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How Much does (AR) Augmented Reality App Development Costs in 2020

written by Harshita Khangarot | Jan 09, 2020
Augmented Reality App Development Costs

Augmented Reality is one of the most popular and widely used technologies that provide you with an improved perspective and growth of the business. Augmented Reality is a perfect amalgamation of the real and physical world. It embraces the power of business and overall productivity that takes business to the next level.

It has somewhere revolutionized the day-to-day activity to a whole new level that is entirely unexpected. Most of the businesses are investing in AR to boost business growth. But entering into this business is not an easy task due to the cost of augmented reality development are quite high.

Augmented reality broadens the borders of the real-world environment and opens new opportunities for business. According to research by Digi-Capital, AR could surpass $70-75 billion in revenue by 2023, while the revenue for VR could be around $10-15 billion. The numbers speak for themselves.

Needs of Augmented Reality

augmented reality development costsAugmented Reality has seamless potential where companies are experiencing brand new practices in real-time. Augmented Reality is somewhere a bliss for a wide range of sectors including e-commerce, education, training, and many other leading sectors. Developing Augmented Reality has become a great way to maximize overall productivity.

So while this is a favourable time for you to develop your Augmented Reality App, the question arises about how much-augmented reality development costs incurred. Furthermore, let’s prior find out what is AR at first.

What is AR?

Augmented Reality was developed in the ’90s where AR is supplementing the digital surroundings and providing high-quality services that sometimes reflect the cost of augmented reality app. It gives an interactive digital experience where objects reside in the real world. These give us a real-life environment just like dogs chasing balls, players playing cricket, teachers teaching children all are done due to digital augmentation.

How AR Works?

  • The optical detector automatically recognizes the real object.
  • These devices are analyzed and calculated accordingly.
  • The real image is being linked with the visual device and hence augmented reality works.

Top Means to create AR

  • Mobile devices
  • AR glasses
  • TV or other computer devices
  • A computer game like Pubg, Pokemon
  • Play AR in the open space

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Why do we Need the Augmented Reality App?

AR technologies are used in numerous sectors where AR brings a new level of productivity and provides a new level of possibilities. The use of AR is not only limited to training and manufacturing, security, education, and healthcare. It can benefit from enhanced visualization and brand recognition that automatically improves the profitability of the firm. Augmented Reality is a profitable option; there are fewer chances where companies think about AR development costs.

Augmented Reality Development

1. Marketing

Augmented Reality has opened up new marketing domain possibilities that give loyal users. Augmented Reality has become an interesting option for firms to use virtual characters to promote their products and engage customer attention. Now improve the overall marketing with the help of AR app development.

2. E-commerce

Augmented Reality is reshaping the e-commerce industry, where they can interact with customer choice more promptly. AR allows users to communicate and improve the overall barriers to enable users and let the user enter the app. AR can help you to choose virtually without physically placing an order of any product.

3. Gaming Industry

Just like Pokemon Go, in the gaming industry, AR is becoming a trendsetter. App development companies are adding more AR games with this massive demand for AR gaming. These games are generated by revenue and other business opportunities. Such apps can provide users with a more enjoyable experience just like Pokemon go and Pubg.

4. Real-Estate

The real estate industry is expanding day by day, and the dealers are looking for an Augmented Reality Platform that promotes and provides both clients and consumers with an immersive experience. Buyers can easily check the construction site without even moving physically; it can be proven beneficial for them.

5. Data Visualisation

Despite proper visual effects, statistics and details are difficult to understand. Augmented Reality Development can be a great tool to display and share data with people. AR is all about the interaction between people and the exchange of information, it’s a perfect way to bring clarity to life.

