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How to Develop An AR Game App like Pokemon Go? – Development Cost & Features

written by Nitin Garg | Sep 22, 2022
AR game app like pokemon go

Do you want to know how to make an AR game app like Pokemon Go? The popularity of Pokémon Go in the United States alone is a model to follow for anyone looking to cash in on augmented reality. Despite the game’s early success, the value is more than $69 billion (and counting! ). An excellent example of augmented reality and location-based games is the Pokémon Go app.

One of the best gaming apps is that they keep users confined to one area. Our discussion will focus on a game called Pokemon Go that has refuted this idea. As a result of its innovative way of moving around and browsing screens, Pokemon Go became a top-rated app very quickly.

There are several aspects to consider when designing apps like Pokemon Go, or any other application with a great blend of visuals, motion, story, animation, and compelling user experience. This blog will shed light on how to create a pokemon game, and highlight some critical points that should be considered when making a video game like Pokemon Go or any other wonderful application.

Are you ready? Read on!

What is Augmented Reality?

It is essential to understand augmented reality (AR) before delving into the complex mechanics of Pokémon. AR technology integrates relevant digital content with the virtual world in real time. You can view AR on your tablet, smartphone, or headset. As a result of Pokémon Go’s use of augmented reality technology, players have been encouraged to interact with their environment and with each other. By adopting this approach, users can explore cities and towns to a greater extent. It might be interesting to know the difference between augmented and virtual reality.

How Does a Game Like Pokemon Go Work?

The first thing you’ll notice about Pokémon is that it’s a virtual pet that needs training and care. There are three global teams that players can join to fight for territory, which is fun in itself. Gamers download the app and create their own persona, then access animated maps where streets and squares are hidden from sight. Pokémon-related real-world objects can be found at these locations. Players’ main characters emulate their movements and path in the real world as they walk around. You can then collect virtual monsters, encounter Pokémon randomly, and capture them.

Why Should You Develop a Game Like Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is a popular game for a number of reasons. Have you examined these games’ revenue generation? Approximately $1.6 million is spent every day by iOS Pokémon Go gamers in the United States alone, according to Sensor Tower. By creating and promoting your own server games, you can also achieve these figures. Additionally, owning a game development company can attract new clients and customers with your Pokémon-themed game.

In Pokémon Go, gamers can find out where Pokémon are most likely to be found. You can attract customers to your establishment with augmented reality app technology. There is a business strategy behind Pokémon Go that you can take advantage of tremendously. As a result, your game will be more appealing to consumers, which may result in more downloads and revenue.

What are the Features Of Apps Like Pokémon Go

You must know the multiplayer features necessary in this industry before developing an app. Some of the features mentioned here also help reduce the cost of making mobile apps. Along with basic AR features, we plan to provide the following features:

The Features of an AR Game App like Pokemon Go

  • Creation of a new account
  • Avatars can be customized by players.
  • Google maps animated
  • Play the other games on the go using an interactive user interface.
  • Taking part in battles will allow users to earn new digital items such as Pokémon by taking part in those enthralling battles.
  • Gamers should be able to trade digital collectibles with their friends using the app.
  • The app offers players the ability to make new friends, exchange collectibles with them, and gift them collectibles.
  • It allows dedicated players who have played the game for a long time to continue to find it fresh and fascinating by adding updated versions of digital collectibles.
  • An ability to organize and celebrate exceptional events: Digital collectibles captured during these events can have distinctive characteristics.
  • In order to compete in the market, a new app must be able to offer players equivalent clubs to those offered in games like Pokémon Go.
  • As new features become available, the game can be customized to add them: This will help the game retain its popularity.

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Why You Should Integrate NFT in Game like Pokemon Go

A new generation of technology is constantly emerging that can change the way AR games are played, and the world of AR game development is constantly evolving. The use of non-fungible tokens or NFTs is a recent innovation in the gaming industry. In addition to being unique and immutable, NFTs can be stored on a blockchain. Since they cannot be duplicated or destroyed, they are ideal for use in games as in-game items. The integration of NFTs into games such as Pokémon GO may not appeal to some gamers, but there are many potential benefits.

A more immersive and interactive gaming experience can be created with NFT Game Development services. Players could interact and trade with NFT-representated in-game assets, which would be more than digital pixels on a screen. This would add a whole new level of depth to the game and make it more exciting to play. In spite of these challenges, NFTs have excellent potential to transform video gaming if they can be addressed.

How to Develop an AR Game Like Pokemon Go in 3 Steps?

Pokémon Go uses AR and geolocation brilliantly to captivate its audience (GPS). In the game, players search, capture, and train Pokemon using smartphones with GPS capabilities. With Pokemon Go, all loyal fans can now become Pokemon trainers using Augmented Reality, wonderful!

Following are three easy steps for building an app like Pokemon Go.

The first step is to set up a basic geo-based infrastructure

A game of this kind requires some effort in terms of setting up the server architecture. User accounts must be set up and Pokémon characters or items of your choice must be distributed sensibly, along with contextually aware components.

The second step is to build a geo-augmented reality application like Pokemon Go

A JavaScript API for the SDK JavaScript allows the user’s position to be retrieved and movies, 2D and 3D material to be placed in geo-spaces. Creating a customized Geo-AR scene on demand can be done by querying remote content.

A JavaScript SDK is composed of several components, including an AR-View, which executes this code.

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The third step is to create an AR game that follows Pokemon Go’s rules

The rules of your AR app game can now be defined as creatively as you want since you can insert virtual 3D models.

The following are a few examples of what is possible:

In addition to GEO AR, you could use 2D image recognition and tracking to place AR augmentations on signs, billboards, paper, walls, or any other 2D surface.

You can even integrate actual toys with object tracking to create immersive hybrid play experiences by leveraging the world around your user to prolong play through markerless AR.

