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Best Apps like Uber: How to Develop A Taxi App Like Uber?

App Development
Mar 22, 2024
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how to develop taxi app like uber

Are you looking for the top 10 apps like Uber so you can get an idea to develop a taxi app similar to Uber for you, and also make your commuting easier? If yes, thai blog is for you! Here, we have made a list of the top 10 alternative apps to Uber with the development process, features, benefits, and cost so you can make an informed decision.

Uber is a taxi-hailing service that is popular all across the world. The services of Uber are available in over 72 countries and 10,500+ cities. Earlier, people used to stand out on the curb and wait for an available taxi to hail a ride but with the advent of Uber-like taxi apps, the taxi-hailing process has become a lot easier. Such apps are saving both time and money. That’s why, the demand for similar apps like Uber is increasing at a rapid pace. For your help, we have counted 10 prominent similar apps like Uber after going through various aspects so you can opt for the best one. 

Moreover, the popularity of apps like Uber has opened doors for budding entrepreneurs to invest in Uber like app development to create taxi-hailing applications of their own. In early 2023, Uber’s monthly user base had grown to 130 million with over 7.6 billion trips being carried out in 72 countries. The net revenue of Uber in the year 2022 was nearly $32 billion.

Let’s dive in-depth to learn about similar applications to Uber with a complete development process so you can clear all your doubts about investing in Uber-like taxi applications.

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Top 10 On-Demand Taxi Booking Apps Like Uber in 2024

With a plethora of options, choosing the right taxi booking app like Uber is a challenging task. Because each one has its key aspects. That’s why, we have made a list of the best 10 alternatives to Uber so you can choose the right one to make your commute easier. Let’s start to know them.

1. Ola Cabs

When you are looking for similar apps like Uber then Ola Cabs has become the perfect application for you that is offering their innovative services all over India. The best part of this on-demand taxi booking platform like Uber is they have a fleet of more than 6L registered vehicles. This company was founded by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati in 2010, and since that, it has become a popular choice among users. Its easy user interface, and a wide range of vehicles like Ola Mini, Prime, Sedan, Share, and Auto make it the best choice for people who are looking for a taxi booking application like Uber.

2. Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs has secured a place in the list of 10 top-rated apps like Uber by offering innovative taxi booking services in urban areas of India. The best part of Meru Cabs is the well-trained drivers that make your journey better. You can use this app 24/7, and with more than 5M+ downloads, it has become a popular name in the Indian market for booking online taxis and bikes. Add this Uber-like taxi app to your smartphone to move from one place to another in a smooth way. 

3. Carzonrent

Are you searching for an Uber-like taxi app? If yes, try Carzonrent which is a popular taxi booking service provider in India. Carzonrent has been offering their rich services since 2000, and now, they are operating in all big cities of India. In earlier days, people used to book a ride by making phone calls but now, you can book by using their application. 

The best part of Carzonrent is they have collaborated with IRCTC to offer taxi services for railway passengers. This collab is known as the EasyCabs. That’s why, EasyCabs has become a leading taxi booking app like Uber in India. 

4. Rapido Bike

Rapido Bike is another top-rated Uber-like taxi app that has made a big hype in the Indian taxi booking market by offering them cost-effective, and convenient services. The best part of this app is minimal waiting time so without any delay, you can get your taxi on time. In more than 10 Indian cities, they are offering their services and with time, their number is increasing at a rapid pace. Affordable rates are also the key reason behind the popularity of the Rapido Bike. Try this similar taxi app to Uber to move from one place to another in a city.

5. Savaari Car Rentals

Savaari Car Rentals has become the perfect alternative to the Uber app by offering local and outstation car rental services. Since 2006, they have been offering their taxi services at very low rates in all big cities in India. With more than 50,000 vehicles and 98 cities, they become the best inter-city taxi services provider in India. The best part of this similar app to Uber is, that the process of booking a taxi is very simple. That’s why, it has become the first choice of users in India.

6. Fastrack Cabs

Fasttrack Cabs is a popular on-demand taxi services provider in India that covers more than 20 big cities of India such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. The best part of an app like Uber is its fast services making it the first choice for users. Its mobile app is compatible with all platforms. With more than 10,000 vehicles, they are making their presence in every corner of India with time. When you are looking for an alternative to Uber then Fasttrack Cabs has become the perfect substitute. Once you try it, you will become a fan of this taxi software.

7. Mega Cabs

Mega Cabs is a prominent and most-used taxi app similar to Uber that is known as the leading on-demand taxi booking services provider. They are known to offer radio taxi services in urban cities of India such as Delhi, Bengaluru, Amritsar, Kolkata, etc. The best part of this top-notch app like Uber is simple navigation that helps users book their taxi easily. Here, competitive prices also make it the first choice for users to use this application like Uber. 

