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Fantasy Sports

How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11 ?

written by Admin | Aug 08, 2022
How to Develop a Fantasy Sports Mobile App like Dream11

There are trillions of Android users in India, so Fantasy Sports Software Development Company in India is continually growing. Dream 11 is one of the most popular sports apps that have carved a niche in digital sports. With its growing attraction and stimulating game play, millions have become glued to the app. Everybody is immersed in a virtual game that is played more imaginatively in fantasy sports.

With over 25 million users, India is based on the fantasy sports platform, with fantasy cricket leagues dominating and other sports, such as football, basketball, and kabaddi also making waves.

The app of sports offerings like a sign-up bonus, cash prizes, with lots of enthusiasm have millions of hearts all over the world. Big enough to be hailed as a world’s number one fantasy cricket and six largest fantasy cricket sports app like Dream11.

Growing Fantasy Sports Market of India

It has become very popular in the country and around the world to play fantasy sports. Sports enthusiasts’ knowledge and skills in sports will be tested in this industry, which is preparing to set new records.

The fantasy premier league is soon to be offered by every sports league in the nation to their fans. Indian premier leagues (IPL) and Indian super leagues (ISL) already operate their own official fantasy leagues.

Fantasy Sports Games Market Growth and Action Stats Across The World

  • Fantasy sports started in a united state of America in 1952. Even today there are over 200+ operators with 60 million users. Male sports fans in the USA play 65% fantasy sports.
  • Fantasy sports user by 2020-100 million, 30% online sports fans in India.
  • In India last two years from 2 million users in 2016 to 20 million in 2018.
  • Engagement wise, users spend 42 minutes a day on a fantasy sports app.
  • 2 out of 3 or 67% of online sports fans in India are aware of fantasy sports.
  • Ever played fantasy sports 96% of them have played it at least once in the past 1 year.
  • Fantasy sports is very glutinous 90% of the users play at least once a month.
  • 20 million fantasy sports users, India rapidly catching up with western countries. India is becoming the battlefield for fantasy sports operators.
  • 50% of players primarily use their mobile device for fantasy.

Types of Fantasy Games

1. Daily and Weekly Game

Types of games

A 50-50 shot: These games attract a large number of participants. Top-finishing users win, while bottom-finishing users lose.

Leagues and tournaments:

Large player bases in contests. In most cases, the top three finishers get the most money.

H2H: Head-to-head. One player vs. you

It is uncapped: There is no restriction on how many players can join

It’s guaranteed: You’ll get your winnings. Even if unfilled, prize pools are usually large

Pick em’: Allows fantasy players to choose their favorite player from three to eight.

2. Scoring Based Game

H2H: Each week users compete against a new opponent to earn the most points. A cumulative season record will be compiled based on the win-loss totals for each week.

Points: Leagues that are “points only” keep score cumulatively throughout the season. In the end, the team with the most points wins.

Rotisserie: At the end of the season, every team receives points based on their overall ranking in each stat category (from first to last).

3. Draft Based Game

Live draft: The most common form of draft. A player is selected for every team’s lineup until the roster is full. Whenever the draft is held, the order of the draft is reversed.

Draft offline:

 Offline, standard, and auction drafts are available for this draft.

The auto-pick feature: 

In the draft, players are automatically selected for each team based on a scheduled date. To increase their chances of getting the players they want, users customize their player queues.

Draft for auction: 

Bidding formats are used in auction drafts. This draft type uses an auction to select players and has a set budget for each player.

4. League Based Game


Fantasy sports are usually played in one of two formats. Fantasy leagues that last for one season based on snake drafts.

The keepers: 

Keepers leagues keep a player from season to season on their fantasy roster.


It varies from team to team how many players they can keep each year. It is not necessary to start the season over every year in these leagues.

Popular Sports For Fantasy Games

  • Fantasy soccer mobile app and software
  • Fantasy basketball mobile app and software
  • Fantasy cricket mobile app and software
  • Fantasy football mobile app and software
  • Fantasy rugby mobile app and software

Platforms we have developed for fantasy sports games

With BR Softech, you’ll experience a new era of technological advancement for sports and gaming. Our company specializes in providing the best fantasy sports game platforms utilizing the latest technologies and helping our clients plan their finances and businesses accordingly.

