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Valentine’s Week 2024: List Of All Special Valentine’s Days

Feb 08, 2024
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“There is only one happiness in life: to love and be loved.”
In light of the above, we wish you a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s week is just around the corner! Valentine’s day holds a special meaning of love and affection. One of the most awaited days is now finally here for those who want to express their feelings to the love of their lives. 

We suggest you plan something special this love week and make it more memorable by nurturing all your emotions into it. We all know that love has no language and no date can signify its importance but still, every year 14 February is celebrated as Valentine’s Day as a token of love. 

Every year from 7th to 14 February is preceded by a valentine’s week. These days are considered love week where one can express their emotions with special ones in multiple ways. 

If you are in love and want to express your feelings to your soulmate or want to embark on a fresh beginning for your romance, this is the perfect day to get it done.

Why Valentine’s Day is Celebrated?

Balentine day

At the End of the 5th century, Emperor Claudius II was against marriage. He prohibited men from getting married as he thought single men are much more devoted to their motherland and become better soldiers than married men. 

The origin of valentine’s week is named after Saint Valentine, who supported those who are in love and wants to marry. Saint Valentine facilitated marriages and helped people to get hitched secretly. 

Let’s have a quick glimpse at the valentine’s week schedule and plan out of it. 

7 February 2024 Rose Day, Wednesday 
8 February 2024 Propose Day, Thursday 
9 February 2024Chocolate Day, Friday 
10 February 2024Teddy Day, Saturday 
11 February 2024Promise Day, Sunday 
12 February 2024 Hug Day, Monday
13 February 2024 Kiss Day, Tuesday
14 February 2024Valentine’s Day, Wednesday

1. Rose Day – 7 February 2024

Rose day

The first day of valentine’s day must be special like roses. Lovers commence this week with a rose day as it symbolises love and affection. Red is a colour of lovers that conveys the message of love directly to another partner.

What is the significance of Rose Day

  • Red Roses are the perfect essence of pure love that manifest their feelings toward one another.
  • Rose is a gift from God as an expression of love.

2. Propose Day – 8 February 2024

Propose day

The next day we celebrate it as a proposed day. On this day one expresses their feeling for his/her love directly as this holds its significance. The proposal should be special and must come out from the heart. Customised gifts can be the perfect way to propose to your beloved. 

3. Chocolate Day- 9 February 2024

Happy chocolate day

It’s a time for sweets, Right after the Propose day, on 9 February comes the chocolate day. It’s time to show some care by giving them a pack of handmade chocolates. Those who are single can share their chocolates with their friends and family too as an abundance of love and respect.

4. Teddy Day- 10 February 2024

Teddy Day

Let’s bring back our childhood memories. A fluffy cute little teddy stuffed with sweet little soft toys. Gifting a teddy bear can easily make a girl’s day as it can reminisce about all the sweet memories of their childhood. No one can take that pleasure of being cuddled with our soft toy. 

5. Promise Day- 11 February 2024

Happy promise day

Promises are hard to keep too forcefully. This promise day showcases your love with genuine promises to our loved ones to always stand beside them at every odds and even. A genuine promise can signify love and affection towards each other. 

6. Hug Day- 12 February 2024

Happy Hug Day

A Hug is what a human wants. A genuine hug from your loved ones cannot be expressed in words; it’s an emotion that can be sensed directly from the heart. On the occasion of Hug Day, give your loved ones a tight hug to express your feelings and brighten up their day.

Go ahead and give a tight hug to your near and dear ones and cherish that moment to a certain core.

7. Kiss Day- 13 February 2024

Kiss day

An intimate and special day, Kiss Day is one of the most promising and important days for lovers. Kisses are a sign of love and affection to their beloved partner. This valentine’s day, play a game of love with your partner, prepare chits of different kinds of kisses and make the day memorable. 

8. Valentine’s Day- 14 February 2024

Happy Valebtine's day

The most anticipated day is here, Yes valentine’s day is here. Valentine’s day is celebrated worldwide on 14 February every year as it marks the death anniversary of the legend Saint Valentine. Valentine’s day is all about the love that we embark on for our loved ones.

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Emanate every moment with your loved ones and make this valentine’s day more memorable. Valentine’s is not for couples; it’s a day to remember your friends and family while making countless feelings by conveying your message to those whom you adore the most.

In the end, 

BR Softech wishes you all a day full of love and happiness. You can find your partner on the matrimonial app this valentine, for those who are single and looking for love and want to get hitched. 

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