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Difference b/w Crypto Coin vs Crypto Token [ A Detailed Guide]

Jul 16, 2022
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Crypto Coin vs Crypto Token

Most cryptocurrency enthusiasts have confused a token with a coin. Tokens and coins are fundamentally similar in many ways. Both of them can process payments. Additionally, coins can be exchanged for tokens and vice versa. They differ primarily in terms of utility. The crypto-token vs. coin differs from the use of coins in specific ways. All marketplaces do not accept tokens. 

Comparing traders and investors is similar – traders invest, while investors don’t trade. Most cryptocurrency users usually own coins and tokens.

Let’s compare Crypto Coins vs. Crypto Tokens.

Crypto Tokens: What Are They?

Blockchain records tokens digitally. Money, as we usually understand it, is not what tokens are. They instead represent things. A digital token can represent an artwork, music piece, or book. One of the most well-known examples of tokens is the non-fungible token (NFT).

What is a Token in Crypto?

NFTs are digital collectibles. It can be purchased, owned, sold, or traded. Its value will be high if it represents something important or appealing to a large number of people. It has been reported that some tokens have been sold for millions of dollars, while others have traded for fractions of an Ether.

  • The tokenization process

A Tokenization can be used for property deeds, newspaper articles, and movie scripts. Customers can win NFT collectibles by playing Burger King’s game. 

  • There is a non-fungible token of Melania Trump’s portrait for sale.
  • To create a digital coin, a lot of capital is required, and the process is complex. Money, machines, organization, and programmers are required.
  • Tokens, on the other hand, can be created by anyone with an Internet connection and something that can be tokenized. A wide range of platforms are compatible with the software required for this.
  • Tokens can be created using homework assignments, postcards, or grocery lists. There is a possibility that it will be purchased.

Crypto Coins: What Are They?

Dogecoin, Litecoin, Tether, and Cardano are among the new coins constantly being created. Their purpose remains the same regardless of their name. They provide exchange and storage of value. Various new tokens are also emerging, each with a different purpose. Owners of transactional tokens can use them to avoid high bank fees when transferring money. Citizens, board members, or shareholders can vote with a governance token.

Tokens: A Game of Chance

A game token does what it says on the tin: it allows the user to participate or purchase a game. An NFT marketplace development based on GameStop’s products may use game tokens to revive struggling brick-and-mortar retailer GameStop.

If The theory is that if a player is willing to spend dollars on in-game skins or weapons, surely they will pay Bitcoin, Ether, or another digital currency for an NFT.

Tokens represent characters, abilities, stat boosts, and unique equipment in video games. Providing the trading platform would earn the company fees for holding value and facilitating the trades of the NFT.

What is the reason for so many types of cryptocurrencies?

Blockchain technology is open source, meaning anyone can modify it and create new applications. Developers have done it. The fact that cryptos can be applied in the software world, along with their decentralized nature, is one of the reasons there are so many.

There are many cryptocurrencies, each with its own functions, thanks to the underlying blockchain technology. Different cryptocurrencies can be created for different functions, thanks to it.  

Cryptocurrencies can be used as currencies. Like traditional fiat, they can be used as a store of value. Many cryptocurrencies fall into this category, including Bitcoin.  

Those with a utility function fall into the second category. Cryptocurrencies function as infrastructure development in this group. Other cryptocurrencies can use the networks that they provide.

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A Brief Overview of Cryptocurrency Types

cryptocurrency types

As the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is considered the first cryptocurrency. The term altcoin comes from the combination of alternative coins and cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies vary significantly in scalability, privacy, and functionality, so it’s hard to say which ones are the best.

