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Best Zocdoc Alternatives for Patients

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Mar 07, 2024
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Zocdoc Alternatives for Patients

Looking for the best Zocdoc alternatives for patients? Being in a medical profession, you might be working really hard to deliver excellent patient care, but at times popular platforms like the Zocdoc app fail to live up to the mark. So, today we bring you the list of best apps similar to the Zocdoc application.

Many healthcare providers have reported that there are issues in various website and app designs that misguide patients with confusing terms and conditions regarding their zero refund policy, high patient referral fees, and even the same old-age response from the customer support team. In this blog, we will explore the top Zocdoc alternatives that you can use for your medical practice. You must note that any app from this list can be a game-changer for your career.

Let’s dive deep into the core of this blog and get to know what are the ways through which you can manage your appointments and connect with your patients conveniently. But before this, we must know what is the Zocdoc app all about and what it offers to healthcare professionals.

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What is the Zocdoc App?

Zocdoc is a doctor booking app that allows patients and healthcare providers to connect with each other. Apart from the smartphone application, the platform has web-based services where the doctors consult with their patients who need treatment. Patients can find the best medical professionals on this platform who have specialisation in various fields.

Search results and rankings are customized as per the patient’s requirements and get updated to the most up-to-date information on the availability of the doctors.

A short summary of the online Zocdoc App:

  • The Zocdoc app helps to connect both doctors and patients with each other.
  • It acts as a bridge between both of them.
  • This app helps the patients to find the doctors nearby to their location.
  • With Zocdoc, patients get prescriptions and consultations via video calls, audio and text messages.
  • Patients can even make prior appointments with their doctors via online booking.

Features of Zocdoc App

Features of Zocdoc App

Here are the top features of the Zocdoc app that are beneficial for both the healthcare provider and the patients.

Live Support: Patients don’t have to bother about day or night, With the live support feature in the Zocdoc doctor appointment online app, they can contact medical practitioners anytime and from anywhere.

In-app Payment: With this feature, the online doctor booking app can withdraw a fee from the account according to the consult duration and can pay the doctor.

Push Notifications: This feature is beneficial for both doctors and patients, as it gives a reminder to both doctors and patients. Even users can mark the reminder option on the app only for the medicine time to remind them.

Health Tracking: The doctor appointment online app has become an enriched app by including health tracking features such as measurement of weight, fat, and blood pressure and users can record this data to calculate statistics, interactive charts and spreadsheets.

GPS Tracking: With an accurate GPS tracking system, users can track and know their real-time location on the maps. This not only helps in time management but also allows accessibility to the users.

In-app camera: Integration of in-app cameras plays an essential role in effective virtual consultation. With the use of a camera, users are able to have live chat and video chats. Users are enabled to interact with the doctors on a live basis also. Hence, this is how doctor-patient communication becomes more effective.

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Top Zocdoc Alternatives

Top Zocdoc Alternatives

Here are the top Zocdoc alternatives for booking appointments with doctors. 

1. DemandHub

DemandHub is an online platform similar to the Zocdoc app that provides a complete virtual consultation experience to patients. This budget-friendly platform helps you to elevate your medical practice as well. Also, you can chat with your staff through the web chat feature and even pay online with simple and secure payment options. The patients conveniently book their appointments with the doctors irrespective of geographical location and time.

Moreover, when a cancellation occurs, a patient has the option to reschedule their appointments in available slots shown on their screen. Overall it is one of the top alternatives to Zocdoc both for patients and the doctors.


It is a great online appointment booking system and one of the most used Zocdoc alternatives that is specially designed for medical businesses of all sizes. It offers a top-class enterprise solution with several outlets. allows easy appointments for patients and offers them seamless access to a wide range of providers. From a doctor’s perspective, you can create a customized booking widget and accept bookings on your website or app.

As a doctor, you can also manage fees, and payments, and sell your medical products easily which helps boost your business and gather real and valuable client reviews. Overall, you can consider it as one of the best alternatives to the Zocdoc app.

3. Sesame

This platform is another Zocdoc alternative that is a worthy marketplace for connecting patients with highly experienced doctors directly. As a medical healthcare provider, you can set your own fees and offer many kinds of services, ranging from telehealth and digital appointments to old-school in-patient visits. The online payment method eases the process further and both of them have a hassle-free consultation. 

With Sesame’s large base of patients, you get an opportunity to cater to a large number of patients by offering them exceptional care. For you and your patients, this doctor appointment online app is a great way to connect with each other conveniently.