Development of Fantasy Sports Software

Software Development for Fantasy Cricket

There are billions of fans of Fantasy Cricket around the world, so developing it is an incredible business opportunity. Build a customized Fantasy cricket software with us for exceptional customer engagement and revenue growth.

Developing Software for Fantasy Baseball

Our advanced Fantasy Sports Software covers popular leagues such as NPB, KBO, MLB. Providing huge revenue opportunities, it increases customer loyalty and engages users massively.

Software Development for Fantasy Soccer

The fantasy soccer software we develop is highly functional and rich in features for sports enthusiasts around the world. We help you maximize your profit margins and returns with our team of expert Fantasy Sports Software development company.

Software Development for Fantasy Golf

Take advantage of this advanced platform to get a fully functional fantasy golf software solution. Get cutting-edge scoring technology customized by our skilled developers.

Software Development for Fantasy Football

It cannot be ignored that fantasy football is becoming more popular and that fantasy football scoring systems are becoming more popular. Besides generating revenue, it has the potential to generate positive results continuously.

Software Development for Fantasy Hockey

Let gaming enthusiasts follow the latest news, rankings, DFS picks, projected lineups, injury reports, and more while enjoying the gameplay. Moreover, the advanced software provides daily reports as well.

Software Development for Fantasy Basketball

Manage your fantasy basketball business successfully. Among daily fantasy sports software, this one stands out for its security and scalability.

Software Development for Sports Leagues

Schedule software for sports leagues is designed specifically for teams, organizations, coaches, and players. Updated game results and features are intended to be included in this application.

Software Development for Fantasy Rugby

Fantasy rugby software is the specialty of BR Softech. As well as HSBC seven series, Irish fantasy rugby, rugby Africa, and many other popular leagues, it covers Fantasy premier league rankings.

Development of Fantasy Auto Racing

With the help of our professional team, we will develop advanced fantasy auto racing software. By using them, you are able to provide global coverage with rich features and high functionality. Enjoy the game’s twisted gameplay and charm your auto racing fans.

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How to Set Up Business Model Like Dream11

This is possible with the only brilliant Mobile Game Development team, firstly create a website aptly suits your requirements. The team of expert will help you to create an innovative and unique application for your fantasy sports business. Select a right or experienced developer to create a super quality app.

Application Features and Functionality

Registration/log-in: the first user registers and logs into the app using the username, email id, contact number.

Home screen: default screen that user will land on after logging in to the app. Entire match misting is displayed here. A user can find and search by matches, cricket, football, NBA, match category ongoing live match results.

Contest: user can view the entire contest listing for the respective path with details. Entry fee range, contest type, winning range, contest size, on contest listing includes contest name, entry fee, total winning amount of the contest, winners count. A user can select their desired contest and join.

Payment mode: online payment mode are available in this app they provide such a credit/debit card, application wallet, paytm wallet, cash bonus points.

Create your own contest: on a single click, a user will be able to create their own contest by submitting the following detail. Name, winning amount, contest size, allow multiple teams, entry fees, the entry fee is calculated on the basis of total price amount and content size selected.

My contest: a user will be able to view the list of joined contestants. He can easily view and edit their picked team players and filter search by match type.

My profile: in this section user will be able to view and update their profile details. In this section, you can see your reward points, account details. The transaction, manage payments, add cash, withdraw winning amount, here you can add your bank details and pan card details. Invite and earn.

Build your own fantasy sports App Similar to Dream11

Admin user:

Admin login: admin has to login to the app using, username with password.

Dashboard: total matches, total contestant, entire earnings.

User manager: admin panel can manage the entire user account, like Add/delete/edit/active/deactivate accounts.

Manage matches: only admin will able to manage entire matches of the application and can Add/delete/edit/active/deactivate matches.

Manage games category: only admin can manage the games categories.

Contest manager: only admin have to power to manage entire match contests of the application and Add/delete/edit/active/deactivate match contest.

Earnings: check and view entire earning from the application with various filters.

Manage payment: same admin has to power to manage various modes of payments of the application.

Manage reward points: the reward points offered to the users can be managed by admin.

Manage cash bonus: only admin to manage the cash prizes and cash bonus offered to the participants.

