DAPP Development

DAPP or decentralised app is an open-source software platform built on the foundation of decentralised Blockchain. Instead of a single network of computers, it runs on peer-to-peer networks to prevent system failures. The main advantage of DAPP development is that it frees up businesses from the control and interference of a single authority.

Our DAPP development is focused on the agile development methodology. This allows us to deliver the best possible DAPP platforms in a shorter time frame. With the help of our highly qualified DAPP developers, we help clients maximise their ROI and business operations in the long run. Incorporating user feedback and ongoing engagement, we create Blockchain-based decentralised applications that fit the client's needs and budget.

DAPP Networks We Specialise In

To design tamperproof decentralised applications, we're proficient in the following DAPP development platforms.


Ethereum runs on the Blockchain platform and is open-source. Our Ethereum DAPP developers aim to create a decentralised network that brings together both smart contracts and front-end user interfaces of the Ethereum platform into your DAPPs Ethereum development.


With the help of the EOS DAPPs development platform, we plan to create a decentralised application that will be able to execute quick and feeless exchanges for businesses. By supporting both public and private Blockchains, EOS makes it easy for organisations to protect information and limit access to authorised parties.


Being a renowned TRON DAPP development company, we go above and beyond to develop TRON decentralised apps that are capable of executing more than two thousand transactions per second. Our team is an expert in TRON DAPP development, hence you can expect to achieve all your DAPPS development goals to be achieved with us.

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DAPP Development Services

In order to position your business as a leader in its market category, we offer a complete suite of DAPP development services based on agile methods that match your budget and deadlines.

DAPP Consulting

Discover how we help you enhance your chances of success by learning in-depth about the decentralised application.

Custom DAPP Development

As a provider of custom DAPP development services, we address all security issues of different industry verticals, positioning them at the top of the pile.

DAPP Whitepaper Development Services

We also offer DAPP whitepaper development services portraying all your business requirements and development roadmap.


We create DAPP UI/UX designs that raise the standards and help you achieve tangible outcomes for your business.

DAPP Integration Services

By incorporating our powerful strategies into your DAPP application, you can provide advanced functionality to satisfy your audience’s specific needs.

Defi DAPPS Development

With our Defi DAPP development services, we aim to meet all your financial goals in the most prompt and secure manner.

Decentralised Exchange Development

Build a decentralised exchange platform like Curve, or Balancer to help your users trade in a secure environment.

DAPP Testing

Our DAPP development is to test the application before deployment to ensure its seamless perforation on multiple platforms.

DAPP Migration Services

You can make your business accessible on all digital platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, desktop, and so on, with our DAPP migration services.

DAPP Upgrade Services

Our DAPPS developer will update your application as needed with newer technologies so you can stay competitive in the market.

DAPP Cloud Services

Cloud-based services are available for deploying DAPPS as microservices that can be exported via APIs by businesses.

Find Out How DAPP Development Can Benefit You?

Several reasons are cited by businesses to explain why they are turning to decentralised DAPP development.

  • Open Source

    Due to its open-source nature, DAPP makes it possible for everyone to view all the activities of the application. This open-source nature of decentralised applications will prompt trust among users.

  • 100% Automation

    By adoption of the smart contract, businesses manage to automate their manual process which in turn helps them to bring efficiency to their business operations. Furthermore, automation reduces the likelihood of mistakes in business operations.

  • Encryption Using Cryptography

    Decentralised applications make use of cryptographic encryption to keep the user’s data free from fraudulent activities. Basically, cryptographic encryption is made possible by storing the user information in ciphertexts.

  • Decentralised Finance

    With the help of Defi DAPPS development services, many financial institutes managed to replace the traditional loan distribution and customer identification process with a quick flash loans process.

  • Trustworthy

    The DAPP development platforms are backed by a highly transparent nature which provides authenticity for all people i.e. business owners, stakeholders, & employees, and makes them trustworthy.

  • Lego-Blocks

    Lego Blocks refers to the ability of one decentralised application that can act as the foundation for many DAPPS. By doing so, businesses will be able to access multiple services from one single application.

Interested in Our DAPP Development Services?

Working with our DAPP developers, you can create a DAPP that will ensure your intellectual property and users' privacy.

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DAPP Development Process We Follow

Being the best Blockchain DAPP development company, BR Softech follows the proven DAPP development process outlined below.