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Factors Affecting the Development Costs of Augmented Reality

Factors Affecting AR app development costAccording to Digi-Capital, the mobile Augmented Reality App could reach 3,5 billion installed bases by 2022. Therefore, more companies are looking towards using augmented Reality in Business.augmented reality cost india

Certain industry elements have the potential to affect the augmented reality development cost of AR mobile apps. There are many features that, if necessary, can also be added to the AR application. They will improve the overall user experience. There are some essential features there that can make applications more adaptable, personalized, safe, and customized. With each addition of features, the prices will be automatically increased. Let’s have a look at the features everyone must consider while developing an app.

App Quality

Adding extra features with some unique designs attracts customer attention nowadays, and the more features you add, the higher will be the cost. It’s a good idea to include the key elements as you plan and launch the first version of the app. The quality of the app is somewhere affected due to functionality, design of the app, and other integrating features into the app. All these elements are somewhere affecting the quality and cost of the Augmented Reality App.

App Platform

The overall cost of developing an app is one of the principal reasons for cost estimation. The platforms you choose can affect the overall AR development cost of the app. Many companies prefer iOS while some are opting for Android. Even they can go for multiple app development options like Native, Web, and Hybrid app development.

Native App Development:    Native app runs on multiple platforms

Hybrid App Development: Hybrid works on single platforms that are preferred by startups and small companies.

There are several excellent platforms available in the market like Flutter, Ionic; clients can choose the one which suits your business requirements the best.

App Design

If you are willing to enter into the business, you need to catch the attention of millions of its users. Your app must be appealing and smooth which helps you to keep yourself alive in the market. However, the cost of app development will change on the basis of the app design and uniqueness, more attractive the design higher will be the development costs. You can hire an experienced developer who can develop you an app at affordable prices.

App Size

The size of the app depends on the features and functionality of the app would have. The No. of factors that affect the cost of augmented reality apps. These best quality features can help you to meet business requirements. By carefully analyzing the demand, you are able to achieve the best possible outcome.

With the ever-increasing demand for AR, most of the companies are transforming their ways into AR where they can improve their error counts and enhance overall accountability. If believed, the AR market is foreseen to reach up to 90 billion by the year 2020.

Overall Cost Estimation of Augmented Reality App for 2020

Estimation of Augmented Reality App in 2020The more complex the AR-oriented service and the more features it has, the higher the augmented reality app cost. You all must be wondering about how much does augmented reality app development costs. The exact cost estimation is difficult to calculate as it significantly depends on the features we choose. The costs may vary depending upon the location and origin of the country, and the developer we choose.

In lumpsum, the overall Augmented Reality costs in India are usually up to $ 55 per hour. While in other European countries it may cost you between $ 80 to $ 250 per hour.

Considering This

Augmented Reality has addressed improvements in our everyday lives, be it the gaming industry, healthcare, education or training. AR App Development Company is providing the best solution to major firms to enhance their overall business standard and keep themselves standing strong in front of other competitors. Very soon, AR is going to be a big thing in the techno world. For those who wish to enter into this profitable business, you can hire an affordable app developer.


Most frequent questions and answers

Why is Augmented Reality important?

Augmented Reality is bringing immersive experience due to seamless integration of the physical and virtual environment with computer-generated perceptual data. In brief, it filled a gap between the virtual and real worlds.

How is augmented reality used?

AR is showing its potential in almost every field from healthcare to remote work and makes a big impact on business and day-to-day lives. It detects a marker and displays a real-world image on the device screen.

How much does augmented reality (AR) development cost?

The cost may fluctuate according to the size and complexity of the firm, Although in lumpsum it may cost between $50 per hour to $250 per hour.

How do you create augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is a vast network area and to create augmented reality you need to consider many things:

  • Decide the developing cost
  • Choose supported platforms
  • Design a geo-based augmented reality application
  • Hire an experienced game developer

Factors affecting augmented reality app development cost?

Augmented Reality is a vast network area and to create augmented reality you need to consider many things:

  • Decide the developing cost
  • Choose supported platforms
  • Design a geo-based augmented reality application
  • Hire an experienced game developer

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