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How to Build Soccer Betting App: Sports betting Development

written by Saloni Agrawal | Jan 06, 2021
Soccer Betting App Development

Sports betting industry has expanded all over the world and has millions of fans almost everywhere. These sports enthusiasts have lots of passion for different sports, and they equally enjoy playing them. Among all the popular games, Soccer is also making a place for itself and getting a large user base. Soccer Betting App development is providing various advantages and features to its users.    

Introduction of Soccer Betting Industry

Soccer betting is getting a fast-speed since 2015 and is expected to evolve further in the coming years. Soccer is known as one of the sports that attract lots of soccer betting users. Betting software provides a platform where users can put their money online to win soccer matches. 

Various leading sports app development companies provide rich-featured Soccer betting software to offer premium-quality user experience. It also develops thrill and willingness in the mind of the individuals. Sports betting Development providers have the purpose of delivering custom web and mobile app development services to clients.

Some of the Amazing Sports Betting Apps

These games are also useful for Soccer Sports Betting, take a look-

Take a Look Below for Soccer Betting App Development

The Process of Developing a Sports Betting App.

There are various things to consider when it is about developing a Soccer betting app. Here, in this article, we are going to tell you about those essential things that you should keep in mind at the time of building a Soccer Betting app-

The Right Platform To Select

When you are determined to make a mobile app related to sports betting, you must know which platform will be more useful for your app. What will be good between Android and iOS platform? These sorts of scenes occur; when you have a limited budget for mobile app development, and you can’t afford two platforms simultaneously.

Hence, small research conducted for the mobile OS market in the UK has resulted in iOS having a topmost position that consists of 53% users in 2018. But, it is also seen that the targeted users of the betting platforms mostly prefer the Android over iOS worldwide. 

What are the Things to Notice for Soccer Betting App Development?

Whenever you start the Soccer Betting App development, firstly know about the essential things and acquire them. Here are these as follows

  • License for betting app
  • A dedicated server
  • A business account

License for Betting App

Before the business launch, you will need to get a license for it. If your country or state permits you for betting businesses, there must be an authority that provides a license. But the essential you are required to go through before launching your betting business can be rigorous. 

The reason behind it is that betting is still not legal at various places. To avoid any issue related to betting business, license applicants require going through criminal, financial, and general character checks. 

A Dedicated Server

You have to choose a right and suitable server for Sports Betting Software Development as it is a great tool for the potential businesses in the initial phase. You can have a VPN (a virtual private network) to select the server and access the geo-location with any nation. 

A powerful dedicated server will help your business to run fastly without any issue and provide you with high-traffic. It will also be beneficial for you to keep your sales rising even in your busiest hours as well. It is a leading technology solution for increasing users applied by various top-notch companies. 

A Business Account

Having a different account for your sports betting business will help you in various ways. You can make all the transactions related to your business via this account, and it will provide you with an idea how much you have spent and how much revenue you are getting through your business?

Key Features that Must be Included in the Soccer Betting App Development


Soccer is a famous sports app in many places all over the world and especially in the UK.

Apart from having lots of competitors in this field, you can make your app stand out from the crowd by including some of the amazing features into it. To know, what are these features, scroll down now-

SignUp and Identity Verification

It is a basic feature to include in the Soccer Betting App development. Users can sign up into the app by making a new account or via existing social media accounts. They have to make an extra verification via their phone number to confirm their identity and ensure that they are real users. 

It is a must-have feature as age validation is necessary to ensure that the player is not underage. It is also done for security from fraud people and money-laundering. 

Welcome Prizes and Bonuses

New users get excited and enthusiastic when they get some bonus or prize as their welcome gift. It encourages them to start betting and also brings their loyalty. These types of bonuses make the users feel appreciated and develop a tight community. 

Real-time Statistics

Game scheduling is not sufficient because, as a user, you should know about the team’s performance in the scheduled championships. Include the real-time information on the soccer statistics to get them all available data.

Smooth Deposit and Withdrawal Procedure

It is an important feature for Soccer Betting App development as users prefer the betting apps that provide an easy procedure for submitting and withdrawing the money. So, it is good to offer multiple options for payments gateway like Payoneer, WebMoney, Skrill, etc. 

Live Score Updates

Users can place the bet by having live scores at the time of the match. It is helpful to know the recent performance of the players and keeping yourself up-to-date with the information.

Multiple Bet Options

Some of the Sports betting apps permit the users to place the multiple bets at a time, on a specific match. Despite that, they also offer a broad range of betting types.

Admin Panel

This feature is added for resellers, and agents to handle the user’s data and keep an eye on their performance. It makes the admin able to provide betting tips and send notifications.

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Real Odds

These real betting odds help predict the victory of the match. We offer real-time betting odds that are beneficial for having the best possible amount for every bet. 

Watch Live Games

Using this feature in Soccer Betting App development, players can easily watch their favourite games live via a few taps without breaking a sweat. It covers all the main games for the ease of users. 

Required Team and Cost to Create a Soccer Sports Betting App


To know about the estimated development cost of Soccer Betting App, you first must know about the needed team structure and things for it. These are all necessary to make an app get success and attract the customer base.

After analyzing all the available sports betting apps in the market, we can say that there is a lot of hard work and a big team behind developing it. Here are these required team to create a sports app

  • Project manager
  • Android Developers
  • iOS developers (in case, you need an app for both platforms)
  • Backend developers
  • UI/UX designer
  • QA specialists 

The overall cost of development will depend upon these above-mentioned factors including, a collection of features, project complexity, the developing time and the company you are taking services from.

So after analyzing all the aspects, if we take a particular amount in consideration, to get a high-quality Soccer Betting App development, it will be from $30,000 to $60,000. 


Why Choose BR for Soccer Betting App Development?

In this blog, we have described the essentials to create an app for Soccer Sports betting. After reading this article, you must be in search of a suitable and reputable company that can provide you with high-quality sports services at an appropriate range. 

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Then, why don’t you go for BR Softech, a ruling name in the sphere of sports betting app development? Here we provide you with a suitable app or solution via dedicated and experienced developers.

Choose us for any sort of betting software or mobile app development and leave the rest of the problems on us!! For more guidance about how to make a sports betting app? Get connected with our professional team, and they will assist you further.  

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