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Complete Comparative Analysis of Game Designer V/s Game Developer

Game Development
Dec 14, 2020
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Game designing is the art and science of creating video games. Over time the expectations of video gamers have been rising up, and so is the requirement of a skilled Game Design Company In India. When we are looking for a game development company a big question pop-out in our mind related to Game Designer v/s Game Developer roles and responsibilities.

Clients usually mistake game designing with game development, but they fail to recognize the significant difference between both of it. No doubt both of them are closely related to each other but considering them the same can be the biggest misconception that someone could carry.

If by any chance you are looking to craft a high-end video game with exceptional graphics, appealing storyline and booming sound effect then this article is likely to guide you in the right direction.

Game Designer v/s Game Developer

Game designing and development is an interrelated concept though still having a remarkable difference. The former is related to the planning, design and layout, and the latter is to craft the layout into a working model.  

To gain a better understanding of each of it, let us learn about the concept of Game Design Services.

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Getting to know Game Design 

Game design is one of the most vital elements of video game development, be it for commercial, educational, or entertainment purposes.

If we segment the process of game designing into basic components, then it will include various planning aspects such as the creation of appealing stories, creating and defining characters, setting up the goal, rules and challenges associated with the interaction of characters, objects as well as users. 

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Game designing is a complex process and serves as the foundation over which the entire product is developed. This makes the role of a game designer extremely important. 

The section stated below emphasizes the responsibilities of a web designer that you must seek to opt for the Best Game Designer.

Game Designer Responsibilities

A neatly laid game design can be as rewarding for a video game development project then you can ever imagine. This is why the clients look after a well-experienced game designer for their project. 

When looking out for a game designer, you should keep a few important things in mind that are as follows-

  • The game designer should be capable of innovating appealing games dedicated to the purpose and the target audience. 
  • The game designer should be able to conceptualize and then develop the characters, rules, settings and stories as per the clients and projects demand. 
  • Not just that, an experienced game designer is the one resorted to for fetching up new game ideas and stories for the clients and executives linked with the project. 
  • The game designer should excel in communicating with the involved teams and the assistant working under it. Moreover, the game designer should excel at multitasking while dealing with a variety of projects simultaneously.
  • The game designer should be polished when it comes to prototyping the entire game development layout. 
  • A professional game designer should always have its eye set on the market trends and must be equally dynamic when it is about implementing the approach.  
  • It is the duty of a Responsible Game Designer to observe the progress of the game development if it is in compliance with the game design and see if it is well proportioned. 

Apart from it, a game designer is also responsible for maintaining the record of cash transactions. 

  • It is the responsibility of the game designer to create the game design and the set of rules that governs the game design.
  • Lastly, the game designer scrutinizes the quality maintained throughout the development and suggests any improvisation if required.

Skills that make you a game designer




To become a successful game designer is not an easy task. It demands the individual to wear many hats so that it can meet the diverse needs of game development. 

The diversity expected from a game designer also varies with organization to organization. 

A small scale company with limited employees would expect the game designer to take on the multiple aspects whereas, a large scale company with thousands of employees will seek the game designer to operate in a restricted domain. 

If you want to excel in game designing and fit various shoes, then it is expected that you conquer on the following skillsets-

  • A game designer is required to excel at 3-D Modeling, i.e. creating mathematical representations of characters, objects, and environments in a video game.
  • Knowledge and understanding of coding languages is a must-have.
  • Strong interpersonal skills will be required to communicate within and outside the team for balancing the project. 
  • A game designer should excel at visual skills and drawing skills to enrich the quality of video game development and provide detailed designs to the developer that can be easily interpreted.
  • Good communication skills are necessary for the game designer to establish effective communication between the client, developer and other team members who are associated with the project.

Who is a Game Developer?

The game developer is the technical mind behind every game development project that tends to take the vision of a game designer and turn it into a readily with the help of its technical know-how. 

This is done by acquiring the layouts, sketches and eventually the idea that the game designer has into its mind and do the coding to make it into a final product.

Game Developer Responsibilities



It would not be justice to give entire credit to a game developer in a video game development project, still, a game developer plays an important role as any other team involved in the project. 

Below mentioned are some of the key responsibilities of game developer that will get you to know its responsibilities-

  • It is the game developer who reviews the design and layouts handed over by the game designers. 
  • This is the sole purpose for what a game developer is looked after, i.e. coding. It is the job responsibility of a game developer to code the designs and layouts into a working prototype.
  • Not just the coding, but a game developer is expected to meet the deadlines and provide the working model within a stipulated time.
  • The game developer has to check and ensure that the video game does not sustain glitches and bugs and nor does it extend a choppy experience. 
  • The game developer also improvises the codes if in case any error is detected.
  • Lastly, the game developer needs to prepare detailed documentation that lists each and every phase involved in turning the game designers vision into reality.

Skills that make you a game developer

Before hiring a game developer, the skillset that it possesses should be thoroughly checked. An inexperienced game developer should excel at these many tasks-

  • Can you guess what should be the foremost aspect that a game developer should have sufficient mastery? It should be an excellent coder. Yes, you guessed it right if this is what came up into your mind at the first instance. 

Without having sufficient knowledge about coding, a person can never meet up the complex tasks that need to be accomplished while keeping in sync with the aspirations of a game designer and practical scenario.

  • There will be many challenges that arise in the process of a game development that would demand real-time problem capabilities. If a game developer lacks problem-solving skills, then he can’t become a potent game developer.

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  • A game designer should indeed possess great creativity and imagination, but it is equally important for the game developer to share the same mindset. 

A game developer who lacks creativity and imagination could never establish good coordination with the game designer hence limiting its capacity.

hire game development company

  • The game developer should be well-versed with hectic schedules that might arise while working on the game development project. This gives rise to the requirement of working under pressure to complete the project within a stipulated time. 
  • A game developer should be skilled at paying attention to details as a slightest of error can impact the entire project or make it less competitive in the market.

How does both impact the client?

Game designing and development go hand in hand as they are closely connected to one another. The designer deals with the design and layout of the game development while the developer implements those design and layout via coding. 

It makes it essential for the client to look after an experienced software development company with a proven track record of delivering games with high-end design and graphics bundled into a glitch-free package.

Having many Game Design Company out there in the market, it could get quite tricky for you to figure out the best one. 

Final Outlook

The complexity associated with each and every aspect of game development is the reason behind the long duration that it takes to create a compelling video game. We hope you will find the actual analysis of Game Designer v/s Game Developer

Hence we recommend that you choose the Best Game Designer Software for your project. BR Softech Pvt. Ltd., a leading software development company excels in providing you with high-end game software with complete back-end and front-end assistance.

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