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Fantasy Premier League App Development Cost & Features- A Complete Guide

Fantasy Sports
May 20, 2023
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Guide of Fantasy Premier League App Development Cost & Features

Gaming is no longer a fun activity, whereas people are pursuing a career in gaming and making a lot of money. According to a report, there are around 59.3 million fantasy sports players in the UK, USA and Canada. Developing a fantasy football premier league app is an easy task, and you need a guided process to produce an excellent game. Many industries and investors are investing in the gaming industry to make it the most significant future industry. 

According to statistical data, there are around 6.3 billion smartphone users around the globe, and you can have an idea from here that the mobile app industry is on fire. Over the past six years, the number of tablet users has increased by 36% and has become 1.14 billion. The fantasy premier league app is a platform where the developers can use their creativity and apply it in practical aspects. 

These are some of the market trends and statistics to give you an idea about the size of the fantasy football app development Industry. Now let’s look into the definition and working of Fantasy Premier League.

fantasy premier league

What is Fantasy Premier League?

It is a virtual gaming platform where the participants are given a choice to form a team of actual players playing in the Fantasy Premier League. You can easily access this game by signing into the Premier League website. Fantasy league app development can be a great career choice if you want to build a career in the gaming industry. You can easily create an account on this application by submitting some basic information. Every player has a sum of a hundred million pounds using a created team of 15 players. 

Fantasy sports applications are one of the fastest-growing businesses Worldwide due to their popularity and beautiful nature. These games are so interactive that players can’t resist playing them for hours, and they can focus on a name with more and more digital assets. Fantasy league app developers keep in mind the interest of The Gamers and how to keep them engaged with the game for maximum hours. 

After having the basic idea about the fantasy premier league, now it’s time to know its type to understand the game development process more efficiently.

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Types of Fantasy Premier League 

There are multiple types of Intercity premium that you can play to fulfil the Desire of playing interactive games. These games are differentiated into different types to attract the maximum audience. Fantasy league software development is trending in the gaming industry and is the future of the gaming world. 

Here are some of the significant types of fantasy premier league.

Fantasy football PPR:

It means point perception, and it is the most popular type of standard fantasy scoring game. In this type of game, the receiver gets one point for every catch that they can collect and put into their game wallet. This scoring method is so popular because it alters the way football fantasy strategy works, so gamers can easily relate to this scoring technique.

Draft league:

It is a non-continuous streak where you need to draft players at the beginning of each season. Every member of the League is placed into a draft order and required to select players through a draft process. A fantasy football premier league app of this type can attract more players. 

Draft only League:

It is a very famous valuation of a football game; it is also known as draught master Leagues. Hair the player drugs like to normal again, but they do not take further action. Moreover, after the draft, the League automatically gets the lineup for every team. 

Best ball league:

It is a game that gives the user points based on the best ball or shot that they play in the virtual environment. This type of game boosts the fantasy premier league app download apk and allows users to be more creative. 

Deep League has more than the standard number of teams and owners. However, standard League games have 12 teams, whereas the deep League has 14-18 teams. The draft strategy of this game is much more independent than standard League. 

Dynasty League:

Dynasty League is a fantasy league where teams keep most of their players in the periodic year-to-year format. A premier league fantasy app should have qualities that can impress a gamer and provide him with the confidence to share the app with other players. 

Public League:

Public League in fantasy is a type where you can join any member of the general public. The public can be free or can have paid plans. Moreover, to join a Money League, players should pay the entry fees that vary from company to company. 

Sports app development company keeps in mind the Trends of the market and the interest of The gamers. These are types of fantasy Premier League; let’s look at the development process of fantasy League apps and understand the process of excellent game development. 

Benefits of the Fantasy Premier League App 

Investing in the fantasy premier league can give you a great return on your investment. The benefits of a fantasy premier league make it unique and separate it from the other types of gaming apps in the market. It is an app having multiple benefits regarding app development to provide the best user experience. 

Here are some of the benefits of the fantasy premier league app 

Easy access:

With fantasy premier league, you can easily access the game and enjoy the unlimited benefits. Accessibility is one of the most significant factors you should consider before building an application to provide a great user experience. 

