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How To Develop A Cricket Live Streaming App?

App Development
Feb 15, 2024
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Cricket Live Streaming App

Are you looking to build a cricket live streaming app for your business? Do you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors in providing the best live cricket streaming service to audiences all over the world? If yes, this is the blog you must be looking for!

Cricket has always been the favourite sport of millions of people around the globe. Be it old cricket matches or upcoming cricket leagues, the game is watched by millions of people of every age group. This has led to the growth of businesses like the development of cricket live streaming apps and it has proven to be a profitable business to invest in.

If you are confused about where to start, don’t fret! We will guide you through every step of the Cricket API development process. But before getting started about the same it is essential to understand what a cricket live streaming app is actually about. Later, we will discuss the features that need to be integrated into the live cricket streaming app free to make you stand out from the crowd.

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Let’s dive into the depth of the blog!

What Is A Cricket Live Streaming App?

What Is A Cricket Live Streaming App?

A world cup cricket live streaming app is a platform that brings live cricket matches, world championships, and other cricket-related events together in one application to allow viewers to stream them on their smartphones. Gone are the days when we had to sit in front of the TV and wait for live cricket broadcasting. Now, with the arrival of live streaming services, we can watch our live cricket score in mobile anywhere anytime.

Features To Be Integrated Into A Live Cricket Streaming App

Features To Be Integrated Into A Live Cricket Streaming App

As features are the most integral part of any application, you must deploy the top features in your live cricket score in mobile to have an edge in providing the best cricket experience to viewers.

Live Feed

The Live Feed feature in API cricket will attract a large number of cricket enthusiasts as it will keep them notified about ongoing cricket events. It also delivers real-time updates regarding any ongoing cricket events to viewers.

Previous Match Viewing Option

There are many viewers who like to watch historical cricket matches and highlight videos in world cup cricket live streaming apps. By integrating this feature, you can increase your viewership by providing old cricket matches and world cups in your app.

Push Notifications

Push notifications in live cricket streaming API deliver every single cricket update of current cricket matches. These notifications are sent directly to the smartphone’s notification bar which ultimately improves user engagement to your cricket app.

Typical User Profile

An extended user profile can help viewers to customise their profile according to their needs and preferences in the free live cricket score in mobile. They can watch their favourite matches and cricket player videos at the top of everything in the Android app for live cricket streaming. This feature provides viewers with a personalised experience.

Social Media Integration

Users can link their social media profile to your live cricket score in mobile so that they can share cricket videos, and fun moments with their friends and other cricket fans which can be an advantage to increase app downloads.


In order to generate higher revenue, you must implement various monetization strategies in your cricket live streaming API. We recommend you integrate in-app advertisements, a premium membership option for extra cricket content, and skippable and non-skippable advertisements during video playback.

These are some of the best features that you need to have in your Cricket app to lead the world cup cricket live streaming market.

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Cricket Live Streaming App Development Process

Cricket Live Streaming App Development Process

Developing a multiplatform app such as an Android app for live cricket streaming is not an easy task as it requires advanced development methodologies and approaches. Here are the steps that we leverage to develop a reliable and robust API cricket for your business:

Market Survey

The first step is to thoroughly understand the needs of any project. For this, we aim to conduct a market survey to check the requirements of the live cricket match streaming app, its target audience, viewership in particular areas, and the competitors in the segment. 

Create Project Structure

After successfully carrying out the market survey and research, the second step is to make a whitepaper that has a complete project structure including every detail such as cricket app design, cricket API, budget, and many more that will be inclusive in the best app for for live streaming free.

UI/UX Design

The next step is Cricket app designing where we design the free live cricket app layout by leveraging advanced designing tools that are simple and easy to understand. The friendly UI helps viewers navigate through the app easily and provides them with a great user experience.

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App Development

It is a major process where our finest team of cricket API developers leverage the latest technology stack and tools to create the best-in-class world cup cricket live streaming app. We maintain Transparency in development which ultimately increases customer satisfaction

Testing & Quality Assurance

After the app development, we check the performance of the live cricket API and see if there are any bugs or glitches left in the app using high-level app testing tools. If found, they are removed in order to make the live cricket match streaming app free from any bugs or errors.

App launch & Promotion

The next step is to launch the live cricket TV streaming app in the app marketplace. We promote the app using marketing strategies like content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing to expand the app’s reach to a wider audience. With our advanced marketing tools, you don’t need a marketing agency for your cricket API promotion.

Maintenance & Updates

We provide maintenance services even after the deployment of the app in the market. In addition to this, we regularly check the latest trends in the industry and integrate the new features into the app to make the app up-to-date. Our in-house developer team is available 24/7 for customers and with our post-development services, you don’t need to worry about future world cup cricket update software and upgrades.

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Cost To Develop Live Cricket Streaming App

Cost To Develop Live Cricket Streaming App

If you are looking to develop an Android app for live cricket streaming then you must be aware of the development cost. Well, there are different factors affecting the cost of the project. 

On average, the cost of developing an iOS or Android app for live cricket streaming with basic features will range between $35000 and $40000. It is important to note that the cost can increase up to $60000 if you want a high-performance and fully functional free live cricket app.

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Factors Affecting The Cost of Cricket Streaming App: 

  • Number of features 
  • Skills of cricket streaming app developers
  • Complexity and functionality of the app
  • Size of App

Develop a Cricket Live Streaming App At BR Softech

Develop a Cricket Live Streaming App At BR Softech

BR Softech has a long-standing reputation for being a top fantasy sports app development company. We have the finest team of cricket live streaming app developers who aim for client satisfaction and deliver excellence through best-in-class cricket streaming app development solutions.We develop robust and bug free live streaming cricket apps for our global clientele.

If you are looking to develop an Android app for live cricket streaming for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us. Choose us to get the following benefits:

  • 24/7 On-demand customer support
  • Project Delivery on time
  • Dedicated Cricket Steaming App Developers
  • Economical solutions
  • Highly customised solutions
  • Latest Technology Stack
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1.How to create a live cricket app?

To create a live cricket app you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Contact a leading cricket streaming app development company.
  • Discuss your project requirements with them.
  • Set your project budget.
  • Develop your cricket API with the help of the developer team.
  • Promote your app to reach a larger audience.

Q 2. Is there any free cricket API?

Yes, there is a free cricket API that provides various cricket information including matches, partners, latest scorecards, series, teams, comments, and more.

Q 3. What is API in cricket?

An API in the Android app for live cricket streaming is a database with information about the cricket game. These APIs, help developers to access live data and statistics about the game such as up-to-date cricket scores app and batting averages.

Q.4 How does the free live cricket app shows live cricket matches?

The free live cricket app allows us to view live cricket tournaments and matches via cricket API that fetches real-time data and various statistical information and shows it to the viewers on their screen without delay.

Q.5 How to stream cricket free?

To Stream cricket free you have to download a streaming application for cricket from the Play Store. There are many apps available out there, just download any and start free streaming.

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