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Top Sports Apps in 2024-25

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Feb 15, 2024
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Best Sports Applications in 2023

Sports are an integral part of our lives and most importantly it is one of the important source of entertainment for all. With the advent of technology and the best sports apps, people can watch their favourite sports from the comfort of their homes using their smartphones and seamless internet connectivity. Fans use sports applications not just to play and compete but also to get real-time stats, scores, news and crucial information that help them stay updated and upgraded with the latest developments in the sports industry. 

Besides increasing the fan base of online sports apps, the industry as a whole is becoming lucrative and beneficial day by day. The global sports technology market was valued at USD 13.14 billion in 2022, which is projected to rise at a CAGR of 20.8% from 2022 to 2030. The market value is going to reach a value of $36.2 billion by 2028. Want to know about the best apps for sports in 2024? Here is the guide for you! 

In this blog, we will highlight the list of best sports apps in the mobile game industry, offering users and entrepreneurs updated news, sports updates, information etc. 

What are The Best Sports Apps?

Sports mobile apps are the platform which provides users with the latest and credible information related to sports news and entertainment. It facilitates them with game scores, sports news, live matches, sports events, player-centric updates and information, etc. Apps for sports are generally SaaS-oriented, which not only offer the latest updates but also real money games via which you can enhance your gameplay skills and generate a huge amount of money from it. 

List of 10 Best Sports Apps in 2024

There are a lot of sports apps for Android, and iOS available in 2024, but only a few of them are ruling the market, because of their interactive features, graphics, and responsive interface. Here is the list of the 10 popular sports applications in 2024: 

List of 10 Best Sports Apps in 2023

1. Bleacher Report 

Bleacher Report

Being one of the best sports apps, Bleacher Report mobile app covers news and updates related to various different types of sports such as American Football, basketball, hockey, mixed martial arts, etc. Using this, users can keep themselves up with the latest developments in the field of sports while following their favourite sports clubs or teams, and never missing out the drama, upsets or any latest updates, etc. You can customize it according to your will to get information related to your favourite sports only. 

Features of Bleacher Report: 

  • Customization: it allows you to get updates on the teams, leagues, and sports of your choice 
  • Real-time reporting allows you to access all the information about the scores and stats instantly 
  • It offers top stories that can keep you updated about the new happenings. 
  • Bookmarking allows you to keep a record of your favourite story so that you can check it anytime you want. 

2. Yahoo Sports 

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports is among the top list of sports apps in 2024, which is available on both Android and iOS platforms for free of cost. Users can access it to watch live updates and games of popular sports even without a subscription. Besides major football leagues, this app covers the latest information about other sports as well, including tennis, cricket, football, boxing, cycling, etc. 

Features of Yahoo Sports 

  • A wide range of live coverage of football leagues 
  • Latest content curation in the form of articles and news 
  • Smooth and user-friendly interface 
  • Video and article search for enhanced functionality 
  • Customized sports-related information 

3. theScore 


theScore is one the popular sports apps in 2024, which offers live and quick score updates, scores and analysis with breaking sports news. With a sports calendar, users can even schedule notifications for the latest updates so that they can keep themselves updated. 

Hockey, baseball, basketball, and hockey are some of the most prominent sports featured by this sports application. With real-time sports analysis and updates, this app is available for both Android and iOS users. 

Features of theScore 

  • Dashboard for real-time score updates 
  • Personalized sports data feeds 
  • Group chat for users and fans 
  • Social media stories on favourite sports or teams 

4. Sofa Score 

Sofa Score

Being one of the most comprehensive sports applications for Android and iOS, this platform is ideal for sports fanatics and international soccer updates. This app provides a list of live matches to keep users updated on the latest action from leagues worldwide. Users can even run this app on their Android smartwatch and stream a small video clip of every objective. Besides live streaming, the app also provides information like real-time updates and player ratings. 

Features of Sofa Score: 

  • Live chat increases the overall engagement 
  • Quizzes for fan interaction 
  • Battle draft game integration for further engagement 
  • Real-time stats and scores of teams and leagues 

5. CBS Sports 

CBS Sports

It is a top live sports news app that offers users personalized feeds of real-time scores, news, stats, and analytics. The app also supports live streaming of multiple sporting events such as the PGA Tour and NCAA Basketball. If you want to enhance your live video streaming experience of popular sports, CBS Sports is the right choice for you! You can download this app from both the Google play store and the Apple App Store. 

