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Season Long Fantasy Platform: A Detailed Guide

Fantasy Sports
Nov 10, 2023
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Season Long Fantasy Platform

Introduction: Season Long Fantasy Platform

The time has come when fantasy sports players are going to buckle down and try to win their leagues. Fantasy football is one of the most exciting and stressful activities people can indulge in during a season. It takes a lot of strategic acumen to build a winning team in season long fantasy software. It is an incredible feeling to devote weeks of your own time and emerge victoriously. Every sports fan should be able to experience it.

The popularity of season long fantasy platform has grown tremendously in recent years. Before we can appreciate how profitable the Fantasy Gaming industry is, we need to comprehend, “What is a Season-Long Fantasy Sports App?”

However, in this blog, we will discuss the Season Long Fantasy Platform in detail. Read it carefully.

What is a Season-long Fantasy Sports App & How does it differ from Regular Daily Fantasy Sports?

Traditional fantasy sports are those where you draft a team at the beginning of the season and follow it each week. The season long fantasy format entails drafting a starting line-up of players that you believe would get you the most points over a full season. In daily fantasy, you would select a starting lineup of players at each position you believe will score the most points that night.

There is a season long fantasy sports where fans can manage their own teams. In addition to gathering a team of favorite players, the game is much more than that. Assessing player values, making roster cuts, negotiating the next blockbuster trade, and set your starting lineup. 

However, if you are looking for the season long fantasy sports platform development company then connect with us. 

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A Fantasy Sports App: Why Should You Plan for It?

In the 21st century, fantasy sports have become one of the most lucrative industries. Approximately USD 26400 million will be generated by Fantasy Sports apps in 2024.

Fantasy sports are played by over 59 million Americans and Canadians, according to Fox Business. There are 58 million season long fantasy sports players, and 10 million daily fantasy sports users.

Besides the income model offered by the application, it also assists in enhancing your company’s brand value. User engagement is vital to the growth of any business, and it helps to increase it.

How Should a Fantasy Sports App Be Planned?

Here are some ways to plan an app:

  • Hire an expert development team
  • Fantasy Sports app features
  • App Development Costs for Fantasy Sports

You can create an innovative and unique Fantasy Sports application by working with software development professionals with core competencies in designing and developing fantasy sports solutions.

Features and functionalities of the Custom Season Long Fantasy Sports Platform application

Performance should be a high priority for gaming products. Occasionally, connectivity blips or latency spikes can cause players to give up and publicly vent their frustrations.

  1. The gaming experience on the ground 

Fantasy Sports app development features like auto drafting, field view, multiple fixtures & leagues, and automatic substitutions (prioritizing your bench) create a world-class experience on-field.

  2. Booster

As part of a season long software solution, users are able to perform better and score more points with four types of boosters (Bench Boost, Free Hit, Triple Captain, and Wildcard).

-Benchmark Boost: It is possible to cancel a Bench Boost chip at any time before the Game Week deadline, but each chip can only be used once a season.

-Free Hit: The original squad will return after the next deadline. You can use the Free Hit once per season and it cannot be revoked once it has been played.

-Triple Captain: Each Triple Captain can only be used one time in a season, and can be canceled before the Game week deadline at any time.

-Wildcard: The Wildcard chip can only be used once during a season, once during the first half of the season, and again at the end of that season. Once played, the Wild Card chip cannot be canceled and is used to confirm points-costing transfers.

3. Engaging the fan experience

We provide the best in class fan experience with our unique combination of season long fantasy sports platform and exciting fan engagement features such as playing cards, field view, and line-up creation. Before the start of the season, users can exchange players free of charge using features such as player transfers. Until the first deadline, the user can transfer into the game if he joins after the start of the season.

4. Stats & smart updates

Featuring top of the line player statistics such as top scorers, most picks as captains, as well as leaderboards with rankings and scores of the best players, users stay ahead of the competition. Our website and app provide real-time updates and notifications to ensure user engagement.

5. Multilingual

Communication with your targeted audience is easier if you can handle multiple languages.

6. The Sponsors’ Space

With banner space, you can influence user decisions by adding, editing, and deleting preferred/sponsored banners. To improve user engagement, banner spaces are available on the home page and field view screen.

7) Admin Panel      

It allows you to manage every aspect of your business, including marketing, finances, daily operations, sponsorships, and reporting. The operator of the fantasy sports business can manage mundane tasks on the panel and analyze performance.

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What are the reasons for the popularity of season-long fantasy sports?

For startups and entrepreneurs, season long fantasy sports platforms are good business models today. In addition, they generate lucrative incomes. In addition, they help build user engagement and brand value. All sports fans are becoming interested in season-long fantasy sports, and they’re gaining prominence worldwide. Due to its many benefits, season-long fantasy sports are deemed amazing by sports enthusiasts. Let’s examine some factors that contributed to its success.

  1. Options for multiple drafts
  2. Draft position on average
  3. Engages newcomers and seasoned players alike
  4. Rewards & Bonuses

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Difference between Season-long vs. Daily Fantasy Sports

Season-Long Fantasy SportsDaily Fantasy Sports
Team selection will occur here for the entire season, with preparation taking place throughout the seasonA team is drafted here only for the night and for the entire season
The match-ups between players with a great history play a crucial roleThe user won’t be engaged for a long time here, so there is no match-up
Fantasy sports newcomers and season-long players would benefit from this platformThose who can draft and win a team in a single day will be able to play in this game format
Injuries to players affect the entire leagueLeagues and contests would not be impacted by player injuries
Among the draft types supported by this platform are auction drafts, live drafts, offline drafts, snake drafts, and moreSalary caps, pick’em, auto draft, quick draft, and more are supported by this platform

We hope the above table clarifies the difference between daily fantasy sports and season-long fantasy sports.

