
  • The Complexity of Features
  • Technology Stack
  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • UI/UX Design

All these factors coupled with your development requirements make up the actual cost. However, it is difficult to provide an exact cost without knowing your requirements. 

On average, it costs around $10,000 to $15,000 to develop a single-platform Rummikub app with basic features. However, if you want to develop a cross-platform game app with advanced features and functionalities, you will have to invest close to $30,000. 

Keep in mind that this is an approximate cost and the actual cost may vary according to your requirements and features. If you want an exact cost quotation, you can consult a Rummikub card game development company

How to Play Rummikub Card Game?

How to play rummikub game
How to play rummikub game

The objective of Rummikub is to finish your tiles by making sets. Keep reading to know more about how to play Rummikub card game and the winning tips and tricks. 


Rummikub is played with 104 tiles and 4 racks. There are a total of 4 coloured tiles- red, black, orange, and blue. Every colour contains 2 tiles of each number. The numbers range from 1 to 13. There are also wild tiles in the form of Jokers that are red and black in colour. The Joker tiles have similar functionality and can be used to substitute any other tile in the gameplay. 


The primary focus of players is melding tiles into combinations and sets. Sets include runs and groups. While sets must have at least 3 tiles, runs are ascending sequences of tiles of the same colour. 

For example- 5-6-7-8-9 of the same colour is a valid run

Groups are a combination of the same rank tiles of different colours. Since there are only 4 tiles of the same number, a group must contain a minimum of 3 tiles. 

For example – 6-6-6-6 of different colours is a valid group. 

Game Set Up

All players draw a tile. The player with the highest number tile will start the game. All the players are dealt 14 tiles and the remaining tiles will make up the draw pile. 

First Move

The first move is to play a valid set of tiles that have a value of 30 or more. Before playing the first move, players can not use the tiles played by other players. 

Players can also play multiple valid sets in the first turn if possible. If a player is unable to create a set of 30 or more, they draw a tile and skip their move. This repeats until the player is able to play a valid first move. 

Examples of valid first moves include- 

  • 11-12-13 of the same colour(11+12+13=36 points)
  • 9-9-9-9 of different colours(9+9+9+9=36 points)
  • 5-6-7 and 6-6-6( (5+6+7) + (6+6+6)= 36 points)


The game starts after players make the first move. The objective is to make sets and groups. After the first move, there is no compulsion to make sets above 30 points. Apart from melding sets and groups, players can also manipulate the existing sets. 


The objective of the game is to win rounds by clearing all the tiles from their racks. If the draw pile is finished and there are no possible combinations left to play, the player with the lowest number of tiles wins the match. 

The winner calls out “Rummikub” at the end. 

Additional Rummikub Rules

In addition to the basic gameplay and rules of Rummikub, players can also include special rules involving Joker cards and Time Limits to make the game more exciting and engaging. 

Joker Tiles

Joker Tiles feature a smiley face and act like Wild cards. These tiles can be used to represent any tile you require to make a set or group. There are a total of two Jokers in the game. 

Time Limit

To make the game even more challenging, you can impose a time limit on each player’s turn. Players have to make a move within the estimated time or they skip their turn. 

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Rummy Board Games like Rummikub

You should continue reading this blog if you want to know about Rummy board games like Rummikub. Many people are tired of playing Rummikub and want to some interesting board game like Rummikub. They do not want to lose the essence of the game but need some interesting and unique game that matches rummy board games like it. 

So, if you want play games like Rummikub, you are at the right place and give it a chance to have something new in life and play amazing games with cousins and friends. Let’s know some amazing rummy board games like Rummikub:

  • Michigan
  • Shanghai
  • Royal Rummy 
  • Frustration 
  • Homwom

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Final Words- How to Play Rummikub?

Rummikub is an exciting game that is a fusion of Rummy and Mahjong. The rules are quite similar to Rummy but the game uses tiles like Mahjong instead of cards. Rummikub is a skill-based game that requires concentration and critical thinking to master. If you are interested in mastering the Rummikub online game, you can follow the Rummikub tips and strategies that we provided in the blog. 

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q.1 Can you play Rummikub on your phone?

Ans. Yes, now with widespread popularity across the globe, the game is now available online on platforms like Android, ioS, and the Web. 

Q. 2 Is Rummikub easy to learn?

Ans. The game is skill-based and the rules are quite similar to Rummy. However, players are introduced to a new board game setting as the players adjust to the tiles on the table. 

Q.3 Do you provide customised Rummikub online game development services?

Ans. Yes, we provide completely personalized and bespoke Rummikub online game development services that are tailored according to the client’s requirements.

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