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Top Bitcoin Buy And Sell App: Which Is Better?

Oct 13, 2020
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Bitcoin Buy And Sell App

It has been more than a decade now since Bitcoin has emerged into the market. The blockchain-oriented cryptocurrency faced many suspicions in the initial stages of its deployment, however over time the concept has achieved a hike with many ongoing investments taking place.

The government and financial institutions are finding ways to mainstream the technology so that it can prove to be a strong alternative to the traditional fiat currencies and the regular digital transaction systems. 

This article is about the top trending Bitcoin buy and sell apps that are available in the market. Also, the article gives highlights about selecting the optimal Bitcoin mining software

Moreover, the article signifies the importance of selecting an experienced software development company like BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. for your project.

Top Bitcoin Buy And Sell App

Top Bitcoin Buy And Sell App

Entitling a platform as the best Bitcoin exchange platform does not follow any specific approach. Instead, it is subjective. By subjective it means that the purpose of the project plays a vital role in determining which is the best Bitcoin buy and sell app.


Coinbase was founded in June 2012 marking its 8 years of existence in the market. It targets 32 countries for now; however, the number is expected to increase with time. 

Users can exchange cryptocurrencies or can use them to store what you already have. Apart from the first and the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it also supports other digital currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and many others.

What makes it popular amongst the crypto community is its simplicity and user-friendly dashboard. Apart from the crypto exchange, Coinbase provides the recent news and updates about the cryptocurrency. 

Coinbase claims itself to function like a traditional bank. It stores 98% of its currencies in offline storage that makes it secure enough when compared to online storage. With more than 10 million downloads, it is one of the most opted platforms for crypto exchange. 


If we talk in terms of the trade volume, then Binance is the largest crypto exchange platform, globally. It effectively clusters the blockchain technology with finance operations making it a reliable platform. The platform supports more than 150 types of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin that makes it a versatile platform. 

Not just for exchange but a user can do a lot more on Binance. Things like setting price alerts or comparing price charts are some of the additional services that the platform offers. The platform supports more than 50 million merchants that are globally spread. 

Moreover, another option ‘recurring buy’ allows the user to set a frequency and quantity for automating the process of buying and selling cryptos.


The app made its debut in India in January 2020 after the Supreme Court laid its judgement on the much-heated crypto ban. The user gets access to exchange the digital token across 130 countries. What is even more appealing to the users is the fact that it deducts zero processing fee. 

Zebpay supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies that make it a versatile platform. Moreover, the platform boasts features that let the user track real-time crypto markets or peek into the historical records. It is an effective platform that keeps the user notified about the recent updates of the crypto market

Zebpay hosts various third-party partners that facilitate quick fund deposits, reducing the effort and saving time. The success of the newfound platform can be verified by the fact that the platform has managed to attract more than 3 million users in a short period of a few months. 


WazirX is a platform that supports an Indian currency exchange for buying and selling cryptocurrencies. It boasts a ‘Live Open Order Book’ system for the process that makes it an advanced platform. 

Like many other crypto exchange platforms, WazirX also supports a variety of cryptocurrencies including the popular Bitcoin. Also, the users can store their cryptocurrency in the WazirX wallet.

WazirX has some good news for the traders as well. On referring the app, the traders get straight 50 percentage as their commission making it highly lucrative.

The minute-by-minute price tracking feature ensures that you do not miss out any deal. Moreover, the passcodes that are available add an extra layer of security for the crypto users. The platform has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 that makes it a reliable platform to invest in. 


Unocoin is one of the most reliable crypto exchange platforms that are available in India. The company registers more than 1 million active users by now, and the number is still increasing. The platform is ventured by many big brands that add to its worth. 

Features like an in-built live tracker provide better accountability. Also, the user can experience automated buying and sell with the feature dedicated to it. It charges a low transactional fee that does not gulp down your earnings like other platforms. 

Moreover, the platform can perform functions like clearing mobile or DTH bills that make it a functional platform. Lastly, the platform provides Bitcoins on instances when a referral turns into a user of Unocoin. 


Yet another platform that supports multiple currencies, including Bitcoin. For better accountability, it hosts more than 70 currencies on the platform for the users to exchange. 

The recent addition enabled USDT, that means users can now buy and sell the currencies for US dollars. Moreover, the platform offers a wallet that boasts the 2FA-enabled mechanism adding an extra layer of security for the users. 

Also, the platform facilitates instant deposit, trade, transfer and withdrawal for seamless user experience. 

Which Is The Best?

Confused about the best bitcoin buy and sell app? Well, there is no such criteria that claim any app as ‘The Best’ for Bitcoin buy and sell.

Depending on the requirements, the nature of business and other supported factors, the importance of a platform is realized. There might be instances where a Coinbase Bitcoin wallet is par below the competition, but when considering the selected factors, it may then outperform its rivals. 

Hence, it is on the discretion of the app development company, the client and the project requirements that a wallet is stated as the best Bitcoin wallet

However, it is not all about choosing the best exchange platform, but laying emphasis on selecting the Bitcoin mining software is equally important. 

There are many aspects to consider while you choose a mining software that is optimal for your purpose. Scroll down to the next section to have a look at them. 

Tips To Choose Best Bitcoin Mining Apps Android 2020

Best Bitcoin Mining Apps Android

In order to select the Bitcoin mining that is best for you, make sure you consider all the below mentioned points.

  • Firstly, ensure that the platform that you select offers easy customization. A rigid platform might give you a not so smooth mining experience, unlike a platform that can be easily customized.
  • Another factor to consider is its compatibility with other platforms. It would be right to call it a best Bitcoin miner app if it supports a variety of platforms. The more platforms it will cover, the higher will get the chances of its utilization amongst the Bitcoin users. 
  • Ensure that the platform that you select does not require much of technicality to install it. Instead, go for a platform that is easy to install and quickly gets you ready to use the software. 
  • The Bitcoin mining app that you choose must have a user-friendly interface. There are instances where a capable platform is of no use because of the lack of technical know-how or its complex structuring. More user friendly the Bitcoin mining software for Android is, the blissful gets the mining experience. 
  • There are many Bitcoin mining software that faces issues with the antivirus installed on the system. Make sure that you do not compromise on the security and the mining software that you select is compatible with the version of antivirus installed on your system.  

Referring to all these points will increase the chances of obtaining a system that is effective enough to process different stages involved in the Bitcoin exchange programme. 

Why BR Softech Pvt. Ltd.?

The success of a Bitcoin exchange system is highly dependent on the development company that you approach. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software development company that excels in developing the best Bitcoin buy and sell app.

The long journey of app development, more than 10 years of experience and still counting, gives the company an edge over its competition. Plus, the huge number of in-house developers are always ready for assistance for the worst-case scenario. 

Final words

After reading this article, you must now be aware of the Bitcoin exchange platforms that are considered the topmost in the domain. However, selecting the most suitable for your purpose is a bit tedious task and hence requires expert counselling. 

Hurry up and choose the best Bitcoin wallet to transfer and receive Bitcoins in a secure environment that resists any outside invasion.

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