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How Much Does It Cost To Build Your Cryptocurrency?

Jul 18, 2022
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Cost To Build Your Cryptocurrency

In creating a new cryptocurrency, crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto enthusiasts often ask: How much does it cost? It depends entirely on your budget and goals on how much it will cost to develop a cryptocurrency.  This blog aims to show you how much a cryptocurrency will cost you in the real world.

What Do You Need to Create a Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies do not require professional developers to be created. The online marketplace has many hashing, mining & consensus algorithms that you can use to create any type of cryptocurrency on a budget, even if you aren’t tech-savvy.

If you have no idea what hashing & consensus algorithms you’ll require to create a cryptocurrency, you’ll spend more on things you won’t need.

Would you like to create your cryptocurrency? Get the best crypto coin development solutions from our experts.

To better understand cryptocurrency exchange app development costs, you should first become familiar with the process of crypto development.

  • Conceptualization and development of the white paper
  • Manage legal and financial issues
  • Making use of cutting-edge technology
  • Implement Initial Offerings (ICOs, IEOs)
  • crypto wallet development  and an investor dashboard
  • Cryptocurrency listing on popular cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Global crypto marketing based on coin owner requirements

The Conception of the Project and Development of the White Paper

A new cryptocurrency begins with an idea, just as a  crypto coin development firm begins with design. Describe your idea in detail in a document called the white paper. This document is supposed to convince investors that there is a growing demand for your crypto coin or token.

The following steps are usually involved in the project development process:

  • Cryptocurrency characteristics are defined by selecting a base crypto coin or intelligent contract as the basis for a fork; developing cryptocurrency traits;
  • The development of the coin’s legal framework;
  • Specifications and values of the product;
  • ICO and IEO planning;

The legal concept for a crypto coin is one of the main stages of its development. This helps prevent regulatory issues (including SEC prosecutions and legal liability).

Technology & Algorithms

As a part of this step, the algorithm and technological framework, the engine, the digital wallets, the promo website, and the personal account will be developed. The primary issue is whether it will be an independent blockchain coin or a token dependent on Ethereum, EOS, Tron, Tezos, or other blockchain platforms. 

Initial Offerings (ICOs & IEOs)

Tokens or coins that are first offered to investors. In initial coin offerings (ICOs), the cryptocurrency development company develops the investor account and spends heavily on marketing to attract investors worldwide. To generate a community, crypto coins must be promoted, advertised, and advertised. 

What Exactly Is a Cryptocurrency?

It seemed unreal since cryptocurrencies aren’t tangible objects to touch. Since then, things have changed dramatically. Today, cryptocurrencies are digital currencies that operate in the digital world. Understanding how crypto companies generate revenue has become apparent to stakeholders and investors.

Unlike traditional currencies, cryptocurrency transactions are preserved by blockchains, which facilitate peer-to-peer payments over a trustless network. A reputable digital money platform must maintain this crucial component, and crypto developers often insist on it.

What is the Process of Making Cryptocurrencies?

If you wish to learn how cryptocurrencies are made, you must be familiar with essential technical aspects of computers, regardless of how simple they may seem. Creating a cryptocurrency is a big decision; next, you need to decide whether you want to create a token. 

Before moving on, it is crucial to address this first-hand. Unlike tokens, which are built on preexisting networks, all cryptocurrencies are decentralized and secure with blockchain technology.

Several existing blockchains, such as Binance, Polygon, Ethereum, Solana, and Smart Chain, can be used to create tokens, which is possible quickly.

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Building a Cryptocurrency and its Stages of Development

It is possible to define a wide range of stages in the crypto coin development process. Since this is easier to define, we’ll focus on the services side of the crypto exchange development company.

However, if you also need to pay for the tools and third-party services, these percentages can go overboard, making the total more than 100%.

Design, development, and consulting

To get back on track, let’s review our original statement. As the designer of the new currency, you will be responsible for all these expenses if you develop a cryptocurrency independently. You will write the code, while free consultations will be available in the forums.

For those with limited knowledge and the budget to hire experts, here are the market figures you can expect to see for development, design, and consultation.

Is there anything else you need to know? We can help you navigate project milestones, budgets, and technical requirements by scheduling a meeting with our CTO. Together, let’s make your project easier to manage and understand.

Quality Assurance services will eat up almost a quarter of your budget before you launch your new currency. To minimize the possibility of a negative outcome from a bug or faulty logic in code, thorough QA is the only way to prevent disasters. Each year, approximately $107k or $55 an hour is spent on this service.

To launch a cryptocurrency successfully, legal assistance is essential. Approximately $10,000 will be spent on the latter option.

