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Top Free Online Meme Generator Websites

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Oct 13, 2020
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Online Meme Generator Websites

Memes have become a significant part of the online revolution and lately trending on all social media platforms. As a popular culture, memes tend to go viral on the internet. Everyone on the internet probably has come across a meme. The memes are viral images with witty text used for sharing a social idea, current events or maybe represent a hilarious take on things. If you scroll along with the social media feed, you will encounter tons of memes.

There are free online meme maker which help in creating interesting memes and go viral. Today, the memes mocking someone or something in a light tone have become a fad. Memes represent a sarcastic or mocking take at certain events, people, or ideas. Memes are cool, fun, and we all know it becomes viral. If you are witty and funny, put your skills to work and create engaging memes. With the meme makers, it has become easy to make free memes and instantly share online. Here are some of the best and free meme makers websites.

Quick glimpses of free online meme generator websites

Meme Generator

Meme Generator is one of the popular websites for generating free online memes with some interesting and fun tools. The site is one of the easiest meme creators. You can browse from tons of existing memes and edit them using an image and funny captions. You can browse from the popular meme images used by people or can customize and create a meme by uploading an image on your own.

The process of creating memes on this website is very simple. All you need to do is choose an image or add a custom image or character. Complete it with a funny or witty caption. Once the meme is designed, you can send or share the meme directly through the site.

Make a Meme

As soon as you visit the site, you will see tons of images from famous memes floating across the internet on the site. Creating a meme is easy on the site, which provides an interface to design a meme. As you click on the image, you can customize it by adding a title, bottom text and top text. You can even upload your image and create a meme by adding the text.

The meme generator gives you the liberty to use popular images or custom images to create the memes. There is an option for adding a custom tile to the meme to give it more prominence. Before sharing or finalizing the meme, you can preview the meme to take a final look.


It is a fun website to create hilarious and funny memes. DIYLOL meme generator is not exclusive only to the website but has an iPhone app. You can find tons of random memes from the internet on the website. This gives you a fair idea to create your memes by customizing the image and text.

After creating the meme on DIYLOL, it is easy to share the memes online. The website is completely free for creating custom memes. The website is mostly about funny memes and how you can also create your witty memes.

Filmora Meme Generator

Filmora is another outstanding website to create memes for free. You can use different elements from image to video or GIF with witty caption or text to design the meme. There are tons of customization options like the size of the text, colour, position, or background which can be used for designing the meme.

After the meme is created and designed, it takes just one click to download the same. Filmora also gives the chance to directly upload the meme to various social media platforms. The best part is it supports a wide range of image and video formats.

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Live Meme

It is easy to use and a free online meme generator and the site offers free meme images for creating a meme. After going to the website, all you need to do is click on the “Create a meme” button and you will see a thumbnail listing of all the popular memes rolling down. You can pick an image from the options or upload a custom image.

A custom image and text helps in creating a unique meme. After the meme is created, the image can be saved in a different format on the system. There is an option to share the meme directly to social media platforms from the website. The website allows you to choose from a preselected or custom image.

Quick Meme

The Quick Meme is a fun meme created for designing customized funny memes. As soon as you open the meme website, it allows you to browse from tons of popular and latest memes. You can use the existing memes and customize it with your text. It is simple and all it takes is to edit the text and create a meme.

There are featured memes on the website browsing. You can create a hilarious meme from the scratch by uploading a funny photo along with some funny text and caption. You have the option to log in from the Facebook account. All the memes can be saved as images to the system.


InVideo is an easy and interesting site to create customized memes. There are meme templates to choose from or you can completely customize it. There are meme images you can use for creating the memes in case you do not have your image. There are text boxes and its size can be customized by editing the text, adding lines.

You can create a meme that looks unique and do so by adding more than the image on the meme. It gives you the option to even add an image on top of an existing image. After creating the meme, you can download the image and save it.

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Memes are trending and popular because it takes a sarcastic or hilarious take on something or someone or an event. It is a cultural fad these days on the internet and tends to go viral due to its engaging content. Use these free meme creators and create a customized meme to share with the world.


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