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A Complete Guide For Pinnacle Sportsbook Software Development

written by Admin | Jun 19, 2021

Online Pinnacle sports betting software has made its name in the online gambling industry and runs its operation in more than 200 countries. The Pinnacle sportsbook software endeavour to stay ahead of their competition by offering the gamblers option to bet on multiple sports. The Pinnacle betting software has recently celebrated its two-decade anniversary. Due to the immense popularity of the Pinnacle sportsbook software services, several key players are entering the sports betting market, thus the market is astonishing. 

The Pinnacle sportsbook platform is mobile responsive and well optimized to bring the best level of experience to the players. If you are also influenced by the rising popularity of the Pinnacle software and willing to invest in Pinnacle sportsbook software development then you have landed at the correct place. 

Here in this blog post, we will talk about a lot of things such as why invest in Pinnacle sportsbook software development, must-have features of Pinnacle sportsbook software, and cost of Pinnacle sportsbook software development. 

Why Opt For Pinnacle Sportsbook Software Services?

Nowadays most things are happening online, and the betting industry has not been left abandoned. Pinnacle is one of the renowned sportsbook solutions that has over 20 years of experience. Pinnacle is licensed by Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao Gaming Control Body, which makes it one of the legalized places to place bets online. 

Apart from this, there are several other reasons also that might inspire you to invest in the Pinnacle sportsbook management system. So without further waiting, scroll down to learn the benefits of the Pinnacle sportsbook betting software. 

Good Overall Usability

This is one of the biggest reasons why most people are opting for the Pinnacle sportsbook betting software. Having good overall usability will go a long way to allow the punters to place the bet on their favourite sports. 

Usages of the software

As per several reviews, the online Pinnacle sports betting software is intuitive and easy to use. When you launch the Pinnacle software, you will see the attractive homepage where you can find all sports bettings, leagues, live casinos, virtual casino events, and so on. All the information available on the software is organized in a good manner and also offers simple payment options. 


The design of the Pinnacle software is admired by millions of sports betting enthusiasts. All the required tabs and information are placed on a white background which enhances the look of the website and makes the design simplistic and pleasing. 


In terms of performance, PInnacle software is unbeatable. The software is equipped with the necessary graphics only to ensure smooth loading. As mentioned earlier the software can work on multiple devices with minimal or no leg. 

Award-Winning eSports Offering

Pinnacle has gained acceptance across the world for offering the best and award-winning eSports betting. The Pinnacle sports management system allows the gamblers to place bets on multiple eSports including soccer, cricket, and other eSports to name. 

Unbeatable Odds

Pinnacle is backed with the sterling record of offering industry-leading odds to its players. Odds refers to the possibilities of the favoured outcomes depending on the margin presented. Odds define the payout and the margin of the bookmakers presenting that odds. In the case of Pinnacle, the average betting margin is reduced to 3.7% which is almost half of the other industry eSports betting software providers. Hence, it is proved that Pinnacle sports betting software provides unbeatable odds. 

Higher Profits Upto 4%

Pinnacle sportsbook management system is backed with the proven risk management expertise to bring low risk and higher profits business to the sports betting bookmakers. This risk management expertise will increase your profits to 4%. 

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Risk Management Expertise

Pinnacle sportsbook platform employees with highly skilled traders that hold years of experience and Pinnacle API integration solution is another great thing that is continually on a run to build a strong risk management system that will benefit the gamblers to place the bet on their favourite sports without worrying about a single thing. 

Properly Licensed and Certified

For a business that is running successfully in the market for more than 20 years, one thing you can be sure of is that they are properly accredited and certified. The software is certified by the Malta Gaming Authority and the Government of Curacao. In addition to these certifications, Pinnacle software is also backed with independent audit services such as eCOGRA. 

Features of Pinnacle Sportsbook Platform

The following are some of the must-have features for the Pinnacle sportsbook platform.

Multiple Bets

Solutions of Pinnacle sportsbook software development are considered to be incomplete without adding support to the multiple bets. This will attract wider audiences and will allow them to explore the market and let them choose from a variety of bets. 

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Added Support For Variety of Sports

The Pinnacle sportsbook software needs to be scalable, so it can be accommodated with the needs of the sports market. Your sportsbook software needs to allow the gamblers to place wide options of sports to explore. 

Easy Payment Options

Pinnacle API integration works with efficient payment gateways to ensure that all the transactions can happen on the application with no hassle and in a secure manner. 

Multi-Lingual Support

As mentioned earlier, Pinnacle sportsbook software works in more than 200 countries. As your sportsbook business grows, you need to expand your operation in multiple countries, thus you need to offer support to multiple languages to cope with multiple geographics. 

Live Score Updates

This is the foremost feature of every Pinnacle API integration solution. Having an update of the live score during placing the bets will allow the players to make wise and profitable decisions. 

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep your users updated with the latest leagues, events, tournaments, win, loss, and so on. This is the best way to enhance the user experience to another level. 

Cost of Pinnacle Sportsbook Software Development 

The cost of Pinnacle sportsbook software developed by a Pinnacle sportsbook software development company depends on the following factors.

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Development Complexity 

The complexity of the app might seem essential to enhance user engagement, but it will also increase the app development cost. Therefore, you need to choose the technology stack of pinnacle sportsbook software carefully to keep the development cost under your budget. 

Development Platform 

You need to select a development platform from Windows, Android, and iOS. Depending on the chosen platform the app development cost will be influenced greatly.

Geographical Factor

It is mandatory that quality software development needs the assistance of a highly experienced team of developers. While hiring a developer you can consider the following hourly price chart of the developers depending on their geographical location.

  • The U.S. based developers: $50 to $150 per hour
  • Europe based developers: $40 to $140 per hour
  • India based developers: $25 to $100 per hour

If you choose a team of India-based developers and decide to develop a Pinnacle sportsbook software with the essential features only then the development cost would be somewhere between $30,000 to $50,000. If you go for advanced features then the cost of Pinnacle sportsbook software development would be somewhere between $75,.000 to $90,000. 

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The Key Takeaway!

Pinnacle is one of the reputed software that brings a lot of business opportunities for sports betting lovers. While developing your Pinnacle sportsbook betting software you need to enrich the software with the above-mentioned features. 

BR Softech is one of the pioneer names in the field of Pinnacle sportsbook software development. If you want to get your sports betting software developed by a highly skilled team of developers using the latest and innovative technologies, then do consult with BR Softech today!


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