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How businesses can use the chatbots to maximum advantage?

Jan 03, 2017
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Chatbots are the top-notch technology which helps to increase the customer experience to a lot of extent. Many businesses are opting for investing in the chatbots.

What is the chatbot?

A chatbot is nothing but a digital touch point which is the interace used fir conversation as such. It helps in distributing of information at a rapid pace. It gives the new directions to businesses for connecting with the customers. It is said to eliminate all the barriers which are constructed at the time of non-office hours, weekends and the holidays time.

How chatbots helps to enhance eCommerce business?

Many of the businesses are meant to provide transactional relationship. This is more in case of eCommerce business. When you opt for the options online and compare the prices, check out for delivery in your location and finalize the vendor, add certain products in your cart, do the payment for merchandise, the item gets delivered and the everything moves on. This is the reason there is rising business potential for the chatbots.

Whenever you desire to buy any other product then the same process is repeated. Chatbots works wonders in this context. The chatbot helps you to check out the costing and availability across different etailers and also provide you fast recommendation related to which of the vendor you must purchase from at the good price and also assist in finishing of the transaction before you opt for leaving the bot interface.

If we make an assumption that we don’t have any kind of luxury of the aggregator bot then the consumer opt for making purchase from the given endor only. There are also different shopping apps solution like Amazon which helps you to know about the shopping trends that hits the markets.

In these kind of situations, the chatbot which is particular to the vendor will be helpful to assist in tech purchasing process and also help out with the queries that might require any human to bee inserted in the equation For instance, if you opt for the tablet charger and are not at all certain about any details of the chosen product, if it is good enough for charging your iPad or not- then your could either read through the specs as such of the product and also make any kind of comparison with specs related to the tablet (and this is not done by many of the people) or speak to the customer service agent (just wait in the telephone queue, spend some time, talk at the time of official business hours, etc).

And these processes are just time consuming and not at all much appealing. If any vendor has tech chatbot, it will do ot for youby opting for the manner called behind-the-scenes data bank. Now you don’t have to rely on the agent for tech same task. The other facet of a B2C relationship is teh after-sales service and the support. Order tracking, checking the status of shipment, filing of grievance, etc needs the customer service agents. This situation turns out to be the one which costs you a king’s ransom.

Closing Thoughts:

If eCommerce sector is concerned, then the business generally opt for providing the transactional relationship. Chatbots are the best source which helps in making the hassle-full tasks completely hassle-free to a lot of extent. The reason why chatbots are most trending technology is because it provides new directions to the business for communicating with the customers.


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Written by Nikita Tak. Currently she is working with the leading IT company of Jaipur. She hails from beautiful city, Ajmer. A prolific blogger, shopaholic, fashionista, story teller, poet. She loves to write technical blogs, interior decor blogs, fashion blogs. She also loves to express her thoughts in the form of stories and poetries. Her works have been featured in various books.


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