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The Cost to Develop A Cryptocurrency Exchange Software: The Complete Overview Here!

Aug 08, 2022
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Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost

Nowadays, Crypto exchanges and Cryptocurrencies are the most popular businesses in the digital world. Cryptocurrency exchange software is the answer to entering the crypto-verse for budding entrepreneurs. With each passing day, competition and demand increase rapidly. It is important to know the details of cryptocurrency exchanges and the cryptocurrency exchange development cost before you begin developing one.In this blog, we’ll discuss the overall

Cryptocurrency exchange development cost software development and the factors that affect it. You can determine the decentralized crypto exchange Development Cost by considering all the following factors.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Software?

It is known as a place where crypto assets can be traded, and also token can be listed. For the starting, a suitable crypto exchange platform consists of the following-

  • Secure admin panel
  • Simplified UX and engaging UI
  • Trade machine engine
  • Investor profile panel
  • AML/KYC solutions
  • Solutions of payment gateway integration
  • Account creation
  • Money deposit request
  • Sending money request
  • Bank accounts management

What are the Benefits of Cryptocurrency Exchange?

Easy access: Crypto exchanges make it easy for users to register and buy cryptocurrencies for the first time. It has also made crypto markets more popular since this brought new users into the system.

There is a license: Most of these centralized exchanges are regulated by the government and have licenses. If something goes wrong, the trader has this assurance.

• Escrow: Escrow companies act as middlemen, holding currency until both parties are ready to complete the transaction. This means that once the trade has been completed, there’s no need to worry about it.

• Transparency: They provide their address and location to traders. By doing so, consumers are able to reach them in case of an emergency.

• Discounts and offers are also available on crypto exchanges when trading large amounts. Fiat currencies can also be converted into crypto and cryptocurrencies can be converted into fiat currencies.

• Data privacy: Transactions on DEX (such as pancake swap) do not share any data with third parties. As a result, it allows consumers to maintain their privacy and information. While signing up, centralized exchanges require personal information like an email address and a phone number. There is no need for any of that with DEX.

• Security: Decentralization offers enhanced security, which is its greatest advantage. Consumers have complete control over their assets thanks to the cryptocurrency.

• Decentralized servers: Data is typically stored across multiple servers around the world, not on a centralized server. Therefore, there is little chance of a hacker getting access to the data. You hold your funds in your personal wallet rather than in the hands of a third party

• In most cases, users are not required to disclose their personal information (unless the exchange method involves a bank transfer, in which case users’ details are only known to the buyer or seller). There have been no hacker attacks

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Factors that Can Affect the Cost of a Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Here are some of the crucial factors that can have an impact on the overall cost of the exchange software. Take a look to have more details-

1. Deciding the Exchange Type

First, select the exchange type you desire for building for your business. There are various types of crypto exchanges; each of them has features and characteristics. Hence, the cost of developing every platform differs from one another that depends on the requirements. Here are the types of exchanges-

2. Decentralized Exchanges

In this, there is no involvement of any third party that has control over the transactions in the exchange. Also, users can conduct the peer-to-peer transactions directly in a decentralized platform.

3. Centralized Exchanges

It is where central authority has to manage the user funds and exchange orders. They have complete control over the exchange functionalities and the transactions that happen on the platform.

4. Hybrid Exchanges

It is a combo of both decentralize and centralized exchanges. It also reduces the glitches in both of the exchanges and offers an improved, optimized solution for traders that makes a practical business experienceable.

2. Deciding the Method of Development

There are provided two ways to develop a Cryptocurrency exchange software/platform Like Binance. Check out these methods-

Obtaining White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

The first option is to select a suitable company and purchase their white label Cryptocurrency exchange software. These solutions are available readily with pre-testing and 100% verification. Customers can purchase and install the white label solutions to kickstart the exchange. These are easy to deploy and cost way less than others to build the exchange from the ground up.

Creating from Scratch

For this, you need lots of efforts to collect the requirements for deployment, development, and also technical assistance. This process will consume lots of cost and time. Otherwise, the first option will reduce these hassles.