Safe and secure:

A fantasy premier league allows you to be safe and secure without worrying about the problems of cyber attacks and data leakage. Safety of the user’s data is one of the biggest concerns of developers and company owners. 


A fantasy premier league is a type of fantasy gaming industry that maintains the game’s performance by providing solid backend support. Maintaining the performance can help attract the maximum number of users to the game. 


A fantasy premier league is a budget-friendly service provider and provides you with a maximum number of tools fitting into your budget. You can create a fantasy premium game app on an optimal budget without stress on your monthly funds. 

These are some of the benefits of fantasy premier league that help you enjoy the maximum benefits from the application. Let’s have a look at the features of fantasy premier league applications.

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Features of Fantasy Premier League App 

Fantasy Premier League App

A fantasy premier league has multiple features that separate it from other types of game development software in the market. These features allow the applications to build a good connection between the users and the application environment. Features are the most important things that make an application unique and create a sense of importance in the team’s mind. 

Following are some of the features of fantasy premier league applications. 

Leader boards:

It is the essential feature that helps the users to enhance their gaming experience. Having a dedicated leaderboard for the game helps the user play the game more efficiently. 

User profile: 

The user profile contains all the basic information about the user in an organised manner. You can find the user’s team participating in the League, history, and other data to keep track of your activities. The fantasy football premier league app provides features that can boost your gaming performance. 

Player info: This feature allows the game to score the game’s information and provide other users access to the information. It is a dedicated section containing all the game information and the user. 

Create League: A player has the power to create a league and invite other players to join the platform. These unique controls help users interact more with the gaming platform and boost innovation.

Join League: If the users want to join a global or another private team to play with them, you can quickly join these teams and play the matches. A Fantasy sports software development company helps gamers be free and play games with multiple players. 

Dedicated dashboard: A dedicated dashboard gives you more power and tools to reach more users and attract more gamers. You can use these stats to know the number of active users, active leagues, etc. A fantasy premier league app provides features like this to offer you a dedicated server that helps users be more creative. 

Manage bank transfer: An admin can see the users’ bank details and manage the bank account details to have a basic idea about the game. The managed bank transfer helps the users to track their finances. 

Real-time activities: It offers surveillance capabilities to the admins. It also helps to check overall activities and find the users. It helps to check overall activities, find user behaviour activities, etc. 

These are some of the features of fantasy premier league that help you give a basic idea about the introduction of the two. Some of the best fantasy premier league apps are as follows. 

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The Best Fantasy Premier League Apps 

Best Premier league App

To be the best fantasy premier app, the fantasy league app developers use the top tools and services from the great service providers in the market, with the proliferation of collected data, etc. 

Some of the best fantasy premier league apps are.

Goal Fantasy Football is the number one fantasy app that gamers can play and enjoy. It is free to download the game and allows users to go head-to-head with their friends in a mini-league, real-time stats, etc. 

Premier League: It is an official app provided by the top gaming company in the market. It is a must-have accessory if you want to update your fantasy. 

FIFA Mobile: It is a game that is a branch of EA sports that you can easily play on your mobile. Your device needs to have certain specifications and settings to support the gaming environment. 

Football Manager Mobile: For real fantasy football, you can’t go wrong and enjoy the benefits of high-end gaming. A fantasy premier league app helps users be more creative and interactive with the game. 

These are some of the best fantasy league applications that you can use to have a great gaming experience. Let’s look at the development cost of a fantasy premier app. 

Cost of Fantasy Premier League App

The cost of developing a fantasy premier app depends on multiple factors and features that you include in developing the game. The number of factors and advantages that you increase in the game increases the amount of development. The more premium experience you want to provide to the users, the more you need to invest in game development. 

The development cost of a fantasy gaming app with basic features is between $35000 to $50000. Moreover, when you add some of the extra features and services to the game, the cost may rise drastically. When working with a fantasy soccer app development company, you need to be aware of multiple things and learn multiple features. 

Final Thoughts

The fantasy sports industry is on the top and leading the technology of the video gaming industry. A fantasy premier league app helps you enjoy the complete experience and helps you access the game more quickly. You can create a great career in this field and be at the top of the other competitors to enjoy the hustle-free journey. You need to be enthusiastic and creative to build an app that can hold the player’s attention for hours.

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