Manage reports: admin will be able to generate reports as contest reports, contestant reports. Earning reports, match report, player ranking reports.

Manage bank withdraw request: only admin will able to view entire request from the contestant to withdraw their winning amount into their respective bank. Only admin have to right accept/reject bank details. Send money to the winning contestant.

Want App For Your Business

Some Additional Features:

Live match score: in this features users will be able to watch live scores for a variety of matches and sports. A game highlight, original video programs.

API integration: the fantasy sports app API provides easy to use ready-made data for the developers.

CRM integration: an app is integrated with the back-end service provider and helps in managing tickets, proves useful in many other ways.

Push notification: alerts and messages are sent to the users to inform them when it’s time to create a team.

GPS location tracking: this feature is effective in sending alerts and push notification to the app user and matches nearby location.

Real-time analytics: this technology proves to be critical in apps like data needs to be captured in real time.

Payment system: various payment modes and users can easily make payment using debit, credit card, and net banking.

Custom mail reminder system: emails will be sent to the participant to inform them about upcoming matches information.

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A Tech Stack is Required to Develop Apps like Dream11

Analytics in Real-TimeADOOP, SPARK, BIGDATA, APACHE FLINK, Cisco, IBM, etc.

Cost to Develop Fantasy Mobile App Like Dream11

It costs between US $5000 and US $10,000 to develop betting software such as Dream11 for two major mobile platforms, i.e., Android and iOS. You can expect to pay between $10,000 and $20,000 for specifications, features, and functionalities. It is still possible to increase the fantasy sports website development cost if more features are added.

Calculating the cost of fantasy app development involves several factors:

  • Registration of domains – The cost of a new domain can range from $10 to $20 per year.
  • Feeds – Depending on the sports and data requirements, it can range from $500 to a few thousand dollars.
  • Fees for legal services – According to the market, it can cost up to $1,000, and it varies depending on where you live.
  • Regular maintenance – Depending on the updates and support needed, it can cost up to $1000 per year.
  • Providing hosting services – Depending on the hosting services and traffic, it can cost around $100 a year. Adding more security features and regularly backing up your website may cost extra.
  • Model of revenue – You can develop different types of apps.
  • The White Label Solution –  You can start using them right away because they are ready-made. In such cases, you don’t have to worry about marketing if the revenue opportunity is excellent. It is generally possible to start with a $5,000 white label solution.
  • Offering custom solutions – For $20,000, someone can build their own fantasy sports website with custom UI if they have a unique idea and a limited budget.
  • Development of premium products – Those who are willing to invest more and believe they can earn millions from the app can get premium consultancy and custom features.

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Things To Consider When Developing Sports Betting Apps

Developing a fantasy application like Dream11 would be great, but it would be much better if you kept these things in mind.

1. The goal

It is crucial to define a clear objective for any app development, and even more so if it is a business opportunity. One of the best ways to generate revenue is through fantasy sports. The vision, mission, and objective of your project should be ready before you begin the process.

2. Research that is appropriate

The crucial features your app will have, such as focused location, the unique features your competitors have, etc., require extensive research. Consider the case of developing an app like Dream11. If you research it properly, for example. It is also a good idea to compare the existing fantasy sports apps and come up with a list of features that you are planning to implement in your app to differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. Planning & Strategy

It is the plan that determines the success. It is therefore crucial that you develop an ideal plan based on the sport type, budget, target audience, etc. Marketing strategy is also included in the blueprint.

Utilizing multiple online mediums, like social media, to market your app is key to success.

4. The Platform

Your choice should be between Android and iOS, or both. You can use it to determine what kind of technology stack you want to use. If you want to target both platforms, cross-platform app development will save you money.

5. Sports to be Included in the List

Once you have decided to develop a cricket app, you should think about including what sports you would like to include. As an example, in Europe, soccer is the most popular sport, while in the USA baseball, the NBA, and football are the most popular sports. Therefore, it is your responsibility to take care of it.

6. Rules of the Game

Providing a wide range of fantasy gaming features, Dream11 can be a fantastic reference for users who want to form their own teams, participate in contests and earn cash prizes. If you include something more than it, however, it will be more beneficial.

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