Season-long Fantasy App Sponsorship Opportunities

Season-long Fantasy App Sponsorship Opportunities

The way in which sports media is consumed by fans has changed with the digital revolution. An active content experience is on the minds of fans who are technologically savvy. Sports publishers and rights holders have the opportunity to test new business models that resonate more with these sports enthusiasts.

In most cases, fantasy sports players are male, in their 20s to 40s, college-educated, and have a significant source of income. Players spend more money, watch more, engage in more, and participate in more fantasy sports. 

  • Sponsorship

Both your fantasy game and the sponsoring company benefit from sponsorship agreements with relevant brands. As a sponsor, your brand can provide assets & services to enhance the fantasy game, such as stats, visuals, content, or influencers and ambassadors with a large following base to help market your product. As a series sponsor or title sponsor of fantasy games, companies can also collaborate with brands.


A sponsorship deal for your fantasy game can also be as effective as classic banner advertising. You can earn income from banner spaces by offering Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Cost-Per-Sale (CPS), or Cost-Per-Mille (CPM). By looking into a player’s mind, you can estimate the revenue that a fantasy sports banner can provide.

  • E-commerce and affiliate

A Fans can shop on the application’s webshop for sports-related gear and merchandise. It is not uncommon for sports fans to follow their teams and favorite players religiously. Fantasy apps provide revenue-generating opportunities for businesses associated with sports teams & players.

  • Upsell and cross-sell subscriptions

Referrals from current customers, who will want to share their love of sports with their friends, are extremely valuable. With the right reward setup, upselling and cross-selling can be efficiently accomplished. Engaging with your customers enables you to create detailed consumer profiles, which can be leveraged to reward your customers and ultimately boost your sales.

Benefits of Season-Long Fantasy Platform

Benefits of Season-Long Fantasy Platform
  • There is no revenue sharing

We have a zero revenue share policy for our season long fantasy sports platform, so you don’t need to be concerned about unwanted revenues being shared.

  • Entry into the market quickly

With our white label fantasy sports software, you can have quick entry into the market, as it includes in-built features, draft types, league types, and other crucial functions.

  • Space for Sponsorship

Adding a sponsorship space for custom ad modules can help you generate additional revenue from your season-long fantasy platform.

  • Multilingual support

Our fantasy sports platform supports multiple languages, so no matter where your users are geographically located, they can easily access it.

  • Compatibility with multiple platforms

For the convenience of your users, our software is compatible with multiple platforms and devices, such as mobile, windows, mac, laptops, and many more.

  • Lucrative rewards enhance retention

With our season long fantasy platform, you can offer multiple enticing rewards and bonuses to help increase your users’ retention.

Features of our Season-Long Fantasy Platform

Features of our Season-Long Fantasy Platform
  • Different types of drafts

With our season-long fantasy platform, you can participate in a variety of engaging draft types, including snake draft, auction draft, offline draft, live draft, etc.

  • The best data feeds

Our season long fantasy platform supports manual and integrated data feeds from trusted and recognized providers.

  • Payment Options That Are Secure

To facilitate easy and quick transactions, our season long fantasy sports software includes multiple secure payment options, including fiat and cryptocurrency.

  • Boosters with multiple effects

We offer multiple boosters for our season-long fantasy platform, including the triple captain, wildcard, free hit, and bench boost.

  • A live view of the field

We have a season long fantasy platform that provides your players with the experience of the real-time game field.

  • Types of exciting games

Our season long fantasy platform covers pick’ems, stock market games, predictors, betting styles, and more.

  • Game Formats in the U.S. & Europe

In addition to supporting both American and European game formats, our season-long fantasy platform ensures that you engage audiences around the world.

  • Administrator Panel

In our season-long fantasy platform, users can easily manage users, players, finances, accounts, and many other things.

  • The lobby of the game

Our season-long fantasy platform’s game lobby or dashboard includes advanced and simple filters such as draft types, game types, and many others.

  • Council of Leadership

The leaderboard in our season-long fantasy platform displays the score and names of the players who are leading at each level.

  • Badges of Achievement

Our season long fantasy platform rewards players with achievement badges that boost their gaming spirit as well as their confidence. This motivates them to improve their gameplay.

  • Bonuses & Rewards

With our season-long fantasy platform, you can offer your users a variety of rewarding rewards and bonuses for enhancing their retention.

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By now we have concluded that season-long fantasy sports are a revenue-generating business model that no technical expertise is needed to get started. With the assistance of a professional fantasy sports app development company, you can start your season-long fantasy sports business. Throughout the entire process of creating your fantasy sports app, they would assist you.

How BR Softech Helps to Develop Season Long Fantasy Platform?

As a reliable company involved in fantasy sports, BR Softech develops feature-rich fantasy sports that enable players to engage in all aspects of the game.  Through the combination of creative ideas, technology and artistry, we create fantasy sports software that is both visually appealing and functionally strong. With our season long fantasy sports software, your users will experience unsurpassed features, engaging designs, and unique game types with our fantasy sports software development services. 

Nitin Garg

I am Nitin Garg Founder of BR Softech PVT LTD - an Award-winning mobile game development company. We are armed with 180+ geeks & 2753 clients worldwide, I have driven by the spirit of entrepreneurship and dream to build a billion-dollar-company.

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