3. Options for Features

For the development of Cryptocurrency exchange Clone script, the feature is the essential factor. The cost of exchange software depends very much on the chosen features by customers. Although, the significant features can’t be neglected at the time of creating an exchange that is as follows-

  • Multi-language integration
  • Multi-currency support integration
  • Strong trade matching engine
  • Safe multi-signature wallet
  • Integrated liquidity API
  • Automated AML/KYC
  • Admin backend panel
  • Investor dashboard
  • High-volume TPS
  • Blockchain technology and smart contracts
  • Trading Bots
  • Automatic swap option
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Mobile applications support
  • Integrated referral program
  • Increased security integration

Essential Factors to Keep in Mind to Develop the Cryptocurrency Software

  • A display of the value of the digital currency that includes the updated value.
  • A database for all transactions that are performed by all the investors
  • Methodology procedure that consists of designing to development and deployment of the platform
  • Quality analysis of the previously held transaction
  • User-friendly interface along with the personalized integrations and features
  • Aggregator Needs
  • Resources and time for budget restraints
  • Trading kernel
  • User interface
  • Multiple modes for sending and receiving digital currency

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How Much Does It Cost To Start A Crypto Exchange?

The development of a cryptocurrency exchange usually takes between four and six months. You can choose the advanced functionalities that you would like included based on your requirements. In case if you have any additional requirements, it will be good to go with the white label crypto exchange in the market. It is better to know about the exact duration of the development of a cryptocurrency exchange as it is necessary for determining the cost to start a crypto exchange. This budget will include the following aspects too-

  • Legal compliance for crypto exchange
  • Providing wages and salaries to employees
  • Due diligence. The overall Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development Cost also depends upon various experts that are as following-
  • Graphic Designer- $20/hour
  • Front-end Developer- $25/hour
  • Backend Developer- $30/hour
  • Tester- $20/hour
  • Project Manager- $25/hour So, the price of Cryptocurrency software with all significant features will be around $20,000 to $40,000 which can also differ due to the user’s requirements.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Crypto Exchange?

  • Cryptocurrency exchange services require a minimum startup cost of $12.
  • An exchange service can cost as much as $33,558 to start up
  • Typically, cryptocurrency exchanges cost $17,491 to start up

Listed below are the startup costs for a cryptocurrency exchange service:

Expenses for Software

Software is essential for the smooth operation of your cryptocurrency exchange service!

What is the point of investing in software? In order to focus on the most important aspects of your business, it can save you time and automate certain parts of your business. You can save money on personnel costs and grow your business with software and technology.

The costNeeded?Min CostMax Cost
Service for hosting filesIt is recommended$0$299
Tool for email marketingIt is recommended$0$100
A CRM software program ➜It is recommended$12$300
Software for managing projectsIt is recommended$0$25
Tool for internal communicationRecommendation$0$20
Invoicing & Accounting SoftwareRecommended$0$50
Support for IT ➜It is optional$150$2,000
Management tools for social mediaIt is optional$0$50
Software and programs for designIt is optional$0$50

Expenses related to office space

If you need office space, it will be up to you to decide. Your cryptocurrency exchange service may need this as it grows, but it is not a requirement.

ExpensesIs it required?The minimum cost isThe maximum cost
The rent ➜Optional$0$5,750
Office Utility Costs ➜Optional$0$1,150
Internet and WiFi ➜Optional$0$100

The Cost of Creating an App

ExpensesRequired?Min CostMax Cost
Development of mobile applications ➜Optional$1,000$20,000
Program for Apple DevelopersOptional$99$99

Costs of Advertising & Marketing

ExpensesRequired?Min CostMax Cost
Cards for business ➜Optional$0$50
Surveys & Customer ResearchOptional$0$300
Fees & Commissions for Affiliate MarketingOptional$0$250
Marketing through influencersOptional$0$750
The pressOptional$0$500
Adwords by GoogleOptional$0$300
Ads on Facebook and InstagramOptional$0$350

Costs of a website

Websites are essential for every business, and they are worth the investment.

CostRequired?Min CostMax Cost
Name of the domain ➜Required$12$200
Hosting service for business email Recommended$1$15

Education & Training Expenses

CostRequired?Min CostMax Cost
Training for ProfessionalsOptional$0$850

Final Verdict

Throughout this blog, we have discussed cryptocurrency exchange software and overall Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Cost. BR Softech provides cryptocurrency development services at an affordable price. Our software development team will help you develop the exchange software with the help of an expert.

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