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Tips to Hire Front End Developer

Jun 06, 2016
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Tips to hire front end developer

Front end developers must have pretty good expertise of technological advancement and thorough knowledge of user experience and design. You cannot hire a front end developer, just by having a glance at their portfolio. You need to assess their technical skill and you must know how they communicate with different stakeholders, right from designers to the executive team.

Here are the factors you must consider while hiring front-end developer:

Front end developer must have good understanding of UX/UI:

A front end developer having pretty good knowledge of UX/UI, will enhance your UX/UI than you ever thought of.
While hiring a front end developer, you simply can’t have a glance of their technical expertise. The front end developers will be coding your product, and will not do the designing work. You might succeed in getting ood engineer as front end developer, but that person might not have good knowledge of UX/UI. And eventually you might get the result which is technically perfect, but does not matches the level which you had desired in the end result.

Front end developer must have knowledge of technological advancement:

While hiring a front end developer, you must check out their knowledge of technology and how updated they are, when any tech news is concerned. If a front end developer have a sound knowledge of latest technologies, it will also be beneficial for the development of your company as it will be said to use the latest technology trends to provide IT related solutions.

Front end developers must have good communication skills:

Front end developers need to interact much with the designers. Front end developers are required to communicate with the designers on a regular basis, if they don’t do so, they will end up misunderstanding the designing and executing them in haphazard manner. While hiring a front end developer, you must check out if the front end developer interacts properly with the designers and asks lot of queries.

Front end developer must have good portfolio:

A dedicated skilled front end developer is the one who has an eagle eye for the user experience and the details. The front end developers must be able to communicate properly with the designers and must know some deigning work themselves also. Another best way to know that the front end developer have good skills, is to have a glance at their portfolio. You must check how impressive is the portfolio of that front end developer. Nobody pays anything to the front end developer for creating their own portfolio, front end developers create their portfolio to showcase their skills through it. Just by having a glimpse at their portfolio, you will know how dedicated they will be in their work.

Front end developers must have good knowledge:

There are certain front end developers, who don’t even have their GitHub or Dribble account. A best front end developer believes on showcasing their work to the world, and share their work in communities. If a front end developer does not even have their GitHub or Dribble account, they won’t be able to perform their work at a rapid pace keeping quality in mind at every process.


Therefore, if you are looking forward to hire front end developer, you must keep these factors in mind. It is difficult to find good front end developer, who will work as per your requirements.
If you desire to hire dedicated front end developers, then you have come at the right place. BR Softech is the leading web and mobile apps development company, which has a laudable team of front end developers who have expertise in latest technology trends and implement them carefully in their work.
For hiring dedicated front end developers, feel free to contact us and we will assist you.


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