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Top Cricket APIs For IPL & T20 Matches and its Prices

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Feb 27, 2024
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An Exclusive Guide to Cricket API - Everything You Need to Know

With a huge fan base and international fame, cricket is one of the most famous and significant sports in the world, played by gamers worldwide. Having said that, cricket fans are always intrigued to know about instant match updates and cricket scores. That’s where the role of the Cricket API Provider comes in. Now you must be wondering how the Application programming interface impacts cricket. Fret not, we have got you covered in this blog. 

Cricket API plays an important role to provide live, accurate and reliable sports data required for both developers and cricket fans. The purpose of APIs ranges from simply transferring a message to monitoring cricket stats online. In short, we can say that API enables smooth communication between apps and fetches important information required for crucial cricket stakeholders such as cricket fans, developers and business owners. 

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In this blog, we will cover all the aspects of cricket API, including benefits, solutions, features, cost and much more. 

What is The Cricket API?

Cricket API provides users with real-time match scoring, in-depth stats, and a wide range of important information about cricket matches and so on. API makes work simpler and easier for developers. With APIs, developers can access significant cricket data feeds and the latest information about match stats and scores. 

When it comes to cricket API, it consists of a wide range of information encrypted in a programming language as a database which includes various crucial data about match highlights, past and current scores, ball-by-ball complementary statistics and past and upcoming statistics. 

Primary cricket data feeds include match schedules, player data, competitor teams, batting and bowling averages, and the latest or updated scores. 

Moreover, APIs offer additional feeds such as 

  • Team profiles 
  • Match lineups 
  • Historical results
  • Standings 
  • Line pitch and field coordinates 
  • Seasonal statistics 
  • Match win probabilities 
  • Player profiles 

Cricket Score API Solutions

Getting instant, accurate, latest and reliable sources of data is the dream come true for every cricket fan and punter across the globe. In order to be at the top of the sports industry, you need to incorporate top-tier sports API solutions that can help you improve user engagement on your fantasy sports platform. When it comes to cricket API solutions, they provide users with live scores, batting and bowling averages, team statistics, and more, without any delay. Cricket API solutions make the entire application highly reliable, credible and engaging as it provides all real-time data and cricket-related updates in a matter of a few clicks. Let’s look at some of the essential features which make the cricket score API solutions highly preferable by cricket fans worldwide. 

Key features of Cricket Score API Solutions 

  • Flexible and customized API
    Multilingual support 
  • Multiple leagues covered 
  • Authentic and accurate data 
  • Easy-to-use interface 

Different Types of Cricket API 

Choosing the right and reliable sports API is of utmost importance when it comes to software or fantasy app development. Hence, if you are planning to start your own cricket gaming app, these are some of the most common types of cricket APIs that you can incorporate to make your platform much more flexible and credible. 

Types of Cricket API

a. Cricket Live Score API

Live Cricket score APIs provide quick ball-by-ball live score updates for any cricket session. This API can be easily deployed on multiple platforms or applications. 

Pros of live cricket score API 

  • Standings
  • Live scores 
  • Standings 
  • Player data and stats 
  • Event line-ups
  • Pre Match odds 

b. Cricket Match API 

Cricket Match API allows you to access crucial features like cricket league including T20, World Cup, One Day, IPL, match highlights, match live scores, etc. Through this API, developers can get comprehensive and credible cricket data in one place. Buy Cricket API to access the stats and scores of multiple cricket formats. 

c. Cricket Historic Data API 

Cricket historic data API includes in-depth details about all the past cricket matches showcased in a yearly format. This Cricket Data Feed API provides past historical matches data efficiently and effectively. 

Pros of cricket historic data API 

  • Past matches scores 
  • Past matches stats 
  • Player performance 
  • Player details 

d. Cricket Commentary API 

To make your gaming app interactive, robust and fun, make sure to deploy a cricket commentary API. This API helps developers get instant updates and stats in real-time.  

Pros of cricket commentary API 

  • English and Hindi commentary 
  • Live commentary 
  • Ball-by-ball commentary stats and more 
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e. Cricket Live Line API 

Cricket Live Line API offers quick updates related to matches much before TV. Through this API, you can get all-inclusive details of match highlights and scores. 

  • Pros of Cricket live line API 
  • Live match score 
  • Live match highlights 
  • Leaderboard and live commentary 
  • Faster than live TV 
  • Showcases past records and data 
  • 100% accurate data 

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Benefits of Live Cricket API

Live Scores and Information 

Cricket Live Scorecards provides recent and reliable updates on cricket matches, and highlights, including competitor teams, player details, and live scores. Moreover, the API provides fast and reliable information about upcoming cricket events, matches or tournaments. 

Wide Range of Statistics 

Through Live Cricket Score APIs, you can get in-depth, and detailed statistics like runs, scores, ball-by-ball commentaries, batting and bowling scoreboards, etc. 

Historical Data Insights 

Cricket APIs also store historical data insights such as older matches, leagues, players, teams and scores. Through cricket IPL match API, you can store the records of played cricket matches in a seamless and cost-effective manner. 

Data Accuracy 

Live cricket API offers developers authentic and accurate data related to cricket matches or events. Using this API you will get unbiased and credible cricket insights that are widely accepted and appreciated. 