8. inDrive

inDrive is known to offer online taxi booking services in more than 48 countries, and 600 cities, and with time, they are increasing their footprints all over the world. Within a short period, inDrive has become a popular online taxi platform like Uber in India. Here, you can choose your desired vehicles and according to that, you have to price. By offering rich services, it has attracted a huge user base in India, and become a perfect alternative to Uber. Try this platform to save your time and money.

9. BluSmart

Are you looking for a taxi booking app similar to Uber that offers electric cab services? If yes, try BluSmart which is known as India’s first electric taxi booking service provider. At present, they are offering their amazing services in Delhi NCR, and Bengaluru, and with time, they are expanding their services. If you are living in Delhi or Bengaluru, try this taxi app to travel in an electric cab. 

10. My Taxi India

My Taxi India is a top-rated taxi booking service provider like Uber but, that deals only in Auto rental services. With more than 4000 vehicles, they are offering services in 102 urban cities of India. Their services are so fair and advanced that people love to use My Taxi India (MTI) as their first choice. Add this app like Uber to your smartphone to make your commute easy.

Now, let’s know the working process of Ubet like taxi apps.

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Working Process of a Taxi App like Uber

Working Process of a Taxi App like Uber

Here is the complete working process of a taxi app like Uber:

  • The customer requests a ride by logging in to the app.
  • The user chooses a pickup location and destination and requests a ride. 
  • Users can select the vehicle of their choice like hatchback, sedan, or SUV and multiple payment methods for their convenience.
  • The application searches for drivers that are near your location based on your vehicle preference.
  • The drivers get a ride alert, they can either choose to accept or decline the request. If a driver declines the ride, the app automatically searches for the next nearby driver. 
  • After the ride ends, the customer can pay for the ride via various payment travelling methods accepted on the application.
  • Customers can rate the ride according to their experience. Customer reviews help in application and service improvement and also help other customers as well.

Now that you are familiar with the working process of an Uber like taxi app, let us look at the necessary features of the application.

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Essential Features of a Taxi App like Uber

Essential Features of a Taxi App like Uber

Features are an integral part of the application. To develop your taxi app like Uber superior to your competitors, you must integrate top-level features. Here is a list of features for different panels:

User Panel

These are the essential features of the Passenger interface that must be counted when you are going to develop an on-demand taxi booking application like Uber. 

User Registration

The users can register on the application with their social media accounts, e-mail, or phone number.

Taxi Booking

Customers can book a taxi, choose the type of vehicle of their choice, and adjust their pickup location.

Fare Estimation

Before confirming the ride, the users can see the ride fare for travelling from the source to the destination. A small ride summary is shown which shows the fare details.

Ride Tracking

The users can track their rides as the location of the driver is updated in real-time. The estimated time of arrival is also shown to the users.

Payment Methods

Users can choose one of the many available transaction options to pay for their ride. A taxi-booking app like Uber has payment methods like credit or debit cards, PayPal, net banking, etc. 

Call & Message

The users can also call or text the driver to know the status of their ride in case the driver is running late. This feature helps in better coordination between the passenger and the driver.

Travel History

An Uber-like application shows you the records of all the rides you have booked from the ride.

Ride Cancellation

The customer as well as the driver has the option to cancel the ride. However, late cancellations will lead to cancellation fees for the users.

Book for Another Person

This feature allows users to book a ride for their friends, family, colleagues, etc. 

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Driver Panel

Just like the user panel, the driver panel helps the drivers to manage the ride efficiently, These are the features that are a must for taxi apps like Uber:

Driver Profile

This feature gives a detailed description of the driver. The app also shows the driver’s availability status. 

Ride Alert

The driver gets a notification whenever a user books a ride nearby. Information about the trip, passenger details, routes, and distance is also displayed on the application.


The drivers can use this feature to find the shortest route with minimal traffic to reach the distance.  

Trip Reports

This section shows detailed information about the trips. It can be shown on a daily/weekly/ or monthly basis. 

Waiting Time

The driver is liable for an extra charge if they have to wait for more than 5 minutes at the pick-up location.

Upcoming Ride

Drivers are notified of the next ride if they are in the middle of a ride. 

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Admin Panel

The admin panel consists of features and functions that help in the smooth operation of taxi apps like Uber. These features are the master controls and only the admin can access them. 

Customer and Driver Management

Manage and check customer and driver information for reference.

App Management

Useful in checking the application functionality and ensuring everything is running fine.

Payment Management

Payment management helps determine successful and failed payments and checks for any fraudulent transactions from either side.

Ride Management

Total number of bookings with daily, weekly and monthly filters including cancelled rides.

Location & Fare Management

Booking filtration as per location, and checking for fares for offering an optimum ride to users.

