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10 Best Android Games Free to Play During the Boring Moments

written by Nitin Garg | Feb 16, 2022
Android Games

After the pandemic time, we all have hooked onto our mobiles more than before. Since we don’t have the option to go out, we are dependent on online video platforms, google apps, tv, and many more things. As each day is passing, the desire to have something more is growing in the form of web series, new movies, games, or apps. The latest android games are also contributing their part in our present day’s life.

Playing games is a good choice and it is getting improved and enjoyable when you play it with your friends and family. By god’s grace, many mobile game development companies are offering to develop android game application for kids and elders for free to make the situation pleasant. From the latest Dots and Boxes to PUBG, here are 10 best Android games in play store that are free to play at this time of the boring moments.

Top 10 Android Games That Can Help You to Get Rid of Boredom

Top 10 Android Games

Staying at home all day can become boring and monotonous. So, here we have curated a list of various best free android games 2022 that can be played with multiplayer during the boring moments-

1. Latest Dots & Boxes

This is one of the New mobile games that are just perfect for kids as they will enjoy it very much. This is simple & best android games free download now.

How to Play Latest Dots & Boxes?

You have to make a winning box in the end to win this game that will be based on the box and dot combination. After downloading it, you will get to see an impressive dashboard along with three panels that are- online, offline, and play with friends. Players have several dots but they can only combine 2 dots with one vertical and horizontal line. And, when it makes a box, that player wins. You can play it in various modes like- single player, 2 players, and multiplayer mode.

Develop your own iOS Game Application

Download Link:


Android –

Key Features

– The function of the multi-player game

– Integration of artificial intelligence features

– Interactive and easy to play

– Suitable for all age groups.          

2. Latest Jump

Challenge yourself with these latest mobile games that are free to download. This latest jump game is also a kind of game that will give your enthralling feel while playing it.

Latest Jump game

How to Play latest jump?

It is easy to download and easy to play for smartphone users. All you have to do is to stay focused and get the highest scores to win. You can do it by tracking various block color’s points. Then, you have to select the characters as per the score points. Click to jump on the box and collect power boosters in a limited time.   

Download Link:


iOS: –

Key Features

– Revive your mind and decrease the stress level.

– Fascinating arcade game

– Eye-catching and super addictive graphics

– Striking audio/video visuals.

3. Helical Jump

To enjoy more android games, you can download this one. It is a very simple and impressive game that is freely available on Google Play Store.

How to PlayHelical jump?

You have to switch the game maze and the gap of plates will be considered by jumping ball but ball colors can’t touch the colorful strips as it can make you lose the game and the game will restart if you die.

Download Link:



Key Features

– Striking tower of plates

– Good sound effect and peaceful music

– User-friendly and simple game

4. Crossing Gaps Hero

Among the latest android games, it is a unique, effective, and simple game that will give you a time-spending and better solution.

How to Play crossing gaps hero?

A player will stand on the pillar and create a bridge to go to another pillar. The more interesting thing is the distance between two pillars in this game as this distance has a burning river and if you fall here, you will be out of the game.

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Rules of the Game

– Create a bridge as per the distance

– Have the maximum game points

– Don’t create an over-large bridge

– Save your lifeline to defeat the monster.

Download Link:



5. Ludo King

This game is on the top of the list of latest android games in 2022 as it is quite famous among the group of all ages. It is a kind of multiplayer game that you can play with your friends and family. All you have to do is to create a code and share it with the ones with whom you want to play with. You can also play a snake and ladder in this.

How to Play Ludo king game?

It is a game of strategy and probability where you need four board rounds by rolling the dice to reach your home. Also, make sure that no one can cut your chance of winning.  

6. Tambola

It is also known as the Indian Bingo that is another multiplayer game with random online people. In these new mobile games, probability has a crucial role everywhere.

How to Play tambola?

All the players will have a ticket along with random numbers on it between 1 to 100. These numbers will be cut one by one after announcing that number and the person who will have all the numbers cut will be the winner in the end. There are many changes in it to win. People can also chat while playing it to make it more interesting.   

7. Scrabble Go

It is for the people who love to play with words and comes under the latest mobile games. It follows the oldest way of scrabbling.

How to Play Scrabble Go?

You have letters and tiles on scrabble and you are required to make words but, in the end, you have to earn the points. There are various modes to play this game such as- word drop, Duels, Rush, Tumbler, and others. This game is both educational and fun for people.

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8. Uno Card Game

This is another card game we all have played at least once since our childhood. In this, players have to match their card with each-other either with number or color.

How to Play Uno card game?

In this, like other new mobile games, people can create private rooms to play with family and friends. Through this, they can get two wild cards and three action cards in the game. This game has only 2, or 3 or 4 player modes and has artificial intelligence players to play with them. It works in both offline and online modes.

9. 8 Ball Pool

Many people love this game among all the new mobile games. It is the most famous multiplayer pool game that needs you to pot in the balls in pockets or caroms to win.  

How to Play 8 bAll Pool game?

It allows the players to enjoy and gives a realistic feel to players. Also, it provides you an opportunity to get prizes and coins. You can get to level up too.

10. Carrom Pool

This game is among all the games we used to play in our childhood and now it is known as one of the latest mobile games. This game is so simple to play and can have a multi-player with this. And, you are needed to pot many tokens to win by earning the points.

How to Play Carrom Pool game?

You can play this game with both your family and friends and even with other random players. It has two modes- Disk Pool and Carrom and permits you to have striker options and various pucks. It also works in offline modes.


This kind of mobile game brings so much joy and fun to our life in this situation of lockdown. These latest mobile games will help you to deal up with the quarantine time. To develop these types of mobile games for Android or iOS, you can contact mobile game development company, BR Softech that will help you to have services as you want by experienced and skilled developers. They also follow the rules and regulations and keep the work on priority to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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