CRYPTO: BTC (Bitcoin)$750 billion
CRYPTO: ETH (Ethereum)Billion dollars $313
USDT (CRYPTO: Tether)79.9 billion dollars
(CRYPTO: BNB) Binance Coin62.66 billion dollars
Coin USDC (CRYPTO: USDC)53.2 billion dollars
CRYPTO: XRP (XRP)34.4 billion dollars
The Terra cryptocurrency (CRYPTO: LUNA)$30.91 billion
The Solana Group (CRYPTO: SOL)$28.5 billion
(CRYPTO: ADA) Cardano$28.4 billion
Avalanche (CRYPTO: AVAX)$20.6 billion

Since each cryptocurrency is designed to meet a different purpose, there isn’t one “best” cryptocurrency. 

Listed below are a few of the most popular digital coins.

1. BTC

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency that uses blockchain technology to facilitate payments and transactions. Besides proving ownership, the ledger prevents fraudulent transactions and other unauthorized tampering. Decentralized currencies are also more efficient and less expensive than third-party currency exchanges, making peer-to-peer transfers easier and faster.

2. Ethereum (ETC)

The Ethereum network is powered by a token known as Ether. Blockchain technology can be used to create smart contracts and other decentralized applications. A cryptocurrency and software development sandbox, Ethereum is a cryptocurrency (Ethereum units are used) and a cryptocurrency.

3. The tether

In this instance, Tether is a stablecoin whose value is based on the U.S. dollar. Tether combines the advantages of a cryptocurrency with the stability of a sovereign currency, as opposed to the dramatic price swings that are common with many cryptocurrencies (vs. the need for financial intermediaries).

4. Bitcoin coin (BNB)

In addition to Binance Coin, other digital coins are available for trading on the Binance cryptocurrency exchange platform. In addition to using Binance Coin as a currency, it facilitates token transactions on Binance exchanges and helps power Binance’s DEX (decentralized exchange) for bitcoin development Software.

5. Coin of the United States Dollar

In the same vein as Tether, the USD Coin is a stablecoin pegged to the U.S. dollar. USD Coin is also a blockchain-based cryptocurrency that uses Ethereum. It is possible to have the stability of U.S. fiat currency without a bank account or even living in one country by using USD Coin. “Fully digital” dollars were to be created. Instead of being viewed as an investment, USD Coins can be used with online merchants.  

Different Types Of Cryptocurrencies Compared

The typeThe main featureSeveral examples
of tokens for servicesaccess to platform services where they are located is provided.Brickblock, Tipicoin, Funfair, Basic Attention, and Sirin Labs tokens.
Tokens of securityFinancial regulation governs usage and issuance.The Sia Fund, the B cap (Blockchain Capital), and the Science Blockchain.
Tokens for paymentThe company’s platforms and other platforms can be used to pay for goods and services. Cryptocurrencies fall into this category almost exclusively.Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Monero.
Token exchangeCrypto exchange software uses exchange tokens natively.Binance Coin, Gemini USD, FTX Coin for the FTX exchange, Okex exchange, KuCoin Token, Uni Token, HT for the Huobi exchange, Shushi for, and CRO for are some examples of cryptocurrency.
A non-fungible tokenNon-fungible tokens, in contrast to fungible tokens, possess distinctive identities and tokens that make it challenging for others to copy or duplicate them.Logan Paul’s video clips, Jack Dorsey’s first tweets NFT, Mike Winklemann’s every day: The First 5000 Days drawings, and several crypto kitties are good examples.

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Types Of Cryptocurrency Tokens

Types of cryptocurrency tokens
  • Utility tokens 

The basic idea behind utility tokens is to represent value on the blockchain through digital units like coupons or vouchers. Tokens can be redeemed for a defined access value to gain access to products or services.

  • Holders gain access to equivalent products or services, but not ownership. They can access products and services at discounted prices or for free when holding tokens.
  • When a cryptocurrency is defined as a utility token in some jurisdictions, it is not regulated financially.
  • The holder of the product may lose everything they own due to a common misconception that they are not investment products.
  • Utility tokens are better understood from a regulatory perspective because they are not presumed to be regulated. It is not a stock, bond, or another regulated asset that token holders hold.
  • It could be used as a decentralized storage network, a reward token, or a cryptocurrency on a blockchain.

