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On-Demand Laundry Delivery App Development Cost Analysis With Key Features

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Mar 15, 2022
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Laundry business can never come to end, even with the time it is going to become more popular and dependable. In this hectic schedule, no one has time to wash their clothes as people are busy with their other chores and office work. In this situation, to save time human beings opt for the laundry service.

If you are already running your laundry business or have marked your presence as a start up, so in this case, don’t miss to bring the laundry mobile apps for your user. Now it won’t be wrong to say that laundry app is the key to success in the Laundry and dry cleaning business.So, for developing the laundry app, you should know the imperative features and cost of on demand laundry app development.

Here, we brought in-depth information about the laundry cleaning app.

Growth Rate of Laundry App


According to the present digital market report, the interest of the laundry and dry cleaning cloths co-operation in 2017 was concerning 8029 million US dollars, which is estimated to go up to 8090 million US dollars by 2020. On the other side, as per the Statista reports, In USA till the revenue of the laundry business was $7370 million and it is expected that by 2022, the amount is going to increase to $7660.

Growth Rate of Laundry App

We have an ability to turn your laundry business into a profitable business

Advantages of On Demand Laundry App

There are various benefits of a dry cleaning solutions.

Saves Time: The laundry and dry cleaning app save the time of the customers as they don’t require to waste time to pick and drop the clothes and in many more aspects, it saves time.

Easy Service: It offers easy service to the users as it makes the process simple and effective. Users and washers don’t have to go through the long and complex process, all they need to do is install a laundry mobile app on their smartphone. Furthermore, it doesn’t require any course or specific skills.

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Offers: It provides time to time best offers and deals to the users for the best laundry services. As it helps to maintain the long term relationship with the customer.


Feedback: The laundry and dry cleaning service mobile app offer an opportunity for users to give their opinions and reviews.

Real Time Tracking: User can track the dry cleaning service and know the status of their laundry service.

Process Panel of Laundry Application Features:


The laundry app development process is based on three panels and they are the major components of Dry Cleaning App Development

  • The Client Panel or Customer Panel

  • Service Provider Panel

  • Admin Panel

Client/Customer PanelService Provider PanelAdmin Panel
User RegistrationUser RegistrationEffective Panel Management
Search nearby Laundry ServicesView & Manage ProfileProvide User Actions
View & Choose Laundry Type & PriceManage Laundry ChargesProvide Laundrymen Actions
Select PackageView Order RequestsPayment Management
Select Order DateManage OrdersLaundry Category Manager
Send Laundry Request to AdminView Order HistoryManage Commission
View Order StatusManage Offers & DiscountsPayment Management
Track Laundryman via GPSView Reviews & RatingsContent Management
Pay via Audio QR scanningPayment IntegrationApp & Data Analytics

The Key Features of Laundry and Dry Cleaning App


Customer Account Setup Panel

Customers or clients can fill for an account managing on-demand laundry mobile applications or websites. There is the advantage of social media account login as well.

Scheduling of Convenient Pickup & Delivery

Customer’s order, select the pickup and transportation time, address to represent a laundry pickup at their doorstep.

Laundry Order Tracking System

Clients can track the status of their clothing from the request page. All updates matched up consequently in each gadget.

Promotional Notification Panel

The administrator can send new offers and warnings to the clients at customary interims. The warning is a decent method to keep drawing in with your clients.

Order History Records Maintenance

Clients can see the previous history of all the past clothing orders from the request page. They can check the bill and the subtle elements of the administration’s they requested.

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Facility with Multiple Address Options

Clients can include different locations on the address page and they can pick any address from the rundown while putting in the request. It’s simple and quick.

Discount Coupons

An administrator can include clothing rebate coupons from the administrator board to give different offers to keep the clients upbeat.

Online Supported Payment Gateways & In-App Payments

Clients can without much of a stretch pay for their request with the inbuilt installment passage. They just need to include the points of interest out of the blue. They can change the card whenever.


After the fruitful finish of the clothing request, clients can leave, a survey criticism on the request points of interest page. Audits are a decent method to think about the nature of your administration.

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Advanced Features of On Demand Laundry App

To integrating the advanced features in the on demand laundry app can prepare your laundry mobile app for the future also. The process of Laundry Delivery App development is not simple, as it requires a well-versed team of developers and designers. Involving the expertise of Laundry Delivery App developers also influence the on-demand Laundry App Development Cost.

In App Chat Support: The in app chat feature will be considered as an imperative feature for future. User will not prefer to communicate via third parties to other users. They will surely demand for In App Chat System.

Split Payment: This feature is surely going to attract the users as it will enabled users to make payments from different modes.

Invoice: The invoice will be automatically generated and it will help a lot to have a secure payment to the users.

Less Typing More Touch: As now no one prefers to type and in this case, people demand touch and prefer while touching they can reach to the last step.

How Does the Laundry App Work?

The application works in the simplest way and here is the working process of on demand laundry app. The dry cleaning mobile app works on both Android and iOS platforms.

  • User needs to login into his account and has to request for the laundry service by selecting the date and time for picking up the clothes.
  • Admin receives the request.
  • Admin checks the availability with washer
  • Accept user request and send him Mail, SMS as per the details available to the admin.
  • The pick up person will react at a user, place to pick the clothes or outfits
  • Clothes are taken to the laundry center and properly ironed and folded before getting dispatched.
  • After this, clothes wrapped in the paper sheets and delivered back to the owner.

