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Security Token Offering Marketing Agency: A Guide to Building Your STO Marketing Plan

written by Nitin Garg | Oct 11, 2018
STO Marketing Services Brand for your Token

Finally! Cryptocurrency and blockchain has become the essential part of the technological sector. ICO is growing rapidly to all over the world, every second businessman wants to invest in it and want to explore the advanced stage of it. It’s a long time now, that ICO has introduced and people are cleared with its conceptualization.

Now, as the demand of the competitive world, it’s time to focus on the predominant strategy of the ICO and that is STO marketing. We can say, it is the further stage of this industry.

Before going in the depth, it is time to know about the STO marketing.

Rise in Cryptocurrency Market

The cryptocurrency market has recently raised, as of 1st December 2017, the total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $326.7B. But since January 1 the gap has reduced and it increased to $629.5B. The market graph has increased recently and touched the sky. The highest investors have been seen in 2018 and it is expected that Bitcoin price will reach till $1M by 2020.If we talk about ICO so the June and December has marked its presence.

What is STO Marketing?

The term STO stands for the Security Token Offering. It is considered as a next trendsetter in the cryptocurrency industry and they represent a value, stake or voting rights of the organization. Tokens are the essential asset as they act as a gold, money. With this you can exchange anything. So the security is really a vital part of this platform and STO has been introduced, it can also be taken as a advanced step of the ICO. They are completely backed by the real world assets.

Marketing of Security Token Offering

The STO Marketing is not at all an easy task and even the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allows issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offer, should include:

  1. All the buying process in the offering should give the credit of the profit to the investors.

  2. Token sellers should verify the buyers and should cross check their status.

  3. The other conditions in Regulation D should be followed.

Now you must be thinking about regulation D

What is regulation D?

Regulation D is the section 506 (c) clearly states that to sell tokens are banned and this section doesn’t permit any advertisement such as ads in newspapers, radio, seminars, radio, newspapers etc. It doesn’t allow any advertisements. This system has also banned the meetings which are organized by the issuer, who are invited by the general advertising.

Now, don’t be worried, you must be thinking that all the mediums of the marketing has been closed, but the word ‘’impossible itself says that I am possible’’. So there are various more mediums of STO marketing and first of all, your security token should have an appealing look, but the investors should be able to find you one attempt. Through this blog, our mission is to give you the various and integrated marketing strategy through which you can raise the brand value and your token can be eye of investors.

How your marketing research should be?

There should be a proper planning for your marketing and the planning works on the three pillars and they are the backbone of any successful marketing.

  1. STO Marketing Consulting

  2. STO Market Research

  3. STO Marketing planning

After this, there are various ways for the marketing of STO.

Different Ways of the Marketing STO:

  1. Proxy marketing

  2. Target the right customer

  3. Proper partner exchanges

  4. Deal marketing

  5. Networking

Proxy Marketing

Proxy marketing

The security tokens cannot be marketed directly and proxy marketing is your solution. Hence, you can’t do the direct marketing here is a trick the token sellers should be featured in the online and offline media on the behalf of their organization and idea. They can even mark their presence on the newspapers and magazines.

Target the Right Customer

Knowing the target customer

It is essential to target the right group. Your target point should be the right audience. For the successful sale of security tokens it is imperative to target the right income group.

Proper Partner Exchanges

Proper partner exchanges

The medium of blockchain has simplified the selling of the tokens. Mostly it has been seen that with the name of tokens investors can be scared off by the name of a partner as they scared with the massive theft that you have to deal that how you will show your commitment to them. Focusly share the screen with them.

Deal marketing

Deal marketing

For selling the token, you should have the full documentation and you should be enabled to respond immediately

The below steps are crucial in dealing:

  1. Always keep your confidential information documentation.

  2. Prepare a generic teaser which should cover all the important things in brief.

  3. The valid database of the potential buyers and investors.

  4. Proper reach to the audiences.


Build trust via networking

Networking is the imperative part in selling the tokens as in this buyers prefer to have a reference as they prefer to have a known in this so they can avoid an unwanted mess. A network linking is really essential in this. For the best publicity, you have to attend the crypto events, seminars and be a part of the crypto members. This is the most imperative point.

Whereas, if we talk about blockchain marketing so it is not that much tough as the blockchain has marked its legal presence, it has introduced with cryptocurrency but this individual software works alot. Blockchain is a secure platform and it records the transmission. It’s marketing can be done as other products use to. There are no boundation in promoting the software.

With the change of time, there are numerous blockchain companies and people are searching to hire Blockchain app development company which offers the best and advanced features to make them compatible according to the market. If you are looking for the blockchain development company so you can contact us as we have the best experience in the market and we are dealing in marketing industry since 10 years along with this, we have a blend of professional team, which offer their best service to the clients, our experience will help you to sustain in the market and BR Softech motive is to satisfy our client’s.

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