  • Decide Platform

    Our created DApps are useful to build a blockchain platform, but it depends upon the business needs. For this, Ethereum is the most powerful platform that saves time and cost.

  • Architect Designing of DApp

    DApp consultants of our company will connect with the client and will determine where the DApp has to be situated whether it will be in-house or in a hybrid way or the cloud.

  • Consensus Mechanism Selection

    Through our provided consensus mechanism, the transaction will be authenticated by the network members. There are many ways to achieve this, such as Proof of stake (PoS), Proof of Work (PoW), Byzantine fault-tolerant, and so forth.

  • Creation and Testing

    We have DApp developers who create custom DApps and smart contracts according to the business needs of clients. After its development, our team tested the app on the best network for identifying the DApp performance.

  • Analyse and Define the Issue

    Initially, our company will do deep research to know business needs. We are analysing the use of cases where decentralised applications are implemented. By doing so we manage to deliver top-notch DAPP development.

  • Delivery and Support

    We execute Decentralised applications on the main network of the client after prompting the network on the test network. We provide clients with technical support to make sure that they have all the knowledge.

Move Your Business to a Decentralised Network?

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Salient Features of Our Decentralised Application Development

These are some of the advanced features that are provided for our clients through DApp solutions, have a look-


It is not possible to alter collected data in the DApp solutions we provide. As a result, you will improve the security of the data that is collected and distributed by DApps.

Zero Downtime

We deliver a DApp in which the node instructs another node, so app updates never require any downtime. As a result, the app is more stable and accessible.


We provide privacy in our developed apps as the data in DApp is comprehensively encrypted and anonymous. Data can be decrypted with a private key.

Fast Processing

DApps enable multiple computers to work simultaneously on one task. Consequently, it involves analysing data simultaneously, making consensus, and processing information quickly.

Hardware Wallet Support

Our Blockchain DAPP developer holds expertise in developing DAPPs that offer support for all kinds of hardware types.

Enhanced UI/UX

Wireframes and interactive prototypes are designed to drive the best possible user experience for our global clientele.

Proof of Stake

Our goal is to make the DAPP tamper-proof by verifying the use of transactions as proof of stake and thereby improving Blockchain network efficiency.

Why Choose BR Softech as Your DAPP Development Company?

As a leading Blockchain DAPP development company, BR Softech has a profound understanding of Blockchain and DAPP development. Our highly skilled and productive team of DAPPS developers can provide you with a secured decentralised application that can streamline your business operations in a secure and prompt manner. As a result, our team has experience serving a variety of business verticals, including healthcare, automobiles, and insurance, from different geographical locations, such as India, Canada, the UK, and the USA.

Experts in Custom DAPP Development

Majority of Senior Developers

Over 12 Years in Creating Top-Notch Solutions

97% client retention rate.

Let's Build Your DAPP Together?

Please let us know your requirements, and we will get in touch with you to understand your development needs and provide you with your enterprise-tailored DAPP development solutions.

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What is DAPP development?

By contrast to centralised applications, DAPPS (Decentralised Applications) are distributed via peer-to-peer networks. Such applications look and function much like conventional websites. Rather than a traditional API, the backend interfaces with the blockchain network through smart contracts.

Can I hire a DAPP developer from BR Softech part-time?

Yes, you can hire DAPP developers from BR Softech on a part-time contract. Furthermore, we can also provide full-time developers or hourly developers on a project-by-project basis.

How much does it cost to develop a DAPP from scratch?

The cost to develop a DAPP from scratch is subject to your business requirements, and project complexities. According to a general estimate, this cost could range from $45k to $50k.

Can you provide some great examples of decentralised applications?

The Twitter-like social networking site Peepeth is a good example of decentralised applications. A game called CryptoKitties is another great DAPP where players can trade virtual cats.

How can I find the best DAPP development company?

If you're here, it means you've already found a DAPP development company that can assist you in transforming your idea into reality. With over 12+ years of experience in the development industry, BR Softech is a well-established DAPP development company you can count on.

The industries that could benefit from DAPP development?

These are the top 10 industries that could benefit from the development of DAPPs.

  • Healthcare
  • Finance
  • Entertainment
  • IT
  • Tourism & Travel
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Logistic
  • Real Estate

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