Call System Management

It is an important part beneficial in improving services and user experience of taxi apps like Uber.

User Ratings

This feature allows the admin to check for user ratings on the Play Store and in-app customer ratings and solve their queries.

Offers & Discounts

Through this feature, promotional codes, offers, and discount coupons can be delivered to all users.

Customer Support

Check the customer support service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and check if their issues are solved within time.

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Step by Step Development Process of Apps like Uber

Uber Like App Development Process: 

Developing a taxi booking app like Uber is not an easy task and requires a lot of planning. That’s why here, we are going to discuss a comprehensive development process of an Uber-like app. Here is the step-by-step development process:

Market Research

When you are going to develop an app like Uber then the first step is to study the market rigorously. Proper market research will help you understand the preferences of the audience and the ongoing trends in the industry. Moreover, you can also figure out your competitor’s key strengths and weaknesses and design an app solution according to that information. 

Documentation & Blueprint

This step includes managing documentation, deadlines, and milestones, and creating a wireframe of your taxi application will help you streamline the process. Moreover, proper documentation will also allow you to keep track of your team’s work record and deadlines. This step ensures that thedevelopment process of a similar app to Uber is going on the right track without any obstacles.

App Design

The app layout is designed in such a way that users can easily navigate and scroll through the app. The best UI/UX design helps grab the user’s attention which is an important aspect when designing an app for the masses. Also, a light app (less in size) will run flawlessly on old mobile phones without lagging. These things must be kept in mind while designing the application.

Uber Like App Development

The Uber Like App development is the major development phase, where highly experienced app developers create a striking taxi app like Uber for you that is reliable and scalable for your business. In this process, developers utilize a modern technology stack and advanced tools to develop a reliable and scalable taxi application. 

Testing and Quality Analysis

After the successful creation of an Uber clone, the next step is to test the product’s performance and refine it. The testing phase gets rid of all the major bugs and glitches of the application that may hamper the user experience. Make sure to give special priority to the testing phase and include advanced testing methods for utmost quality as deploying a taxi application that is filled with bugs and glitches can be detrimental to your taxi business. That’s why, it is counted as an important step when you are going to create a taxi app similar to Uber.

App Launch and Support

The final step of uber like app development is to launch your newly developed application into the app market. Using various promotional strategies and tactics like digital content marketing, social media marketing, etc, your app acquires a large user base during the initial period. 

After the successful launch, you need an expert team of developers that can address user’s questions and queries regarding the application and sort them in within time. Moreover, the developer team regularly checks the application for any bugs or glitches removes them (if any) and helps in keeping your app up-to-date with the latest trends in the market.

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Development Cost of Taxi Booking App Like Uber

Uber Like Taxi App Development Cost

The cost of developing a Uber like taxi app is dependent on several factors. It is easier to provide an exact estimate by knowing your app requirements. However, the average cost of taxi app development with basic features and functionalities ranges between $25000 and $35000. A fully-fledged taxi app with optimum features will increase the development cost by $50000.

The factors which affect Uber like app development costs include:

  • Location of developers
  • Experience of developers
  • Project complexity
  • Number of features
  • App Platform

Why Choose BR Softech to Develop a Taxi App Like Uber?

Develop a Taxi App Like Uber at BR Softech

BR Softech is a leading taxi application development company that has rich experience in developing a wide range of taxi applications. They have the best development team that knows every aspect of taxi apps. That’s why, they enrich your taxi idea with exceptional features and functions so it can create a big difference in the market. A taxi app has the potential to scale up your taxi business to the next level. Integrating top-class features in the app will enhance your in the market. All that is possible when you hire BR Softech to develop an Uber-like app. If you are interested in launching your own taxi booking platform, share your idea with BR Softech. Choose us to get the following benefits:

  • A dedicated team of expert developers
  • Latest Technology Integration
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Round the clock Tech Support
  • Future App Maintenance & Updates 
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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q 1. How long does it take to develop an app like Uber?

Ans. The duration of the development process will depend on the number of features you implement into the application and cross-platform compatibility. On average, the development phase can go up to 2 to 3 months.

Q 2. What language is Uber coded in?

Ans. Uber uses the popular programming language Node.js for back-end development and Python for everything else.

Q.3 Can I develop an app like Uber?

To develop a similar app to Uber, you have to hire a taxi app development company that not only brings your idea to life but also enriches it with exceptional features and functions so it can stay ahead of the curve. 

Q.4 What are the 10 most popular and used apps like Uber?

Ans. Here is the list of prominent applications like Uber-

  • Ola Cabs
  • Meru Cabs
  • Carzonrent
  • Rapido Bike
  • Savaari Car Rentals
  • Fastrack Cabs
  • Mega Cabs
  • inDrive
  • BluSmart
  • My Taxi India

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