Technologies involved in the On Demand Laundry App Development

Basically, technologies play an imperative rule in the Laundry Mobile App Development and here we brought the latest technologies.

1) Cloud Environment: For every sector mobile app, cloud integration plays an imperative role and when it comes to the laundry mobile app so, it cloud servers can’t afford to miss. For cloud integration AWS, Google, and Azure are the best technologies.

Here, the entire data including phone number, email address, payment history can be stored in a proper organised and systematic way. It protects all business integrity and provides a platform to secure the data.

2) GPS Tracking: To integrate the GPS feature in the laundry app can be considered as a smart step. While introducing this feature, it can help users in various ways as it can assist laundrymen to reach at the relevant destinations. The real time info can be transmitted.

3) Audio QR: Audio QR is the latest technology, which is helpful to do the laundry service as users can instruct to the app and the laundry solution can response as per the audio.

4) Payment Gateways: Online payment is the demand of the user as it is a cashless world. The relevant technology for the online payment gateway is E Wallets, Braintree & PayPal and Stripe.

5) Analytics Dashboards: The analytics can help laundry business to view all the statistics which are related to user base and sales. There are several analytic tools for the laundry app such as Apache Storm, Open Source Analytics Tools and Apache Spark.

These technologies turn your laundry mobile app into advanced and secure app, it may varies in the process of laundry delivery app development cost in the industry but to integrate them will be the smarter choice.

Laundry App Development Cost

So, now it’s comes the important part of the dry cleaning App, and that is the Laundry Delivery App Development Cost. Additionally, let’s tell you, no one can tell you the exact cost as it differs to feature to feature as well as app development companies.

There are various app development companies and everyone has their different model of working. But here, we reach to an estimate of laundry and dryclean service mobile app and it is approximately $15k – $100k for a quality product.

If you don’t want to go to the laundry software development company, so you can hire laundry app developers also on hourly, monthly and part time basis. The dry cleaning app development cost of the developers varies from country to country and here we have brought the cost of laundry developers on a country basis.

Laundry Delivery App Development Cost On The Basis Of The Developers

Country Hours Highest Price Lowest Price

US 01 $250 $50

Europe 01 $150 $30

India 01 $80 $15

Dry Cleaning App Development Cost On The Basis Of Other Features as per hours

Feature Time in HRS Amount

Logo Integration 08 $160 Approx

Admin Panel 96 $1920 Approx

Online Payment Integration 24 $480 Approx

Testing and Feedback 40 $800 Approx

Design Wireframe Work/ PSD implementation 40 $800 Approx

Deployment ( web services and app stores) 16 $329 Approx

There are many other factors in the app development as it is a combination of the front end, design, backend, testing, interface design. The whole laundry app development team has to put their high efforts in the app, then a best outcome use to come out.



Development Process of Laundry Delivery App

The process of Laundry Delivery App is not simple, it requires a well versed team of developers and designers even to involve the expertise Laundry Delivery App developers also factulate the on demand Laundry App Development Cost.

In the Laundry Delivery App Development Process these Individuals Involves:

  • Project Manager
  • Developers
  • Designers
  • Testers

Project Manager

As the name suggests, a project manager is a person whose job is to look after the management. Management includes team management, work management, office management, etc. His job is to ensure everything is fine and running as desired.

Times a manager also takes charge as a team leader and establishes communication with the team, seniors, and clients. This post plays a vital role in any office environment and requires handling multiple areas.


A developer’s job includes the app’s development sector – basically, the coding part. They create the app for all sorts of platforms android-iOS as per the demand.

A developer handles the project’s technical segments frontend & backend and takes care of their maintenance and handling.


Designers design the application. How the app will look appearance-wise – that’s a designer’s role. As attraction plays a crucial role in any product’s success – thus, designers are the primary part of a team.


Testers test the app – it’s their job to assure that the on-demand laundry app remains bug-free and every function is working fine.

The on-demand laundry app development cost may vary on multiple factors like the number of features within the app, launch platforms, development area, etc. Still, the featured table below will help you give a basic idea:

Development ProcessesiOS Platforms ($)Android Platforms ($)
Native Development15-22k12-20k
UX/UI Design3-6k2-4k
Backend Development5-7k4-6k
Web Development (an admin panel)4.5k4.6k
Testing and Quality Assurance6-8k5-7k
Project Management (10-15% of the total budget4k3.8k
Final Costs40-60k30-55k

Duration of Online Laundry App Development

It can take anywhere between 1 to 6 months to make a laundry app.

Laundry app takes a bit longer time as there will not be just one but three user-specific separate apps:


There are various laundry app development companies in all over the world. BR Softech is considered among one of the best dry cleaning mobile apps and since years we have been marking our presence in the market. We offer customized as well as a ready-made laundry mobile app to our customers. Our readymade laundry app is based on the clone of Getwashio and our ready laundry solution saves time of the user from developing the app from the scratch.

Laundry app development

As well as our laundry app developers are well versed that they develop the app as per our customers and market demand. They develop the unique, highly responsive and advanced app for your laundry business. The on demand laundry app development cost various to the feature, panel, and technologies. It’s all up to you that how much preference they give to the laundry delivery app.

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