Easy to Implement 

The integration of this cricket Odds API Solutions is very easy and is compatible with any sort of project. With the help of technical documentation, you can easily incorporate the features and functionalities of this API on your platform or game application.

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Key Features of Live Cricket API

Cricket API plays an important role when it comes to the functioning of sports betting software. The features and functionalities of cricket APIs decide the performance of the platform. 

Here are some of the key features that you must include in your cricket API. 

Features Description 
24/7 support API should incorporate bespoke support to provide users with instant replies to any issues or queries. 
Detailed documentation It should incorporate in-depth insights and tutorials about the API implementation. 
Extensive stats Through this feature, developers and users get a wide range of stats about cricket matches including ball-by-ball commentaries, scores, runs, batting and bowling scoreboards. 
Real-time live scores Through this feature, you will get live scores and real-time updates related to cricket matches or events. 
User-friendliness It is the most flexible and easy-to-use API which you can implement in no time. 

The Best Live Cricket API Service Providers 

There are various fantasy cricket API providers available out there in the market, but choosing one can be a task full of hassle. To make this thing a little less complicated, here we have listed the cricket betting API providers: 

1. Softcare Infotech 

As one of the leading cricket API service providers, Softcare Infotech offers top-quality and high-performance live cricket API services that are of high value, scalable, and trusted by most gaming entrepreneurs.  If you are searching for a cricket API for live IPL scores, choose Softcare Infotech which not only allows users to check the live cricket updates but also scores, statistics, detailed documentation and customer support. 

2. Orion Infosolutions 

Having a leading name in the cricket live line API industry, Orion Infosolutions develop top-notch cricket API solutions that include features like real-time stats, payment integrations, AI-based security protocols, fantasy points and player credit value. As one of the prominent cricket API Service providers, they provide top-notch Cricket Ball by Ball API, cricket live line API, Cricket Fancy API, and Cricket odds API. 

3. BR Softech 

Being one of the best and leading cricket API service providers, BR Softech has helped global clients with different types of cricket API integrations such as cricket API, cricket commentary API, live cricket Score API, cricket data feed API, etc.

The company has a team of certified developers who work round the clock to optimize the latest market trends, tech stack and tools to implement and deploy seamless cricket API integrations. If you are looking for innovative, excellent, safe and high-performance live cricket API solutions, choose BR Softech to get customized and hassle-free integration services. 

4. Betfoc 

As a leading cricket betting API provider, Betfoc offers supreme-quality, secure, safe and fast live cricket score APIs. Through cricket API solutions, you can check the live cricket updates, stats and scores of the players. They use next-generation technology and modern integration methods to offer cutting-edge API solutions that are highly reliable and scalable. 

5. Softpay India 

As one of the leading live cricket API service providers, Softpay India offers easy-to-use and functional APIs that can take your business to the next level. They provide top-notch cricket API for the web which not only offers seamless integrations but also provides data regarding various matches, scorecards, players, teams, commentary, series, partnerships, etc. The company has a team of certified developers who work day in and day out to ensure seamless API integrations for a wide range of fantasy and sports betting games. 

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop Cricket Live API?

The cost to develop basic cricket live API with medium to low-level features and functionalities is around $20,000 to $50,000. This cost is not definite and hence varies on different factors ranging from features to high support. If you want to incorporate advanced features and functionalities in your cricket API, the cost may shoot up to $80,000. There are different factors affecting the cost of cricket API, including 

 Cost to Develop Cricket Live API
  • The location of the developers
  • Complexity of the features 
  • Level of expertise 
  • Cricket API Service provider
  • Type of cricket API 

Why Choose BR Softech for Cricket Score API?

At BR Softech, we strive to provide you with the most effective and efficient cricket API for android, and Cricket API for iOS. We can help you create a cricket score API for your mobile applications and websites. There are different types of APIs available in the market, but not every API is compatible with your platform. We at BR Softech offer the best cricket API, highlighting real-time and accurate cricket match stats, data and scoreboards. Through our API framework, we offer top-notch real-time statistics, extensive updates, huge converge, detailed documentation, easy API integration and bespoke support. 

Final Words 

The advent of technology has changed the world in a manner like none other. The tech advancement is also clearly visible in the sports industry where APIs have transformed the entire system by introducing untapped potential and benefits. Today, fans expect sports platforms to deliver quick and up-to-date information on the latest matches and changing statistics. Cricket API plays a crucial role in highlighting the true values of cricket matches, scores and team performance as a whole. If you want to build your own Real-time cricket score API, Cricket Live Streaming API, and live cricket match Odds API, choose BR Softech, offering top-notch cricket API development services. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Cricket API Cost?

Live cricket API with basic functions and functionalities will cost you around $20,000 to $50,000. The development cost of Cricket Score API may shoot up to $80,000.

What is the usage of API in cricket? 

API is like a container of digital information. Using APIs developers store all the information about the past, and current match information such as match scores, team details, number of players, team players, and performance.

What are the different types of APIs?

There are different types of APIs supporting distinguished functions, and interfaces. Some of the best cricket APIs include Player search API, Cricket live line API, Cricket Ball by ball API, cricket score feed API, Live Cricket API, Cricket Live Scores API, live score feed API, live sports scores API, and free Live Cricket API.

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