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11 Key Reasons to Hire Laravel Developers for Customer-Centric Business

written by Admin | Aug 16, 2021

Without a scope of doubt, Laravel is one of the trending PHP frameworks out there in the market. This framework is straightforward and simplifies the process of development to a great extent. Laravel extended the standard of PHP and made it one of the most preferred programming languages.

If we go by statistics, more than 146,022 websites are running using the Laravel framework according to the report of Statista.

Laravel can handle all sizes of development projects, as it comes with plenty of powerful features. These features lend amazing capabilities to Laravel that ease the process of web development. That’s the reason why the demand for top Laravel development companies is on the surge.

Now, if you are willing to develop a customer-centric business around Laravel, then we are here to provide you with the 11 key reasons to hire a Laravel developer alongside how to hire top Laravel developers to develop a customer-centric business application. But before that, shall we discuss what Laravel is and why it is so popular.

What Is Laravel Development Framework?

Laravel is an open-source PHP-based framework that is widely popular because of its expressive and elegant syntax. It follows the model-view-controller pattern and allows the developer to reuse the code. It typically reduces the development time by eliminating the need of writing code from scratch.

Laravel is a server-side PHP framework that merges the basic features of other PHP frameworks such as Code igniter and Yii. Along with PHP, Laravel also offers support for other programming languages, such as Ruby and Rails. Laravel is packed with a lot of powerful features that fast the development process and deliver a creative experience to the developers. With the help of Laravel, the development process became more reliable and scalable, that’s what developers praise about Laravel.

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Many people come across the question like why is Laravel so popular? The answer is simple. These days developers prefer to develop applications with peace of mind and Laravel does much more than that. Laravel has proven its credibility in every aspect of development. For instance, when we talk about testing, Laravel offers integrated testing functionality that tests the application code itself, detects the bugs, and prevents them.

Similar to the testing Laravel also offers several other features that widen the popularity of the Laravel, let’s discuss them.

1. MVC Support

MVC or Model-view-controller which comes in aid to define the difference between the logic and the presentation. MVC approach helps the developers to enhance the performance of the application and create better documentation.

2. Artisan Tool

Laravel works on a command-line interface where a developer gives instruction to the framework and it executes the instruction. This command-line interface is known as the Artisan. This tool helps the developers to perform repetitive and tedious tasks with ease.

3. Packaging System

The packaging system offers support to a variety of software and libraries to automate the process of development. With the help of a packaging system, developers can easily accelerate the process of development to great extent.

These are just a few factors that advance the popularity of Laravel among developers. Now, it’s time to proceed to talk about the reasons to hire Laravel developers and how they can help you with your customer-centric business.

Why Hiring Laravel Developers Is A Great Idea?

Why Hiring Laravel Developers Is A Great Idea?

As of now, you will find an N number of developers working on different technologies. So it is obvious to have questions like why hiring a Laravel developer is a smart decision.

Here we have presented 11 reasons that help you develop the belief that hiring Laravel developers are good to go with.

1. Unparalleled Proficiency

Those who work as Laravel developers have in-depth knowledge of the diverse features and functionalities of the Laravel framework. When working on the Laravel development project, developers need to deal with a lot of functionalities, only a professional developer will be able to perfectly use them. The more knowledge a developer has, the better your development project.

2. Get Impressive Results

As mentioned above, Laravel developers can make better use of the Laravel framework. When you hire a Laravel, you know that you are working with a person who holds years of experience in the Laravel, hence you can expect impressive results. 

3. Develop Powerful Authentication

In this digital era, security is of utmost concern for a lot of individuals. Authentication is one of the critical features that companies need to be taken care of. The importance of this security feature becomes critical to customer-centric businesses like eCommerce. It is a must to opt for an effective authentication system in eCommerce to make your users feel confident and secure while making a transaction on your application. Expert Laravel developers can develop an application with solid authentication.

4. Proper And Timely Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting of any web application depends on two factors. The first one is detecting the errors and the second one is implementing the appropriate solutions to get rid of those errors. If you hire skilled developers, then you can expect proper and timely troubleshooting.

5. Write Friendly Code

Laravel comes with a plethora of tools and libraries that assist the developers in the development. When a developer is aware of these things, they will be able to develop fully functional and powerful web applications catering to your needs.

6. Easy Laravel Data Migration

If you have a website running on another platform and want to migrate your application to Laravel. An expert Laravel developer can help you with your requirements. They can migrate your previous application data to Laravel without losing any data and facing downtime. 

7. Developing Multilingual Sites

If you are going to develop a multilingual website, then hiring a Laravel Development expert is the right move to make. A Laravel developer will cook an application with multilingual support to answer all your questions.

8. Develop Future-Ready Applications

Scalability and flexibility are the two important aspects of customer-centric application development. Business owners need to be updated with the latest market trends and need to incorporate them into their applications. A Laravel developer will stay updated with the latest trends and help you implement them in your application with ease. 

9. User-Friendly Development

The design and interface are what build an impression on the users. When you hire dedicated Laravel developers, you will expect a specialist to design and develop your application. They opt for the latest and innovative technologies to develop your mobile application.

10. Streamline Development Process

Hiring dedicated PHP Laravel developers will provide you with a detailed perspective of the entire workflow. Developers will keep you in the loop with the development progress and stick to the quality of the project. 

11. Hit The Market In The Short Amount Of Time

As of now, you will find an N number of developers working on different technologies. So it is obvious to have questions like why hiring a Laravel developer is a smart decision.

Here we have presented 11 reasons that help you develop the belief that hiring Laravel developers are good to go with.

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How To Hire A Laravel Developer?

How To Hire A Laravel Developer?

Now, as you know why you need a Laravel developer, the next question that comes to mind is how to hire a Laravel developer. Here we have outlined the steps that you need to take care of while hiring a Laravel developer.

1. Decide Your Requirement

Initially, you have to decide your requirements like what kind of application you want to develop and what kind of professional you might need to achieve your development goals. Hire Laravel developers depending on this information.

2. Give Preferences to Skills and Experience

The Laravel developer you are going to collaborate with needs to have enough expertise with the programming languages like PHP and HTML. While hiring them, spend enough time checking their portfolio to see how well they are in development.

3. Communicate With the Developer

Establish direct communication with the team of developers to know them better. Interact with the developer regarding your requirement and fire them with your question and listen to them carefully to know their development perspective.

4. Outsource Your Project

These days outsourcing development work has become a trend. Various top Laravel development companies across the globe accept the individual’s outsource request and develop applications according to the client’s requirements.

Where To Find A Laravel Developer?

If you are interested in developing a Laravel application to enrich your business presence, but wondering where to start. Don’t hesitate to approach BR Softech Laravel development company. We put extra effort into developing an application that our clients admire the first time.

Our team of developers can manage every part of the project with professionalism and maintain a level of transparency by keeping you in the loop with the development process.

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