What is the AR Game Application Development Process?

Game apps like Pokemon Go are not easy to make. There are many factors to consider, and it is a very calculated approach. Here are 8 steps to making a successful Pokemon Go-style gaming app.

1. Design of Games

To create an app like Pokemon Go, you must have a unique concept and storyline. Your game must move along with the storyline. Therefore, your game needs to be designed. You need to consider what types of levels your app will have. Who are the characters, what are their powers, and what are their omens? In order for the game to be enjoyable, you need to take into account the story, the situation, and the outcomes. The sequence of events must keep it attention-grabbing.

2. The game engine

In gaming, game engines provide things like music, graphics, animations, codes, and systems for developing apps. It is not necessary to use a game engine to develop a general gaming app, but app developers must use it in order to develop an app such as Pokemon Go. This AR app was developed using the Unity engine.

3. Prototype of an app

An app prototype is the first look at the app. Prototypes are rough sketches of your app. It includes all the screens, the tap options, the icons, the menus, the wireframes, etc. It gives you an idea of what the app’s basic design will look like. If you have a prototype of your app, you should explain to the designer what you expect from the characters and the display, and see if your expectations are met.

4. Tools for geolocation

There is a seamless GPS integration, spot searches, and map navigation in Pokemon Go. Get a Google API license if you want to build an app like Pokemon Go.

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5. The balance of the game

A gaming app like Pokemon Go should have the right balance. It is important for players to feel excited while playing the game while not being confused by its complications.

6. Device Sensor

Let’s say you want to create such an AR application. As your characters will appear on the mobile screen over actual locations, you obviously need to be good with direction intelligence and sensing. In order to develop an app like this, the following sensors will be needed:

  • An identifier for GPS that helps you find places and navigate
  • An accelerometer is used to determine the speed at which the smartphone is being moved by its user
  • Device orientation is determined by a gyroscope

7. Getting notifications

Gaming apps should have notifications as a key feature. Mobile users receive a message pop-up over their mobile screens informing them of the ongoing situation in the game. During a game, tips and directions regarding how to proceed could appear.

Using socket notifications, users can play online games and even be notified when they move online. To keep app users engaged, push notifications can be sent when they are offline.

8. Sound & Graphics

In today’s world, app users have relatively high expectations. Users will not become addicted to your app if you don’t make it visually appealing, story-driven, graphically appealing, and audibly appealing.

A significant portion of the game app development costs comes from the Pokemon Go 3D model. If you’re wondering how to create amazing characters and themes for your mobile app, ask your mobile app consultant.

How Much Does Pokemon Go Cost?

The Design Process

This is the game’s core. It will cost more if you want it to be more appealing and engaging. In the case of Pokemon Go, it could cost up to USD 55,000 to design a good gaming app.


There is a slim line between designing and UI/UX. A design refers to the overall look and feel of an app, while a UI/UX refers to how it functions. UI/UX can cost up to USD 4,000.

The back-end/server-side

It is necessary to have robust backend development if you are looking to implement smart sensing features and functionalities like Pokemon Go. USD 65,000 is an approximate cost.

It is essential to have a good server in order to entertain all the users at once and to ensure that their gaming experience is buffer-free and smooth. USD 75,000 is the expected cost here.

Testing of applications

In-game app development, this is a crucial step. As part of this process, any issues that may have arisen during the development of the app are identified. The cost of this process is approximately USD 30,000.

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An animation

You must have fantastic animation in order to engage your users in an AR app such as Pokemon Go. It could cost up to USD 85,000 to complete this part of the AR game development process.

This sounds good

A game’s experience is enhanced by sound and music. A game would be more alive if voices were added to characters and scenes. The cost is expected to reach USD 10,000.

Provide support

Customer service or AI chatbots assist users with any questions they might have during the game. A USD 10,000 cost is likely to be incurred here.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an AR Game App Like Pokemon Go?

Once you have an understanding of the Augmented Reality game development process, let’s look at how video games are priced like Pokemon GO:

  • Design of client applications and games – $60-100K
  • The cost of UI/UX is $6,5K
  • The back end will cost $80K
  • Expenses associated with servers – $150K
  • Testing and QA – $50K
  • Models for games with animations – $100K
  • The cost of sounds is $15-20K.
  • The management salary is $20,000.

So It costs about $450-600K to develop an app like Pokemon GO. There will be a difference based on the features required, but this is an approximate cost.

Conclusion: AR Game App Like Pokemon Go

Today, we consider gaming apps as battlefield screens instead of playgrounds for playing and participating in games. In recent years, mobile gaming apps have become a popular form of education for both children and adults. The business has become more serious. VR and AR games are becoming a reality, so investing in such technology is wise.

The BR Softech is a trustworthy and reliable software game development company that can take you through creative and challenging times. There is no doubt that the final result will be worth it!

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Frequently Asked Questions. 

What Technology Does Pokemon Go Use?

The technology used in Pokemon GO is known as augmented reality (AR). AR technology integrates relevant digital content with the virtual world in real-time. You can view AR on your tablet, smartphone, or headset.

How To Make An Ar Game Like Pokemon Go?

Developing AR games like Pokémon GO requires a lot of technical knowledge. Pokémon Go uses AR and geolocation brilliantly to captivate its audience (GPS). In the game, players search, capture, and train Pokemon using smartphones with GPS capabilities.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Pokemon Go?

The cost of developing an app is affected by a number of factors. An app like Pokemon GO that uses augmented reality and geolocation will need substantial investment. The development cost of an app like Pokemon GO is expected to be around $450K-$600K.

What Engine Does Pokemon Go Use?

Pokemon GO is developed using the Unity engine. Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. It is favored by developers all around the world and is one of the best when it comes to 2D or 3D game development.

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