Several utility tokens, including Funfair, Basic Attention Token, Brickblock, Timicoin, Sirin Labs Token, and Golem, can be used for utility functions.

  • The security token

Cryptocurrencies that are securitized and can be traded under financial regulations as securities derive value from external assets. Securitized securities, bonds, stocks, real estate, and property can be securitized through this method.

  • Investors’ investments must be protected through financial regulation and control of transaction exchanges, issuances, deals, values, tokenization, backing, and trading.
  • Founders are accountable for user funds and investments in these cases through regulation.
  • Unlike traditional stocks, equity tokens are digitally owned and transferred. The actions and decisions of management and issuers are entitled to dividends for investors. The debt token represents a short-term loan with a predetermined interest rate.
  • Real estate, art, carbon credits, commodities, or art can be used as the underlying value for asset-backed tokens. Their characteristics are similar to those of gold, silver, oil, etc. 

Science Blockchain, Sia Funds, and blockchain capital are the security tokens available.

  •  Tokens for payments

Traditionally, the financial and banking sectors use intermediaries to buy and sell goods and services. Still, payment tokens allow buyers and sellers to deal directly with each other on digital platforms. Most cryptocurrencies and tokens fall into this category: security or utility tokens. There are, however, some utility tokens that cannot be used as payment tokens.

  • The majority of tokens are hybrids.
  • It is not possible to invest in payment tokens as securities. In this sense, they do not qualify as asset securities for financial regulation.
  • A product or service may or may not be available to holders.

There are several popular payment tokens, including Monero, Ethereum, and Bitcoin.

  • Tokens for exchange

Tokens issued by cryptocurrency exchanges, which are online crypto marketplaces where tokens can be bought, sold, and swapped, are called exchange tokens.

  • The certificates can be issued by centralized or decentralized exchanges, whether or not they have their decentralized platform or blockchain.
  • Gas or fee payments can be made cheaper, liquidity can be increased, discounts can be provided, and voting rights can be assigned to blockchains. They can also provide access to particular crypto exchanges.
  • These projects help exchanges increase liquidity by luring people into taking part.

For example, Binance Coin, Gemini USD, and FTX Coin for FTX are some examples of exchange tokens. 

  • Tokens that are non-fungible

Blockchain assets that are non-fungible, unique, non-replaceable, and not tradable with each other are non-fungible tokens.

In the same way as other types of tokens, it is developed using the same technology. On a blockchain, digital files of value and works of art are stored, such as photos, videos, audio, collectibles, real estate, virtual worlds, memes, GIFs, and digital files of value.

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What is The Difference between Token vs. Coin Crypto?

Digital assets are referred to by many new terms in the cryptocurrency industry because it is a new industry? They are often used interchangeably by investors. Token vs. coin in crypto is often confused. There is a difference between the crypto token and vs coin. According to industry experts, a fundamental distinction must be made between Crypto coins and Crypto tokens in the crypto industry.  

Let’s take a look at this.

Blockchains are typically used to store and trade cryptocurrency.Tokens often use the blockchain of another coin.
An example of a blockchain is Ethereum. Ether is its native coin.The blockchain is also used by many tokens, including BAT and Loopring.
A coin represents a proposed medium of exchange directlyA token represents an asset. It is possible to hold the tokens for value, trade them, or stake them for interest.
Using blockchain technology, crypto coins are transacted.The trade of tokens is based on smart contracts.
The coin does not have to be moved. Blockchains record all transactions.Spending tokens move them from one location to another.
The coin represents what they are capable of owning.Tokens represent what a person owns.


While tokens and coins do not differ significantly, ignoring them can cause a headache. By paying attention to what you’re buying, you can determine which one you should use. Most products require coins if they are products. It is usually possible to use utility tokens for services. 

Coincidentally, tokens are pretty similar to cash when it comes to the way we spend them. You physically move your money when you pay cash. However, if you are looking for a cryptocurrency development currency, connect with us.

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