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Most Important Android vs iOS APP UI/UX Design Differences & Similarities

Jun 02, 2018
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Most Important Android vs iOS APP UI UX Design Differences & Similarities

We are living in times where every possibility is based on the mobile application, for example, cab booking apps, food delivery apps, shopping app and social chatting app which are built peoples’ lifestyle in a different way but these types of mobile application are based on the impressive Application UI/UX design services. So the main concept of the mobile application is that at the present time, no one person can live without smartphones gadget and can’t imagine life.

The invention or development of this type application by iOS and the Android operating system that is the world of the most powerful operating system in mobile application development. But the most of important features difference in user or developer mind that what is the best feature in Android, iPhone mobile app, which one quality makes application performance, how we create the best Android UI/UX Design Services and how to develop an iPhone app UX/UI Design Service. Here we are giving the attractive app feature, difference and similarities between iOS and Android application.

Integrated Development Platform of App creations

The App Development is based on “Integrated Development Platform” that which one we use like Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Development Kit, Delphi, NetBeans, etc. These platforms are developing an impressive UX/UI Mobile App Design Services for Android & iPhone. However, the Google ADK turned over to the active environment. If you are new enterprises and user in the IT & Software development then you must have a laptop or MacBook after that you can easily develop the mobile application.
It is an important step to suggest the information about the both of mobile OS similarities, but the major concept depends on app installation compatibility. Furthermore, lots of application feature is similar to the Android & iOS mobile operating system. So let’s come on app UI/UX design service and enlisting features in the different essential platform.
A. Application Menu Icons

The application menu icon is the impressive feature that indicates the particular one feature it means a user brings a mobile and see the mobile music application which is too much impressive like headphone icon, headphone with a person icon or GIF Icon etc. Even more other app feature icons. So, according to my concept, the developer should be creative to develop a mobile app icon whether is based on the IOS and Android application UI/UX Design Services because the app icon is the first impression of the mobile application.

According to iOS Application UX/UI Design Services, the iOS developer use the Skeuomorphism and extended style service, that’s why the iOS developer knows every time the screen size compatibility on app developing time.

The Android app UI/UX Design Services is based on ADK tool, the same concept of iOS app icon development is applied to the android app icon development. But the android app development is based on the transparent application background where they can develop any shape or image icon on the particular app icon. So you can develop an app icon with any shape of the icon.

B. App Bar Layout

App Bar Layout

The App layout represents your top app icon which indicates the App Bar, Navigation bar, Tab bar & Bottom Bar and Status bar. These types of Application bar layout represent your application screen resolution. It is the major concept of every android and iOS App Development Company. Also, it builds a much better disclosure much better for app developer or designer. These app bar icon should have constant styles.

C. Screen Sizes and Resolutions

Notification Alert action

The most of glaring feature between iOS and Android that represent the screen size and resolution in the application. If we are talking about the Ios app UX/UI Design Services interface that defines only two screen size, resolution according to new iPhone trending but the android mobile screen comes in the various screen size and resolution that is based on 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches, 6.5 inch etc. Which is represented that the Android user has higher in the world. Now the main concept of screen size , resolution is clear when a developer develops the application.


Sometimes lots of android mobiles don’t have any back button on the screen, but when they on-mobile light they can see the back button. For example, the Android mobile devices have always a back button which is going back on the actual back activity, according to compatibility, but the iOS mobile application did not have any back button options. So when the developer builds an app they must require option according to a mobile operating system like Apple iOS or Android mobile then they can easily maintain the app service according to both of us.

E. Notification Alert action

Screen Sizes and Resolutions

This concept your app validating and updating feature which depends on the new version. Another word we can say that Notification alteration is an important feature in the mobile app that increases your smartphone performance. So the developer should keep in mind always to develop the best option for a pop-up feature that gives a native feeling on the mobile screen when the notification release.

But the Android and iOS have various ways of notification alert action which is based on pop-up and alert style bases. This alteration is shown as a popup in android devices,but the iPhone app UX/UI Design Services devices, notification alert action have come in a horizontal line in the taskbar.

Ux and UI Differences Between iOS and Android

  • The Android devices are usually inspirable by more colors and user-friendly in the mobile applications, whereas the Apple iOS products hold high-quality color resolution and provide the performance quality which attracts people.

  • Android app UI/UX Design Services developed in the much more dimensional design (Screen Size) with the help of shades and ample range of color comparison to iPhone UX/UI Design Services.

  • If you have big thumbs iOS mobile apps device doesn’t give any guarantee because iOS mobile app developer does not give any space between the app icons for tapping which is too much different compared to Android app devices.

  • The google has lots of feature app which is based on Android app development that’s why the user demand and service of Android is an upper comparison to IOS devices.


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