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11 Tips to Start with VR Game Development in 2023

written by Harshita Khangarot | Apr 13, 2020
Start with VR Game Development

Virtual reality has changed the way of gaming and learning. The new-age technology can take you to another world. Well, not literally. The VR technology immerses you in the other world (digitally created) with the help of a VR device.

Be a pilot or a pirate, be what you want to with the help of virtual reality. Either to educate kids with fun to learn experience or to train the employee, virtual reality has the power to do it all. Virtual reality technology has made its way in every industry. Gaming, learning, training and almost everything is possible when the user puts on the VR glass. 

You can use the technology and launch your VR based game with stunning and immersive graphics with the help of a VR app development company backed with a team of experts such as BR Softech.

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality is a technology in which the users get immersed in an artificial world with the help of physical devices. The physical devices use software that creates a digital image that isolates from the real world.

The use of virtual reality can be widely seen in the gaming and entertainment industry. Virtual reality has taken gaming to a whole new level. Be it racing, shooting, simulation or exploration, developers are working on to provide users with the games of every possible genre.

You can also provide users with the excitement of virtual reality gaming by approaching game development companies like BR Softech.

Development of VR Game

When it comes to the development of a virtual reality game, let the experts do the task. There are several stages that a VR game developer goes through before handing you the final product. Let us cover them all, step by step:

Design: The foremost step in the process of VR app development is design. Designing is done by using 3D modelling. However, developers tend to skip the designing part in some cases of prototyping or even educational VR designing. In that case, community libraries are used. Also, textures, backgrounds or objects that are already designed are often used to save time and cost.

There are tools and software in the market that can be used depending on the expertise of the developer. The machines are easy to use as dedicated tools for beginners and experts are present in the market, respectively.

Let us get you familiar with some of the tools, but before that, the importance of making rough sketches or virtual sketches used as 2D frameworks should be realised. The drawings help in creating a flawless user interface. Refer to the tips below:

  1. Sketch- It is one of the most common tools used in VR app development. The benefit of this tool is that it allows you to transform the designed sketch into a digital image with a 360 degree viewing angle.
  2. Blender- Amongst many tools available in the market, what makes it unique is that it is available for free and is user-friendly. It lets you conveniently create personalised 3D models. Secondly, the tool is supported by almost every gaming engine, and the designs are easy to import with minimal online learning.
  3. D Max and Maya- The experienced professional developers ensure better quality by using advanced tools. This tool is used by the expertise and serves many purposes such as animation, sculpting, lighting and also the visual effects.

    However, this tool is a bit difficult to learn and is also expensive when compared to cheaper or free to use tools available in the market though projects developed using this assures you a premium quality.

    The tool has some sophisticated features making it challenging to learn hence is selectively chosen.

  4. Cinema 4D- This is also a user-friendly tool. The simple interface makes it easy to use by individual developers or a small team of experts.

Web VR Libraries: Web VR libraries are the latest addition in the field of VR app development. It is basically a Javascript API that enables easy integration of VR in most web browsers.

The smartphones can easily support this feature by simply changing the setting from portrait to landscape mode. The downside is that it does not provide a full-fledged VR experience however lets you embed VR (like) features on websites.

The question that now arises might be, “How to create Web VR libraries?”.

Many tools will help you with the same, refer to the tips mentioned below:

  1. A-frame- This helps you to create VR experiences using HTML.
  2. React 360- Easily allows the coder to code VR using Node.js and Javascript. In addition to it, the other advantage is that it supports most headsets, mobile as well as the desktops interface.
  3. Primrose- There is something special about this tool that makes it stand apart from the rest of the tools that allows you to create Web VR libraries. The machine is used for both prototyping and collaboration. Prototyping part is the basic feature that every tool allows, but the collaboration part is unique to the Primrose. The apps developed by this tool are supported by desktops, headsets as well as smartphones.Heart of your VR game- The gaming engine

You can choose the right gaming engine as per your need. The tips related to the gaming engines have been provided below-

Game Engines: It is the most crucial phase in the development of a VR gaming app. The entire user experience depends on the gaming engine used for the VR app development. The better the gaming engine, the more refined the gaming experience. For a VR app to succeed, it should offer an immersive display.

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The game engines offered by various brands are almost free (either entirely or up to an extent), easy to use and highly adaptable to your requirements. Also, nearly every platform supports the game development by most of the game engines adding to the quality and convenience.

There are many gaming engines available in the market; however, there are some that are often used. Keep scrolling the article so that you get familiar with the popular gaming engines on-board.

  1. Unity- It is the most important tool if the developers assigned to develop the VR app are newbie engineers. What makes it more recommendable is that it supports most of the VR devices and also the file formats used by the 3D building platforms.

Knowing more about it, the scripting language that the coders use for the unity engine is C#. It is an object-centric coded language. It provides the overall frame of the virtual world and also is used to create code commands.

2.Unreal- It contributes 17 percent of the market share making it the second most preferred game engine. The coder uses C++ language that makes it more challenging to work on when compared with C# or Java language-based game engines. Working on this tool is not a piece of cake and requires prior experience with C++ language.

What makes it even more special is that the engine is free to use unless you generate a revenue of $3000 in a quarter. If the target mentioned is achieved, a 5 percent share of the total revenue collected is charged by the company.

3. CryEngine- This tool offers a realistic natural environment and is most popular amongst developers where real-like nature effects are required. From real-like water to fog and clouds, anything can be reflected with the help of CryEngine. 

The only limitation with this gaming engine is that it supports only 3 platforms, i.e. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and OSVR.

Some additional tips for VR technology

There are many uses apart from gaming for which virtual reality is extensively used. Let’s have a peek into what and how the technology is used by other sectors.

  1. The marketing sector (also the self-employed) is using the technology for cost-effective promotions. The only cost incurred is of developing the app; however, with the help of the application, the range of promotion increases and covers demography globally.
  2. It is used in the retail industries. The primary example can be the automotive industry. The automotive industry can offer the customers a real like experience with the dedicated devices and software without the customers actually driving the vehicle.
  3. VR devices are also used for training. NASA has been using the simulation to train the astronauts. Also, it is used for training the employee for rescue operations, repair works, surveying and inspection etc.
  4. Healthcare industry is using the technology for treating the patients with symptoms like anxiety, PTSD treatment etc. 

ar vr development trends


In the technology-driven world where new gadgets and devices in sync with the latest technology are extensively used for entertainment, lifestyle or commercial purposes, incorporate the same in your business to remain up to date.

The right virtual reality app development company like BR Softech will help you beat the competition by developing the gaming app with realistic and immersive visuals.

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