4. Air Doctor

Air Doctor is a global healthcare online platform that allows travellers to get in touch with regional, licensed, and certified medical practitioners all across the world. Their aim is to ensure that the people who are travelling abroad do not have any issues in getting quality healthcare services they indeed in case of any injury or illness. This is one of those Zocdoc alternatives that has an extended network of doctors, hospitals, and even clinics, providing travellers with medical care when they are not at home.

Being a healthcare provider, you can easily expand your reach and cater to a wide range of audience. With this doctor app, you get access to the international clientele and develop your medical reputation among the international healthcare community. You can consider it as an alternative to the Zocdoc app for providing effective consultation to travellers.

5. Opencare

It is a popular alternative to Zocdoc that is designed to connect patients with dental professionals who aim to provide top-quality care. The patients have the option to browse the available dentists before making an appointment. This also ensures the best doctor according to their needs and preferences. One of the most prominent features of this app is the quick and reliable payment system where the dentists only have to pay after the patient has virtually appeared for their appointment.

The automated review collection system of this Zocdoc alternative allows the patients to share their experiences with their dentist without any hassle, providing real-time feedback for the healthcare service provider and giving a clear path to future patients.

6. Tripment Health

A modern platform and one of the best Zocdoc alternatives that helps healthcare providers display their ratings and reviews it makes it easier for new patients to book appointments for effective consultations. In addition to this, medical professionals can effortlessly manage all their appointments in a single place. Moreover, it is one of the Zocdoc alternatives that is completely free for medical healthcare providers, so you can expand your reach to a large number of patients and grow your practice.

The best part of Tripment Health is that the patients can see the fees for the healthcare services list-wise before making an appointment with available doctors. They can also compare all the available options before making any further decisions.

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What Is The Cost To Develop An App Similar to Zocdoc?

Cost is one of the major aspects when it comes to developing an app like Zocdoc. There is no fixed cost to develop the same. However, to give you a rough idea, the average cost to develop an app like Zocdoc ranges between $25000 and $35000 with basic functionality. You must take into account that this cost range is just an estimate, to get an exact quotation, you need to contact a leading app development company.

Here are the major factors that affect the cost of doctor appointment app development:

1. Location of developer

The location of the development company influences the overall cost of your project. For instance, you will get expensive developers that hail from the US, UK, and AUS, you can get highly skilled developers at a lower rate from India. So the location of the developer affects the development cost.

2. Complexity of the Project

More complexity means more development time and ultimately more cost of development. The cost is highly sensitive to the complexity level of the application.

3. Experience Level of the Developer Team

An inexperienced developer comes at a lower rate but you will miss out on expertise and skills that can be detrimental to your application. So it is always best to hire a professional developer team who are highly skilled and have years of experience in the relevant field.

4. Type of Technology Stack

The type of technology stack affects the cost of developing an app like Zocdoc. When getting into doctor appointment application development, talk to your hired developers regarding the tech stack. 

5. Features and Functions

The higher the number of features and functions, the more the cost of the project. An optimum set of features and functions that are necessary for a doctor app is good and does not stretch the overall budget.


Want To Develop A Similar App Like Zocdoc?

Want To Develop A Similar App Like Zocdoc?

Do you want to develop a doctor booking app like Zocdoc? If yes, BR Softech is here to help you! As the best doctor appointment app development company across the globe, our main aim is to provide the utmost satisfaction to our clientele. We have the finest app developer and designer team who are well-versed with the latest technologies and high-level programming languages. 

They are proficient in developing top-of-the-line doctor appointment apps that are integrated with class-leading features that are beneficial for both doctors as well as patients. Contact us today, and we will take care of your project. Choose us and get exclusive benefits:

  • On-Demand Client Support
  • Advanced App Development Solutions
  • Cost-effective & Highly Customized App Development solutions
  • Integration of Latest Technologies
  • Post-Deployment App Maintenance & Updates
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Questions Frequently Asked  (QFAs)

Q 1. Is Zocdoc a free app?

Ans. Zocdoc is completely free for patients to find and book a doctor for every type of care. There are over 100k providers across more than 250 specialities available on the platform like dentists. Ophthalmologists, therapists, dermatologists, physicians, and more.

Q 2. What is better than Zocdoc?

Ans. Here is the list of top Zocdoc alternatives:

  • Air Doctor
  • Sesame
  • DemandHub
  • Opencare

Q 3. How much time does it take to develop an app like Zocdoc?

Ans. It takes three to four months to develop a doctor app like Zocdoc. However, the development time depends on the type of complications involved in the project.

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