Features of CBS Sports: 

  • Tailored news feeds 
  • A betting guide from experts 
  • 24/7 sporting news 
  • On-demand highlights of sporting events 
  • Intuitive interface

6. Live Scores 

 Live Scores

Since its establishment in 1998, Live Scores has been delivering the most accurate and credible game updates and scores to people across the globe. It is one of the most popular mobile apps for sports which covers a wide range of sports-related data and news for soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, and football. The platform also offers live commentary for each of the games which enhances the experience of the users. 

Features of Live Score 

  • Live notification of sports 
  • Preferred games added to the list 
  • Explore Option to allow users to find their favourite sports
  • Ball tracking through pitch view option 
  • Sports calendar to get updates on the latest sporting events

7. FlashScore 

With 30+ sports and 6000+ sporting events, FlashScore sports mobile app keeps users updated on the latest news, stats, standings and scores. Besides that, you can also keep track of your favourite sports teams, leagues and events. Seeing its features and real-time support controls, this platform has already made its name at the top of the list of sports apps.

Features of FlashScore 

  • Push notifications and alerts for the gamers 
  • Live text commentary for fan interaction 
  • In-depth and high-quality match previews 
  • Latest news updates 
  • Cross-platform compatibility 

8. 365Scores 


365Scores is one of the latest sports apps which enable users to enjoy a wide range of coverage of all sports, including football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, etc. It provides users with the latest scores, videos, schedules and stats. The platform provides information for over 2000 competitions, including IPL, NFL, FIFA, NHL, etc. The App allows you to customize your news feed with the sports of your choice for utmost engagement. 

Features of 356Scores: 

  • Live game tracker for quick updates 
  • Gamified content 
  • Live player ratings 
  • An extensive notification system 
  • Real-time stats and scores 

9. The AllStars 

The AllStars is one of the best sports apps for Android and iPhone users which provides users with an ad-free and customizable user experience. Using this platform, users can receive news, stats, and updates related to their favourite team and sports league. user interface depends on the type of sports they choose. It features sports like NBA, UFC, NFL, EPL, NHL etc., for enhanced user engagement and interaction. 

It is an all-inclusive platform for fantasy competition jockeys, professional sports bettors, armchair coaches, etc. It consists of expert tools and insights which help users make actionable information out of those detailed stats. 

Features of AllStars 

  • Live commentary on sporting events 
  • Customized news feeds 
  • Free no advertising 
  • Live game trackers 
  • Season stats 

10. BBC Sport

BBC Sport

Being one of the best sports streaming apps, BBC Sport offers users the latest news, updates, scores, and unmissable game highlights. It has high-privacy standards and protocols which ensures data security to all its users. With personalized news feeds and data, the platform shares crucial information, which enhances the overall mobile user experience. 

Features of BBC Sport 

  • Streaming live games 
  • Live video streaming of the sporting events 
  • Next-level personalization 
  • Easy social sharing 
  • Sporting event highlights 

Develop your Own Sports Application

As we have seen the sports industry is currently flourishing, which in turn, makes this lucrative and beneficial for investors or entrepreneurs to invest in sports app development. In order to develop your own sports streaming app, here are the steps that you must consider: 

  • Analyze your ideas for an ideal sports app that can leave competitors behind the game. 
  • Create a blueprint of all the specifications and decide on UI/UX Design 
  • Create MVP and integrate all the features 
  • Decide on the technology stack
  • Hire a team of sports betting app developer

Sports App Development: Get Started With BR Softech 

By now you might have understood what are the top sports apps in 2024. So if you are fascinated by the concept of launching your own sports app, hire BR Softech as the sports app development company. With an expert and professional team of the latest sports app designers and developers, we can help you convert your dream project ideas into reality. Choose us to get: 

  • On-time delivery of the project 
  • Affordable sports betting solutions
  • Expert team of developers 
  • Advanced tech stack 
  • High-class features 

Quick Contact Us : 

Call/WhatsApp:  +1-650-727-6690+91-9509933566


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Top Sports App?

Ans. On average, sports application development cost ranges from $15k to 20k with basic features and functionalities. However, the cost may shoot up to $25k and even more depending on the type and complexity of your project.

Q. What Are The Free Sports Apps For Android And Ios?

Ans. Free sports apps of 2024are: 
Flash Score 
Live Score 
CBS Score

Q. What Is the #1 Sports App?

Ans. Flashscore is a top sports app of 2024known for quick and credible reports of sports updates, scores, and stats.

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