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Poker Game Development Cost in 2024

Game Development
Apr 12, 2024
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Poker Game Development Cost

Do you know the cost involved in developing a poker game? If not, don’t worry! This blog is just meant for you! In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about the poker game development cost, such as factors affecting the cost, ways to reduce the price, and more.

The advancement and rise of online gaming platforms has led to a significant increase in demand for Poker games. Many poker game development companies today are using advanced technology stacks and tools to create ultra-modern poker game solutions that are user-oriented and hard to find in the market. Those days are gone when people used to go to casinos to place bets and win money. The scenario has changed today, now people visit online casinos through their smartphones in the comfort of their homes. If you are interested in the concept of Poker game, but unaware of the poker game development cost, you are at the right place.

Let’s dive deeper into the core without wasting any further time!

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Cost of Poker Game Development

The development cost is the most important aspect when it comes to building a poker game. However, it is impossible to determine the poker game cost without knowing the needs and requirements of the project. Some essential factors can help us determine the average cost of a poker game. The average price of creating a poker game with basic features and functionality ranges from $5,000 to $15,000. You must also note that this range is not fixed and depends on various factors. Suppose you want a poker game app with advanced features and high-end graphics then you may need to spend up to $18,000~$25,000. The actual cost of your project may not define this cost range and can also be lower after viewing your project requirements. Contact a leading poker game development company to know more.

Here is the estimated cost of creating a poker game for different platforms:

iOS$8000 to $15000
Web$5000 to $12000

Let’s discuss the various factors that affect the cost of developing a poker game.

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Factors Affecting the Poker Game Development Cost

Various factors impact the overall poker game app cost, from hiring game developers to integrating advanced features. Here are the major factors affecting the cost of creating a poker game:

  1. Location of Developers

The location of developers strongly affects the app development cost. For instance, hiring a developer team from India will cost much less as compared to hiring a team from the US or UK. The main reason behind this fact is the labour costs which are higher in developed nations and lower in developing countries. The hourly rate of developers from India will be in the range of $15~35 whereas the hourly rate of developers from the US will be around $55~80. This is why location plays an important role in determining the online poker game development cost.

  1. Type of Game Engine

The type of game engine also impacts the cost of creating a poker game. There are two major game engines, Unity and Unreal Engine. However, they do affect the cost that much, but integrating high-end resources into a game will increase the price of the game.

  1. Game Design

The user interface is the first thing a user interacts with. The UI and UX design contains everything from graphics, game elements, characters, and more. Creating highly interactive game designs and integrating high-quality game elements increases the overall development costs. This also affects the labour of designers as they charge based on the complexity of the project.

  1. Development Platform

Another factor on the list is the development platform of the game. If you create a poker game for the iOS platform then the development cost of your project will be higher than creating an Android poker game, Alternatively, if you opt for native app development it will cost you more as compared to cross-platform development. You must decide as per your requirements whether you should go for a multi-platform or a cross-platform poker app.

  1. Game Testing

If you have developed a game before, you must be aware of the importance of game testing and quality assurance. The game must be checked before launching as there may be possibilities your poker game app might contain bugs that may deteriorate its performance. This process requires a team of game testers who check thoroughly to determine any errors and fix them. It is also necessary to attain the highest level of performance for UX enhancements. This elevates the development budget and increases the overall cost of building a poker app.

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How The Cost Can Be Reduced For Poker Game Development?

Here are the steps that can help you in reducing the overall poker game app development cost:

  • Determine Features

The first thing that you must do to reduce the cost of a poker game is to determine the features and functionality. Determine which features are essential for your poker game app. Avoid integrating unnecessary features that can not only increase your project cost but also make the app bulkier in terms of size and functioning. 

  • Creating a Prototype

A prototype is a dummy version of your app which will help you know how your app will look and work. Creating a prototype can help you determine the functionality of your poker app where you can make any changes required like the addition/removal of features, change in app interface and designs, etc. This can help you reduce the cost of developing a poker game.

  • Opt for Cross-Platform Poker

Another way to decrease the online poker game development cost is to proceed with creating a cross-platform poker game. As discussed above, a cross-platform app is compatible and works on various operating systems like Android, iOS, and Windows whereas a native app works on a single operating system. This way it is wiser to go for a cross-platform poker game.

  • Hire Developers from India

One more way that is highly effective is to hire card game developers from countries like India. Developers from countries like the US and UK usually charge $60 to $110 per hour. On the other hand, developers from India charge much less i.e., $15 to $35/ hour. So if you want to develop a poker game app for your business then you must hire poker game developers from India.

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Develop a Poker Game at BR Softech

As an award-winning poker game development company, we create robust poker game apps for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, and the Web. We have a highly skilled team of developers and designers who have deep knowledge of advanced tech stack and programming languages and develop poker game solutions with top-notch features. If you are fascinated by the poker game concept and want to have your own poker game app then share your idea with BR Softech and turn your dream into a reality. Hire us and get:

  • 24-hour customer support
  • Poker game apps at affordable rates
  • Multi-platform and cross-platform poker game development solutions
  • Integration of top-notch features
  • App maintenance and update service
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q. How much does a poker game cost?

Ans. On average it will cost you around $5,000 to $10,000 for creating a poker game application for Android or an iOS platform with basic features and functionalities. The cost depends on various factors. To know the exact cost of your poker game contact BR Softech.

Q. Is poker a profitable game?

Ans. Yes, investing in poker game applications is highly profitable. There is a very large user base for this game including players from various parts of the world which makes it a lucrative business to invest in.

Q. How much time does it take to create an app for a poker game?

Ans. It takes around two to three months to build a poker app. However, the time depends on the project’s size and complexity.

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