Launching crypto with marketing

Considering that you will never be able to spend enough on advertising or marketing, the marketing budget can be a black hole. Here are the minimum requirements:

  1. An explanation of your currency’s value on a dedicated website (one page): about $1,000
  2. Free social media accounts + $30-$100/post when working with influencers
  3. A white paper costs between $1,500 and $6,000 (for short and an extended version).
  4. Depending on the number of exchanges you sign up for, and their conditions of cooperation, your participation in crypto exchanges would be a percentage of your exchange or a flat rate.
  5. Multi-wallet integration: same as above

Launch of an ICO

To launch a new cryptocurrency, an ICO is essential. Your startup will make a name in the community and raise funds for further currency development. The following are the typical components of an ICO:

  • The white paper
  • The website
  • Contracts with smart technology
  • Tokens issued under ERC20
  • As an MVP,
  • The marketing department
  • Audit of security plus maintenance by a security specialist

Our breakdown of the cost to build cryptocurrency has covered most of these steps. Only security considerations are missing. There would be about $10,000 for ICO security, with an average rate of $40/hour. For the complete revision, the audit will cost $30k-$45k. Testing basic features will cost $3,000, and the complete revision will cost $30k-$45k.

Crypto Coin Development Cost

In addition to knowing how many individual experts and particular tasks can cost, you also know how much it costs for each part of the crypto coin development process. To start a new cryptocurrency, you will need an overall budget. 

Consulting1 month+ ongoing$7000-$1000
Design2 weeks$7000
Development1-6+ months$50000
QA1 month+ongoing$27000
ICO4-10 month$20000

Using the table above, we calculated median prices and minimal/average times for each stage. It is easy to calculate that if you require all the services and counseling, you will have to pay $145,000+ to build a cryptocurrency. 

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When creating cryptocurrencies, consider these factors

  • Develop an idea
  • Develop a team of developers
  • Legal implications should be considered
  • Conceptualization and development of the white paper
  • Implement initial coin offerings (ICOs)
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platforms that list the cryptocurrency
  • Cryptocurrency promotion

 Develop an Idea

Business-related ideas are generated and communicated through ideation, usually in the context of business. Cryptocurrencies can also be created using this method. When launching an ICO/STO, you should prepare a well-written proposal that piques buyers’ interest. How to build an ICO is a subject of several tutorials, but the best one won’t matter without value. The best concept in the world won’t matter if there is no value to it.

 Establish a Development Team

Do you frequently search for top cryptocurrency development companies to hire the best crypto coin development team? You might be unable to find the best one if you find the ideal one. Outsourcing blockchain is a complex process that requires careful consideration. A professional software cryptocurrency development company is more effective than figuring out the best method to create a cryptocurrency on your own.

Choosing the right team is essential for bringing your vision to life. Hire our seasoned experts familiar with blockchains and cryptocurrencies. 

Legal implications should be considered.

The interest in bitcoin continues to increase, as does the demand for clarification about the legal implications of cryptocurrencies. 

Cryptocurrencies have legal implications since some countries do not accept them, and specific laws support these currencies in countries that do. It has been illegal to raise money through virtual currencies since 2017, and it has been illegal to transact with them since then. 

Conceptualization and development of the white paper

Developers produce whitepapers to describe their project’s technology and goals.  Developers produce whitepapers to describe their project’s technology and goals. The purpose of cryptocurrencies and why they were created.

An investor uses a white paper to evaluate a crypto game development company and form a first impression. If the importance of your concept is not conveyed to them, they may turn their backs on you. For an ICO or STO to succeed, you need a well-written white paper.

Launch an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

Initial coin offerings (ICO) (IPOs) are cryptocurrency’s equivalent of initial public offerings. A  crypto game development company can use an ICO to raise funds for developing a new coin, app, or service. If the token represents a stake in the company or project, it may be used for the company’s product or service.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms listing the cryptocurrency

A well-coded and legitimate cryptocurrency is the first step toward listing it on an exchange website. Your coin must be identified as an individual when you contact the website for the next step. For this reason, you should find someone who has been approved for displaying your currency on prominent exchange websites.

Cryptocurrency promotion

The importance of cryptocurrency marketing for the success of cryptocurrency companies cannot be overstated. Another way to promote the popularity of a cryptocurrency is through airdrops. The purpose of airdrops is to stimulate the adoption of cryptocurrencies by giving their communities free tokens.

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What it Costs to Create a Cryptocurrency   

Cryptocurrency creation costs fluctuate yearly due to trends and sector influences. Because the platform is expanding three times faster than other trading methods, the market prices may rise with every second. Accordingly, creating a cryptocurrency costs an average of $38,000-$91,000. It costs $50,000 to $120,000 for one with medium complexity. Coins with complicated features can cost up to $211,000, sometimes even more.

In other words, it is hard to definitively answer how much it will cost to create a cryptocurrency wallet without knowing what kind of coin you will make and what features you intend to offer.

In conclusion,

If The launch of your cryptocurrency is a fairly complex process, you’ll have to accept that if you’ve already decided to do it. Hiring a reputable crypto developer like our company BR Softech is usually the best option. As well as hiring a blockchain developer, you should consider hiring a firm with blockchain creators, lawyers, and business analysts to help you with your project.

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