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Most Amazing Benefits For Building a Mobile App For Your Business

App Development
Jul 20, 2017
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Benefits For Building a Mobile App For Your Business

When an expert tends to give advice, we take some and ignore many. The self-realization happens only after going through the experiences, often the expensive ones. This is the one single mindset that has been found in businesses across all industries.

Many growing organizations across industries have been fully aware of the fact and thus, their next business move is to have a mobile app solution for the B2B and B2Cproducts and service they are offering globally. No industry, be it healthcare, media and entertainment, sports, food and restaurant, real estate, banking and finance, education and eLearning or travel is exempt from this shifting panorama.

All these industries got transformed when the internet brought them online, and that change has now reached to mobile apps. In order to reach the global audience, especially millennials, we don’t have a choice but to move to mobile.

A preeminent example of this is how Starbucks finally rolled out its mobile app. They say ‘there are now more ways to order your Starbucks coffee.’ The app comes with ‘scan to pay’ and ‘shake to pay’ features that allow customers to do digital payments. In fact, in some of the regions, the coffee giant has enabled orders via Amazon’s Alexa. About 13 million customers have signed up for Starbucks Rewards and 9 million have been paying through their mobile devices.

Though the mobile app adoption hasn’t come easy to the coffee chain, they have witnessed a 20 percent jump in mobile pay and ordering across 1200 of its locations, last year.

Since then, Starbucks mentioned that it is testing new ways to make the process smoother and more engaging for every coffee enthusiast.

Clearly, this is the future of business, and you must be ready to roll, else you won’t qualify the race.

While some of the startups and enterprises are still not sure about having a mobile app, we have put together the several reasons, the several benefits of owning one, spanning all industries. We’ve covered each industry separately stating a logical and pragmatic reason to count on the goods you can earn by appearing on millions of mobile screens.

Hire Mobile App Developer Such as BR Softech- one of the leading IT company’

Health-care & Fitness

Now we are at the crossroads in health-care history that has brought almost as much change in the last few years as all the previous eras and the centuries before. Mobile technology has delivered commendable features to patients and providers. For years, patients have been standing in long queues to get a doctor’s appointment, even if they are running a temperature or for their regular blood pressure, sugar level checkups.

But today, innovation in health-care has taken the form of extremely convenient services of measuring glucose levels, heart rate, getting a prescription for normal fever and alike being at home, through mobile devices. Fitness has become an obsession for most millennial, and smart watches like Fitbit, iWatch have brought a phenomenal change in the lifestyle of people of all ages. They can now keep themselves out of doctor’s office and monitor their calorie intake, diabetics as long as it isn’t an emergency.

Advanced health apps can now function like your personal dietitian and advice you the best foods for the day, to keep fit and healthy. Some others can also provide first aid wherever you are.

Similarly, information-based apps can be of great help to doctors and practitioners as they can stay up-to-date with the latest healthcare news delivered to your mobile devices and keep themselves away from the troubles of manually providing appointment slots. Through the app, it’s easy and quick.

Travel & Hospitality

As ride sharing and cab hiring have become mainstream, we have seen how travel industry has pushed the boundaries and made mobile its best pal. The new things that every traveler enjoys and feels excited about while scrolling their phone is the information about the right seat, book hotels online, earn reward points and get a cashback discount on first purchase through mobile app, check out the location of the nearest Pizza Hut, book a place that would feel like home in a foreign country and get a trip planned by an online app service.

Apps like Airbnb, Uber, Hotel Tonight, Skyscanner have offered an all-new travel experience whether traveling to a foreign land or hanging around the local places. The reason behind why people love these travel apps the most is that they have full control over their journey, they get a personalized trip planned and the pleasure of being more proactive during the trip.

No more surprises of receiving a middle seat on the flight and no headaches for hotel check-ins but getting the best room service in a favorite hotel handpicked before starting the vacation. Everything is sorted because is planned in advance.

Education and eLearning

Smartphones have taken learning beyond classrooms and textbooks and made it exciting to understand the concepts through group learning, having discussions on topics from the comfort of home. These apps use tutorial videos and interactive tools to make learning interesting and engaging. Professors and education experts have realized that young generation can learn better when it is presented on appealing screens.

Though it can’t replace classroom teaching and the needs of physical schools and institutes can never die out, these eLearning platforms are an added advantage to innovative learning, especially for the ones busy in their daily jobs, routine tasks, who can’t afford to go to colleges but can take online courses and complete their projects at their convenience. The idea is to get the children and for that matter, people of all ages, to be interested in learning anytime, from anywhere, without being restricted to the limited teaching hours.

Now, it’s app owner responsibility to build the app so that the audience can be engaged and relate to and relish the lessons. Real-life examples, forum discussions, mini videos, compelling presentations are a few to mention.

If you’re ready to take your education business to a new level of excellence and exceptionalism, to reach out to the global audience, get in touch with us. We’re just a call away. Our experts will give you a positive, powerful mobile presence in the industry.

Social Networking

Our generation can never ignore the success of Facebook, Snapchat, WeChat, Instagram, and how they have turned themselves from a small setup to multi-billionaire brands in the social networking industry. Users are overwhelmed to share their photos, videos, thoughts and ideas with their family and friends sitting in any corner of the world. The concepts of video chat, group chat, messenger, voice mails, gifs are extremely fascinating, and it’s amazing that we are living it in real.

No wonder, mobile app development has got its major share from this industry. Social media apps are a complete metamorphosis in the digital era. And it’s going to continue as each of these brands is coming up with groundbreaking integrations within the app. Besides brands, we often come across several startups and enterprises that want a social sharing platform for their target audience and employees within the organization. We are glad to help them with top-notch solutions that our professionals can create.

See how we can connect your users and employees through modern social networking solutions.

And there are many more industries that earn the maximum revenue from mobile app development today. You can know the various challenges and solutions that can be implemented to real estate, eCommerce, restaurant, on-demand, banking and finance here.

We are living in the century where people demand superior service in conjunction with convenience and accessibility. Since millennial expect more than simply having a mobile access to your service and products, delivering the best user experience is the only way to reel in the millennial audience. With technology advancing each day, it’s important to keep up with the industry trends to keep their largest target market engaged.

The competition is tough, a single laxity can cost you more than what you’ve planned to invest.

Summing up:

BR Softech one the best mobile application development company can help you with the right consulting and all the right expertise for your next mobile app project. Be it any industry, our expert knows the art of doing the work with perfection. We have expertise with rich experience working with latest tools and technology, with a passion towards the modern and state-of-the-art.


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